40 WWE Botches That Still Make us Laugh

Whether it’s finishing moves, promos or segments – everybody loves a good botch. I know 40 is a big number, but trust me when I say that this list was trimmed down quite a bit. Humorous botches and unintentional moments from the past decade are featured in this piece, so brace yourself. For the sake of the article I had to five a time-frame, therefore,, the botches that are featured in this piece take place from 2004-2014.

Now, I didn’t add Brock Lesnar dropping Hardcore Holly on his head/Lesnar’s failed Shooting Star Press or mistakes like that.  As most of us already know, Holly broke his neck and Lesnar got a concussion. Both are serious injuries and while the botches may have been humorous at the time and will always be remembered – it just isn’t right to laugh about them…at least in public. As far as I know, nobody was severely injured during the taping of these mishaps.

I understand that this is a completely random post, but I think that sometimes the IWC, including myself, needs a break. We all need a day off from arguing about who should or shouldn’t be pushed or lashing out about Seth Rollins’ new ring-gear. So sit back, relax and just enjoy some genuinely funny botches and accidents. This list is in no particular order. Enjoy.


We start things off with one of the funniest promos in WWE history. Granted, Curtis Axel has come a long way since this debacle, but he will never hear the end of the genesis of McGillicutty.


New WWE fans may not remember Mike Adamle. But looking at the clips in the compilation, I have one thing to ask WWE – what on earth were you thinking?


Alberto Del Rio is one of the most talented in-ring competitors in WWE today and his feud with the Big Show was fairly memorable. However, the most memorable part of this feud may have been this botch.


I’m a big Randy Orton fan. Sure, he may be boring at times, but the Viper dominates his competitors, as well as this list full of botches and humorous mishaps.


I highly doubt that this is the sole reason why former WWE referee Marc Harris was let go. However, this is the moment he will always be remembered for.


CM Punk and Chris Jericho had a tremendous feud and series of match back in 2012. During this classic heel promo, Y2J accidentally slips and really hears it from the crowd. Perhaps he had some of that Jack before this segment?


To no surprise, the original Sin Cara has made this list. As of today, I believe he is known as Mistico and is competing in Mexico. If you ask me, he should stick to the comic books.


At the time, Booker T was the managing manager of Raw. He interrupted CM Punk during a promo and we all know that’s a big no no. Booker T has since learned from this mistake.


Dolph Ziggler is an internet darling, and rightfully so. However, no matter how over he is and how well he sells, I had to include this rare mishap, which is actually pretty funny if you ask me.


There are no words to describe this botch. I cringe every time I view it and at the time I felt horrible for Ryback because we all knew he could hit the move. But on that night it just wasn’t happening for him.

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