Storyline Plans For Punk, The Rock, Cena & Undertaker

– The Undertaker was said to be very relaxed backstage at RAW 1,000. He is currently scheduled to return to WWE storylines around Survivor Series in November.

– With The Rock announcing on Monday’s RAW that he’ll be wrestling for the WWE Championship at next year’s Royal Rumble, the current working plan is for The Rock to win the WWE Championship at the Rumble (likely from a heel CM Punk) and then go on to defend agaisnt John Cena at WrestleMania 29. Despite Rock & Cena’s WrestleMania 28 match being hyped as “Once In a Lifetime,” Cena winning the Royal Rumble could set up a scenario where a rematch would take place.

– CM Punk’s surprise heel turn at Monday’s RAW 1,000 was the big “summer storyline” that WWE has been planning for quite some time. Previous summer angles have included Vince McMahon’s limo blowing up, the formation of Nexus and CM Punk’s “pipe bomb” promo from last year.


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • ace

    What! I sure do not what to see Rock/Cena ll

    • Donte Shoshona Gopual

      remember what randy orton said take these sites as entertainment for about 75% of the information because most is BS. i doubt cena will win the rumble though i cant deny a rematch at 29.

  • Chris E. Halladay

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    being kicked out because of the intensity of my anger. The only way that I know
    how to deal with my temper is with extreme PHYSICAL violence. I MUST strike out
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    • ace

      dude chill out

      • Chris E. Halladay


        • ace

          actually i have no interest in arguing with you about sports, btw show some class because the name calling isn’t a good look Mr. rage in the cage lol

        • Guest

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          • Pozessed

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        • Jacob Chance

          Packers? its not even pre season

        • Lone Wolf

          How is that possible if Pre Season hasn’t even started yet lol smh….I came up with the conclusion that Your just a Troll trying to make a name for himself on a wrestling website.

    • WWEFAN1995

      @ Chris E. Halladay – Yeah, then we will see your angry ass on the next episode of COPS.

  • Fez437

    Once in a lifetime……. Unless Vince thinks he can cash in. Never believe a thing Vince says

  • Guest

    Hopefully Punk’s heel turn increase the odds of a Punk-Austin feud if his knee surgery/rehab goes fine. Was it me or did it look like some kind of magical force was holding down the Rock on Monday?

  • pwnez

    Wow, this wasn’t what I was expecting to happen. The Rock wins the title, Cena wins the royal rumble and they wrestle again at ‘Mania 29? That’s really disappointing. I wanna see Punk vs Rock.

    • WWEFAN1995

      And/or Brock Lesnar. Rock vs Punk vs Lesnar? Doesn’t sound too bad to me.

      • TreyTray_101

        That sounds better for a wrestlemaina match. And if they ABSOLUTELY have to put Cena in that match, then go ahead, (JUST DONT HAVE HIM WIN)

        • Lester Foxx

          If there’s really Rock vs Cena II, Cena is going to win it.

          There’s absolutely no point to make Cena lose to the same opponent at Mania.

          • TreyTray_101

            @8f96872ea19cdab10231afb416005d10:disqus they should make it a fatl 4 way, rock brock punk and cena for wwe champ. or if punk will fight austin make it a triple threat.

      • SWa

        I think Lesnar will go against Undertaker since taker has no one to fight with yet, but we won’t know until around survivor series. I don’t want to see Cena vs Rock again but I guess it made sense since that leaves heel punk vs Austin as another big match possibility

      • morph_3

        Undertake vs Lesnar is what will more than likely happen at Wrestlemania.

    • kwefse3w

      punk vs rock will happen idiot at royal rumble ?

      • pwnez

        Moron, people wanted this match at ‘Mania. They also didn’t want to see Rock vs Cena II. I like how you call me an idiot and then put a ? at the end of your sentence.

        • chadepik

          i don’t condone name calling. this is the internet not a third grade class room gentlemen. but the big match for next year should be Austin vs Punk. Austin should have a role in Punk losing the title which should cause the feud to end at mania. also every thing sites like these say is speculation so don’t worry about it always changes

          • pwnez

            You sound like a third grade teacher, thanks though.

          • Franky Haro™

            dude, since you are “pwnes” with all your haters, every time some douche talks trash, just ignore them, you have enough haters..

