5 Questions Following Monday’s Raw (8/4)

Last night’s Raw was held in the supposedly great state of Texas. Fans in attendance were treated to the return of Mark Henry, as well as an entertaining contest between Dean Ambrose and Alberto Del Rio.

Although John Cena and Brock Lesnar were both notably absent on Sunday, the WWE did their best to promote the SummerSlam main event. As always, a few questions were answered on Monday, but many still remain. Here are five questions that need to be answered following Monday’s Raw.

5. Did Fans Witness the Burial of Cesaro?


It is no secret that the WWE has no idea what to do with Cesaro right now. Once one of the most over superstars in the company, Cesaro has been relegated to minor roles since the return of Brock Lesnar. After failing to join the Authority a few weeks back, Cesaro has been in a slump, once again losing to Dolph Ziggler in a short match on Monday.

There are rumors that Cesaro’s push is being limited because the company wants to focus on pushing Roman Reigns. It makes sense to want to promote a young superstar, but others who got over on their own should not be punished as a result. Let us hope that the company soon finds something for Cesaro instead of wasting his talent.

4. Which Stipulation Will Dean Ambrose Choose?


Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins competed in a beat the clock challenge last night, with the winner having the ability to choose the stipulation for their match at SummerSlam. Ambrose won after a long battle with Alberto Del Rio, and also assured Seth Rollins would not win his match with Heath Slater.

The Lunatic Fringe now gets to choose the stipulation at tonight’s SmackDown taping (check in tonight for spoilers if you’re too eager to wait until Friday). He will probably choose something typical like a no-holds barred match, but here’s to hoping he chooses a ladder match for the contract. Which stipulation do you think Ambrose will choose?

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  • Zach Woolard

    The real question here is: How much does the WWE Network cost?

    • pwnez

      *Raises mic in the air* Chant it with me!

      ONLY $9.99!

      • mac888

        But how much does it cost per month?

  • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

    i rate this raw 9.99/10 :D

  • Ted

    How do you feel about the WWE World Heavyweight Champion potentially appearing only a few times each month?

    I prefer it rather than seeing Lesnar only a few times a year like in the past.I wish he could be full timer but that will not happen.Good deal for him bad for WWE fans, my opinion.

    I believe giving the title to a part timer, even a gifted one like Lesnar, shows the lack of trust and disbelief WWE has to its roster.They should work on that.

    • Progressed_Now

      how’s that any different to seeing the seperated brand champions only once a week anyway? which is btw 4 times a month.

      • Ted

        It is not,but i will take 4 times a month instead of 4 times a year for ring appearances for Lesnar.

  • http://youjizz.com/ Jomo

    I called the WWE to ask how much the network cost, and they laughed at me and hanged up . WTF?? (true story)

    • ibeBrave


    • Haze_Enigma

      You lying lol…. What’s their number? I think we oughtta give em a call on their handling of Roman Reigns and underutilized talent

  • Jamie

    “Internet fans” “IWC”. Gotta love these dumb labels, even though 99% of the audience use the internet.

    • Aperture

      People like to label others when there is a conflict between beliefs or interest. WWE makes fun of the stereotypical “IWC”, but they still want us internet fans to buy their network. In fact, most “IWC” fans are Cena supporters.

      What bothers me are the people on the website who call others “smarks”, but refuse to believe that they are one as well.

      • Jamie


  • Jack
    • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

      did you know drinking coffee gives you the sheetz

  • 5er

    If Ambrose is truly a lunatic, he’ll choose an Inferno TLC Hell in a Cell Bra n Panties Mat ch. Jim Cornette will also be locked in a cage above the ring with a live mike yelling expletives and insults throughout the match, just because. Of course that would just be for the first fall out of three.

    • Filthy_animals

      Or maybe he will choose a ” let Russo choose match ” that’s pretty extreme

    • ronjon 1000

      If only Ambrose and Raven could have been big at the same time…heck, the thought of Raven, Ambrose, Pillman, and Sabu…yes sir

    • Jose Mourinho


  • Jack
    • Progressed_Now

      Susan Boyle is an Ambrose mark lol, who knew?

  • Cujo999

    Cesaro isn’t going to get a good push until he can cut a decent promo. The guy is a great worker, but he hasn’t shown that he can make fans care about his feuds, and until he does, he isn’t going to be a main event player. A manager can, and obviously has been in the past, used to mask his deficiency in this area, but they aren’t going to make him one of the faces of the company when he needs somebody else to do the talking for him.

    • Kscrib27

      how do you explain brock lesnar, he cant cut a promo to save his life.. he sounds like a 10 year old boy. I agree with you though, I just think this company is wasting so much talent that they have no idea how to manage. The fact that they cant figure out how to push the IC and US straps says it all. The WWE need a WCW to push them to be great. right now they know they cant put whatever on tv and people will watch because its the only show in town.

  • Scott

    Cesaro never looked like he was going to join the Authority from the getgo. Not to me at least. I don’t understand how they blew his potential so bad have these guys not watched the 2 matches he produced with Cena? The dude is a stud. I just don’t get it.

  • https://www.behance.net/partci partci

    Reigns has one of the worst Spears ever. Worse than Edge’s. I am still waiting for him to impress me with something as a unit.

  • TheCandela15 .

    I’ll like anything he’ll choose. But please be MITB contract!

  • https://twitter.com/StrangeDeranged Pozessed

    Ahaha, Gangfodder, credit to you, you are probably one of the smarter trolls.