Adrian Neville Talks About Receiving Support From John Cena & More

Adrian Neville recently spoke to Brian Fritz of Between The Ropes at a WWE “Be a Star” rally. During their discussion, which you can check out above, Neville talked about the support he and the NXT crew received from John Cena recently.

“John is always very supportive and he always has good, sound advice,” Neville said. “He always has time to talk to you and let you know what he thinks.”

Neville continued, “He’s always very honest, which I respect and I appreciate. He was very complimentary after that. He knew how big the occasion was not only for myself but for the brand in general. He knew post match that the show itself, we hit it out of the park, we hit a home run. It was very cool to kind of get that because that day was very much kind of this whirlwind of activity and it was easy to get lost, but for John to kind afterwards come came and put it all in perspective. It was a very humbling moment and it was very cool.”

Check out the complete interview above.

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  • Matt Boone

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    • Jomo

      This guy is a better wrestler than half the wrestlers in WWE

      • Scott

        This guy is better than everyone in WWE

      • Gotstodobetter

        Yeah the half of the divas divison

    • Undertaker316

      hes a cool guy until creatives puts you in a feud with him

      • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

        I knew you were going to bash this interview.

      • Gotstodobetter

        Wow why do people like you have to be so pity smh

      • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

        So typical of you, troll!

    • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

      In b4 people bash Adrian Neville for showing respect for John Cena. I think that it’s nice for John Cena to give advice to the younger WWE superstar’s.

      • ricky

        Give advice to them, make them feel like they can go somewhere in wwe, then he buries them. Then they become jobbers, get released, join tna n probably become tna champion after 2 fights. That’s how this story goes…………… Right?

        • nBonThaBeat

          I guess.

    • JamieEvsxx

      actually love Adrian Neville!…not only is he a great wrestler, he’s a Geordie!…and Geordies are pretty awesome…=D…(sighs) why did I have to be from Kent?…xD…but yeah back on a serious note, I do really hope Adrian goes far when he’s called up to the main roster…I’ll actually be so angry with WWE if he gets lost in the shuffle!…xS

    • insomniacreviewer

      Suck up to Cena now and maybe he won’t bury you.

      • nBonThaBeat

        I guess so.

        • insomniacreviewer

          Well like Cena or not if you’re an up and coming wrestler you got to show respect to the super stars.

      • gdaddy1971

        Once again, you can’t accept it when someone talks about how helpful Cena is to the other wrestlers backstage. This is one of several people who have talked about how good Cena is to people backstage, but you just will not hear what they have to say.

    • SMH

      Adrian is a beast and he’s being all cool about it but what Cena REALLY said was….”When you get to the main roster I will put you over….by defeating you everytime like I did Bray. But because you show promise like Bray I may give you ONE AND ONLY ONE WIN AGAINST ME! Once you get the crowd hyped setting up for the Red Arrow and once you perform it I am going to catch you and put you into the AA and win because I….AM……SUPER CENA!!!!”

    • essinodub

      If I was a wrestler, I don’t think I’d want in-ring advice from John Cena

      • Gotstodobetter

        Yeah why wouldn’t you take advice from the top guy of the biggest wrestling promotion there is.

        • brad

          If I was a wrestler he would be one of the guys I would go to first.

      • Stijnosb

        Actually, if you’ve seen him wrestle in his free time, you know you would take advice from him. He’s actually very talented but because the creative limit him so much he can barely show something new. Watch some old footage of him out of WWE. He’s actually very talented.

    • Eskylee

      Seems cool until you get handed the shovel against him in a match against him.

    • Bad News Barrage

      He just has to make sure he doesn’t speak anything but praise for Cena. Remember what happened to A-Ry?