          • morph_3

            that is the plan but played out a bit differently. Punk made comments on how he doesn’t like guys coming back to steal his light. This is where Austin can come back and tell Punk that he can (Austin) can come back anytime he wants and no sonb’tch gonna tell him different or he’ll stomp a mudhole through him.
            Then the challenge begins.
            Very much like what Daniel Bryan and Charlie Sheen are doing right now with just back and forth banter is the way Punk and Austin could do it.

        • www.Timmy

          I now what your saying about Punk vs Rock

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      i feel bad for punk. all the talent, all the wrestling skills and WWE just wants to bend him over and fuck him. I hope they move him to SD or something and let him hold the title there. The guy is too good just to not have a title. I mean yeah he had it for months, but its cm punk. he earned it.

      • SOBI

        a year long reign as champion is quite enough. besides there are way more talented wrestlers then punk on the Roster. and they dont get shit.
        Bryan for instance lost a match in 18 seconds that is called being bent over fucked

        • TreyTray_101

          Fuck Daniel Bryan, he is boring to and cheesy. He should not even be a main eventer

          • Patrick Lee Connelly

            So you’re saying the matches between Punk and Brian sucked? Compared to lets say Punk vs Big Show? Brian has a bit of a part in how awesome and exciting those matches are.

          • TreyTray_101

            @facebook-558145067:disqus I mean he can wrestle and all that. Well maybe i dont mean that he doesnt deserve to be champion. Maybe because people like Sheamus, Ziggler, or Cody, been there longer and are more interesting, they should get the pushes. Daiel Bryan really doesnt stand out to me unlike CM Punk.

          • Lester Foxx

            For someone who uses Batista as his avatar pic, this Bryan-boring argument doesn’t look promising XD
            Sheamus? He doesn’t have a storyline yet and just acts like King Kong every week, and you think this kind of build “more interesting”? I doubt even Sheamus himself believes that.

    • XTX21

      I agree. Cena winning the Rumble again is stupid and pointless. He is already in every main event anyways so they should have a fresh face win the Rumble. Personally I would like Y2J to get one Rumble win before he retires. He’s done almost everything else. Cena and Rock 2 sounds awful… I want to see Cena lose to Taker instead. Punk vs Rock or Austin at Mania 29 please!

      • Lester Foxx

        I’ll go for Bryan winning the rumble. He really improves himself to be the next Y2J-type character.

      • Franky Haro™

        not a money in the bank

        • XTX21

          True. I did say almost everything though. He hasn’t won Rumble, MITB, King of the Ring, or the U.S. title.

          • Franky Haro™

            King of the ring still exists? I remember Sheamus, i think that came first before his championship

          • XTX21

            The last King of the Ring was in 2010 and was won by Sheamus. I don’t know if they will do it again but I hope so since I enjoyed it so much. Many great wrestlers and legends have won it like Stone Cold and Bret Hart. I wish they would bring it back as a PPV too.

          • Franky Haro™

            its not worth as a ppv nowadays

    • BrahmaBullRKO

      Very disappointing indeed. Not only will it not be a great match or feud (unless Cena turns heel), it’ll also be painfully obvious that Cena would win.

    • Franky Haro™

      I thought it was going to be a triple threat between Rock, Cena, and Punk

    • Craig DeBoard


  • Roger Penland

    this sucks more cock than a gay porno… >:(

    • heterosexual

      hetero porn must be pretty terrible

  • Roger Penland

    this sucks more wiener than a gay porno.

  • AngelFlow

    Turning Cena heel would have been bigger for the big summer angle this year and please don’t make another Cena vs Rock!!! I want to see Punk vs Rock feud going into WrestleMania.

    • Patrick Lee Connelly

      He will never EVER turn heel. Too many kids(parents) buy merchandise and can you sell merchandise of Cena being evil to a kid? No fu*king way you can!

      • G.I.R.L.

        Shows where people are upstairs. Some can’t seem to realize that it’s a character, not who the actor really is. Do they not buy Magneto or Green Goblin shirts because they’re usually villains? Are Joker and Harley Quinn uber popular psychopaths?

  • Chris E. Halladay

    @ace and KidCody I am very sorry for getting so upset on this list. But, that is exactly
    what will happen every time that you or anyone else makes a comment about my
    weight. I will not stand for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Guest

      I would invite you to the toddler hotel but you wouldn’t even fit through the door.

    • ace

      trolling at its best ladies in gentlemen!

    • Guest

      Apology accepted. I was trying to have a laugh at something. You should try buying the action figures of the wrestlers you hate and torturing them. It might sound wierd, but hey it might work.

