205 Live Highlights And Results: Who’s With Alicia Fox Now??

205 Live
April 18th 2017
Louisville, KY

1. Akira Tozawa vs. Tony Nese

This match continued the storyline between Tozawa and Brian Kendrick, with Tozawa now being the one who teaches Kendrick lessons. This week Tozawa picked up the victory over Nese after Kendrick attempted to get involved, only to have it backfire. Nese then attacked Kendrick. After the attack ended, Tozawa told Kendrick his next lesson was “to have eyes in the back of his head”.
Winner: Tozawa

Rich Swann, Alicia Fox, Noam Dar Segment

In a big update to this storyline, Alicia Fox dumped Noam Dar in an in-ring segment, but was made to look a fool afterwards. Swann then revealed to Fox that he had only sent those gifts to Fox in order to get her to make a fool of herself. He continues to say that he was getting revenge for his friend Cedric Alexander, who is currently out with injury.

Fox then snapped in the ring and seemed to get into an off-script argument with the live audience. The camera switched to commercial (on the Network mind you) before the segment ended. Fox may have gone a little off-script there, she’s possibly prone to going rogue.

2. Mustafa Ali vs. Ariya Daivari

They showed clips in the back of Daivari arriving to the arena in an expensive sports car, and commentary played up his “Persian wealth”. Daivari picked up the win here as well. Ali was looking to go for his inverted 450 splash but Drew Gulak came down the ramp protesting high-flying moves. The distraction allowed Daivari to capitalize and get the win.
Winner: Ariya Daivari

3. TJ Perkins vs. Austin Aries

With Aries set to get his rematch with Neville at Payback, this week’s main event had him taking on the champion’s new run-in buddy TJ Perkins. The cruiserweight classic winner Perkins had been struggling as of late, leading to the heel turn.
Arise picked up the win with the discus forearm. This brought out Neville, but Aries was ready for him however. Perkins joined in and the bad guys used the numbers advantage to soften Aries up for Payback.
Winner: Austin Aries