    • ELNerdo Loco

      Dont anger the bears please.

  • God’s Diamond, the Reignmaker

    if Cena is the new hh let him lose 2x str8 to Rock like hh

  • Marcus Naredo

    The story may not be predictable, but the match outcome would be. Punk would lose to The Rock, which would lower him a tad. Then John Cena would beat The Rock (lowering CM Punk even more) to make up for the lost this year. That would completely kill “Once In a Lifetime” as well as making a lot of what occurred in 2011-2012 completely irrelevant. But of course WWE doesn’t really care about “sense”.

  • genericwwefan

    That was a heel turn for Punk? If so, that was pretty poor in my opinion. For wanting to seize the chance to get the 1-2-3, i wouldnt call that bad, doesnt every champion do that? And for him attacking The Rock, hes just showing he wants the upperhand and that hes ready for him if they do go at it for the WWE championship in January.

  • Chris E. Halladay


    I have just sent my shrink some email telling her about my being as manic as I am. I asked her to prescribe something to slow down my thoughts that are racing at Warp
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    • Patrick Lee Connelly


  • Johnie

    And punk gets the short end of the stick.

  • Abdo

    Nobody wants to see Cena -Rock again..It’s awfully predictable.

    • Andrew outlaw

      That match was stupid in the 1st place. Undertaker v. Hhh was the best match of all of wrestlemania.

      • Lester Foxx

        You forget Punk vs Y2J already?
        HHH vs Taker wasn’t the best match of the mania. I watched the show again 1 month after April Fool and was disappointed of the match. Just 2 old men who couldn’t have any normal matches punch each other all way to the end. My wife watched the taped show with me, she didn’t know a thing about wrestling but she was very excited about Punk vs Y2J one and thought HHH vs Taker one boring to hell.
        I had to show her some footages of Taker’s old matches to convince her “this man doesn’t su*k, he’s just too old to wrestle”.
        I wouldn’t want to see either Taker or HHH having another match at Mania anymore. They just can’t deliver. Should keep their legacy to all of us.

  • DigitalWWE

    Everyone should’ve seen this coming when I said the tagline for wrestlemania 29 was going to be Lightning Strikes Twice.

  • 5er

    *shock*. Didnt see that angle coming. Lol

  • Brian Clark

    I doubt that Cena will win the rumble because it is a sure thing then that he will beat The Rock. With Brock Lesnar still here I would not count on it.

    • joeychizez

      Yeah but Lesnar’s last match will be at Mania or at least his contract expires the next day. I don’t think they would have him win the rumble only to leave right after Mania. Although, I would really enjoy a Rock vs. Brock match.

  • Jimmybobphil

    I want to see a hard faught match between punk and the rock at the royal rumble like first or second on the card, punk wins. Later on the rock comes in last in the rumble and wins and then the rock and pubk have a rematch at wm 29. If they are really doing a pubk heel turn that’s a terrible idea. I am sick and tired of hem shoving cena down our throats. He has been in the main event since elimination chamber.

    • Patrick Lee Connelly

      This is the best idea yet!!Cena being in the main event of everything is fucking annoying.

      “Hey lets have Cena vs Kane the main event” Whom ever said that shit needs to be curb stomped, American History X style.

  • mrchopper

    I’m glad they finally went and did it. Punk’s been coasting as a face for a while now and he’s really needed the change. Heyman and Punk kind of let the cat out of the bag with their tweets to each other though…

  • partci

    Pardon me, but this has “SHIT” written all over it.

  • xappalled

    NO NO NO! Cena rock 2!? Are u serious!? Who wants 2 see that i know idont this is madness! “Once in a lifetime” after life

  • rekhysalim

    We want Punk vs Rock in Wrestlemania not in Royal Rumble.

  • TheKillingMoon

    The current working plan is for The Rock to win the WWE Championship at the Rumble? Talk about fucking bullshit planning.

  • Reality

    Lots of people predicted that. Please don’t give us that piece of shit! For f*ck sake. I stopped counting how many times WWE disappointed this year.
    We all know why they turned Punk heel. They know they screwed up with him. Back to the same story now: Cena face of the company, Punk savior of the heel side, Orton coming back as the babyface, and everything will just be like it was before I started watching again last year, which means shitty.

  • Belial

    Go back and watch Daniel Bryan’s 5 minute reaction after finding out A.J was the new GM, and that kinda sums up me right now.

    Punk somehow holds onto the title until the Rumble and loses it to Rocky – that, i’m okay with.

    Cena winning the Rumble and having Rock vs Cena II (and obviously meaning Cena will beat Rocky) – NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have someone who’s NEVER won a Rumble win it! Have Rock lose the title at Mania in the Main Event to the Rumble Winner, and have Punk and Cena do something else at Mania! It’s not that flippin’ hard! … LOGIC-COMMON SENSE-ORIGINALITY-FRESH FACES-BETTER RATINGS-HAPPIER FANS-WINNING!!

    • TheresProgressNow

      “winning” and “WWE” are the oxymoron of the century. and if Lita being with Edge makes her a slut, she’s also glad to be the slut of the century!! helluva vows!!

      • Patrick Lee Connelly

        Lita is fucking hawt as hell!! Who cares if she’s a slut!

    • Patrick Lee Connelly

      Rhodes winning Rumble!!

    • ThundahBuddies4life

      To be honest, there will never be any satisfied fans in the WWE.

  • Ohbobsaget

    Why do they have to have Cena vs Rock again? Is he really the only opponent for The Rock?

  • Hell Yeaaa

    Shut yall hatin azz up. This wrestling thing isnt even REAL! Act like the whole world is going to end just because of this. How about yall go to WWE and write the story instead of being here arguing. PUZZYS

  • TreyTray_101

    Well for one, Im glad that Punk will most likely hold the belt to royal rumble which means he would have held it for more than a year :))). Im glad he turnt heel again because he is much more interesting that way;he cutted much better promos against Cena and now he can do that with the Rock. Cena better not win the Royal Rumble, I do not want to see another Rock v. Cena. If anything have Cena face Taker and have Cena lose.

  • TreyTray_101

    I still find it pretty awkward how last year during the summer, CM Punk would talk all this shit about Cena and then once he Turned face, WWE had Punk always supporting Cena. Thats how dumb WWE Creative is now. CM Punk could have been the babyface who just hated the hell out of Cena.

    • Patrick Lee Connelly

      Actually they’ve been planning this for months now. Everything was planned. Still calling the creative dumb? This is the best move WWE could have done to Punk, what it is now is Punks desperation to keep the title at any means necessary, it’s gonna be very entertaining. We all know the Summerslam match between Punk and Cena will not end with Punk having a clean win over Cena, so he’s prob gonna have Big Show interfere or something.

      • TreyTray_101

        Im talking about him eventually becoming friends with John Cena after he cut thim awesome promos last year mainly talking about how cheesy Cena was. Im glad creative turnt him back heel. But i still dont see how they would call this the major angle of the summer(I GUESS WILL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE). I feel that its just going to be a repeat from last year. Hop creative does something different this time around.

  • joeychizez

    Wrestlemania 29 is going to look something like this:

    -Rock vs. Cena II – WWE title (unfortunately) It was good for what it was the first time, it would be pretty stale the second time.

    -Undertaker vs. Lesnar – with the proper build up it could be a show stealer.

    -CM Punk vs. HHH – resume their fall “feud” if you will, expect heel Punk to drop some insane pipebombs on the game. If anything, Austin vs. Punk won’t happen until Wrestlemania 30….Austin just had major knee surgery.

    -Daniel Bryan vs. Ziggler vs. Jericho – World Title – just a fantasy match of mine, this would be fantastic to see.

    And obviously the Rock is going to beat Punk at the Rumble and go on to loose it to Cena at Mania. Rock will retire and get put in the Hall of Fame at Wrestlemania 30. That’s the Rock’s future plans.

    I’m probably wrong on this but it’s fun to imagine.

  • Knight

    Well its cool to see that they want to do a Punk/Rock fued for Royal Rumble (especially since that woud add Punks name to the list of people that have a championship reign that’s lasted for over a year) but they shouldn’t do Cena/Rock 2 at Mania, they should instead do it at the Rumble with Cena winning the title at TLC then have Punk win the Rumble so that way we can get a triple threat match between all three of those men with Punk going over both Cena and Rock. That would completely establish him as a top draw in WWE

  • Rodriquez Antonio

    Soooooooooooo we now know Cena will beat the Rock at WM29..Boooooooooooo!
    We can see this shiznit a mile away! #teamPunk all the way!

  • Really

    Cena wins at Royal Rumble 2013…booring

  • Fadi Arnouk

    NO NO NO NO NO! NO Cena vs. Rock at WM 29! No Cena winning Royal Rumble! NO!

  • Eo

    DO NOT CHANGE THIS STORYLINE I wanna see Rock as champ again that’d be great.. even tho they just gave him a title shot at the royal rumble, at least give the Rock a match where he has to beat someone to earn the match.

  • Scott Kinnard

    So does this mean the Rock will be on TV every week? If not that would be a slap in the face not only to the fans but to the guys in th locker room as well.


    Word has it from a good source is that Undertaker’s WM 29 opponent will be the Rock. With Taker scheduled to come back sometime around Survivors Series look for a four way storyline between Cena, Rock, Punk, and Taker. Rock winning the tile from Punk at the Royal Rumble, Taker winning the Rumble to headline WM 29 (Where he wins the title and keep the streak). Given Taker’s history of short title runs and his Legends contract officials expect him to drop the title shortly after to one of the up and coming superstars.
    Original plans for Taker to face Lesnar at WM 29 have been scrapped due to Lesnar’s unwillingness to make promotional appearances and perform at other PPV.

  • Dey_See_Me_Trollin

    Here’s what I want to see…Rumble is in January. Rock should win the title and have Bryan win the Rumble. Rock retains at EC in Feb and sets up Rock VS Bryan at Mania. Punk should come out and trash talk the Rock and his era, then Austin comes out and stuns Punk setting up their match at Mania…… Cena goes on a losing streak causing him to create a stable with some midcard talent and run roughshod over the WWE (and yes I know the last one is never going to happen…but if there is going to be an NWO reunion then Cena’s stable vs NWO at Mania sounds good to me)

  • Kyle Cotton

    If this was suppose to the big angle why not build to it like some previous summer angles. Like i don’t know maybe Eddie Guerro and Rey Mysterio feud on smackdown a few years back, they were building that relationship for months and how eddie couldn’t beat him. then one day Eddie snaped. here we have no build. seriously if this is the “big summer angle” it sucks.

  • Emma

    This fucking bullshit!! Why the Fuck does everything have to revolve around John Cena??

  • Psycho Fink

    What about the Elimination Chamber Title Match? Rock, as the defending champ, will be in it? Or it won’t happen at all?

  • GMpunk

    So they turn Punk heel again, rather than turn John Cena heel? IMO a Cena heel turn is way bigger than Punk doing it. And how about have Undertaker win the Royal Rumble. Taker vs Rocky now I’d watch that!

  • Esat Saiti

    I think that’s a great idea because rock would face punk which is what everyone wants to see and he would face cena at wrestlemania 29 for the championship which is what some people wanted at mania 28. Plus as an extra bonus we could see punk vs austin at mania 29

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    Oh my lord, PLEASE tell me this is just WWE spreading rumors to swerve us. PLEASE tell me they’re not actually planning this…

  • Frank

    DUMB DUMB DUMB! CM OUNK SHOULD BE 1 VS. CM Punk at WM29 for the WWE Title this is just DUMB BY WWE! WWE FUCK UP AGAIN!

  • StraightEdgeSoldier

    Cm Punk heel turn = Entertainment for all
    question is will it just be like last year where despite being the bad guy every Wrestling fan cheered for him

  • brad

    austin vs punk sounds good but after raw i want austin vs cena sounds brilliant 10x better than punk and austin but either way both would be good good also kane vs undertaker 3 brock lesnar vs the rock wwe championship

  • brad

    my dream wrestlmania austin vs cena/ undertaker vs kane 3/cm punk vs triple H/ Lesnar vs the rock wwe champ/ Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton/ dolph zig vs sheamus vs del rio whc/ THe Miz vs Ryback vs ic champ

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    I pray that changes. I really do not want to see Rock/Cena 2 ever. It was great. I loved the match for it’s atmosphere. It was the closest thing to Rock/Hogan we will ever get again unless we get a Sting/Taker match in the future.

    I’ve been saying it for months. Put Ziggler in the slot with Rock. Have Ziggler win the RR and go on to face Rock @ WM. It will cement him in the upper card.

  • Soufian Mellahi

    dont be stupid all of u punk has stolen the spots cause of cena punk has no career before MITB 2011 when he “beat” cena and actually it s more captivating if we see cena and rock wrestle each other again at mania revenge for cena and confirmation for rock the winner will make sure that he s the greatest of all time

  • JamieEvsxx

    search “no cat russell howard” on YouTube…no joke that was my reaction to Cena vs Rock 2…=/

  • JeffHardy4Life

    I actually wouldnt mind having rock vs cena p2. Thatt actually what i wanted to happen. I kept saying the rock can win at wm28 then they have a rematch nd then cena can win (though i wouldnt want him to). Plus, cm punk anthen be available for a hopefully possible cm punk vs austin. So i dont think this is all bad. I just dont want cena to win the rumble. Leave that 2 y2j, daniel bryan, or someone who hasnt won the rumble yet

  • fatneal

    i think punk vs rock at wm29 would have been great but rock vs cena 2 is ok too….hopefully this frees up punk for austin….but the real question is where will d bryan be in all this?

  • Louis Salera

    WTF….Now u see why wwe creative sucks.

  • Pat Murg

    all of you say you dont want to see rock vs cena II, just like you said you didnt want to see hhh vs taker again last westlemania and it was the match of the night, right next to who??? oh yeah rock vs cena, so holy shit just enjoy it untill the people you complain about give you a shit match

    • Mr_DJ

      out of the 3 main events, Rock vs. Cena rated last.

  • G2012

    Undertaker will win the rumble and he will face the Rock for the WWE title. Streak vs WWE title. Undertaker will win go 21 and 0. Become Champion and on the following Monday Night Raw will announce his retirement. BTW, Special guest ref for that match, Stone Cold Steve Austin with special guest commentator Vince McMahon. Then they can do some stupid tournament after Taker retires and walks into the sunset belt on shoulder.

  • Shane O’Neill

    no male under the age of 14 wants to see another cena rumble win very sad….i’d much rather see a punk v rock at wrestlemania which i think is what the guy mean before he was called an idiot by what is obviously a cena fan (talk about name calling haha)

  • Shane O’Neill

    The only way the Rock v Cena at mania match will be even remotely entertaining is if Cena somehow gets interesting by the time Mania comes around……not bloody likely unless we all become children again…..and not very smart ones at that.

  • Mr_DJ

    Rock vs. Cena 2?

    No!El no!Hell no!OH HELL NO!FUCK NO!

  • Jake Blenman

    …ughh. they are tyring to make a triple Main Event happen..or yet a double Main Event..Ergo AUstin Rock, and I know people hate him…but HHH Undertaker…but this time Cena will win..CM Punk better lay into more pipe bombs before losing the Rumble.:(

  • BluReview

    I wonder if Rock will defend in an Elimination Chamber in February.

  • oldschoolfan

    don’t hold your breath for a punk/rock match at royal rumble. according to almost every report that’s being put out sources are saying Cena wins title in boston at Night of Champions and will hold on to it til Royal Rumble…..I’ve also read rumors that there will be a triple threat match at Rumble featuring Rock/Cena/Punk with Rock winning and then with Cena being the 30th entry of Rumble and winning Rumble to go on and face Rock at Mania and win his title back and even up the score with Rock 1-1

  • Kroids

    I don’t think that the Rock should be champ the guy has only wrestled twice in the past 8 years. And is not that good in the ring anyways.

  • Matthew Lee

    hi vicike

  • miz

    Its royal rumble thats a long time from now their could be a different wwe champion

  • joe dittmore

    wwe plans change all the time mana 29 longtime away eneything can happen between now and then…

  • morph_3

    So Wrestlemania is already shaping up as follows:
    Rock (champ) vs Cena
    Undertaker vs Lesnar
    Punk vs Austin
    Daniel Bryan in a triple threat match
    Ziggler vs whoever champ is at time.

  • corlito

    i have been a wrestling fan since 86 like others i have seen it all the wwe peaked just shortly after the war with wcw the wwe has since declined and no one can say different when the wwe has to bring back people like the rock and austin and all the other legends then there is trouble and it is a shame that cm punk has to drop the title to the rock a man that can just come and go as he pleases and it is a shame that the young superstars have to watch this if i was cm punk i would be pissed at the thought of dropping the belt and would walk away if it happens. the rock should have to put his so called movie career on hold and wrestle his way and earn a title shot not just randomly show up and ask for a shot…. i will argue with anyone who disagrees

  • Muddhi

    It would be great if dolph ziggler encash his briefcase & win title from punk
    Wowwwwwww Rock vs Dolph, That would be great….. Dolph will beat the hell out to the the rocky maivia