When AJ Styles Could Return To TNA, Jeff Hardy Written Out Of Storylines

– With AJ Styles back in negotiations with TNA, company officials are confident they’ll be able to strike a deal with the TNA original. Despite the fact that AJ did really leave the company due to a contractual dispute, both sides have remained on good terms since he became a free agent and TNA loves the idea of AJ Styles making a big return and shocking everybody, since news of his departure got so much news coverage.

TNA is booking the next several weeks of television under the impression that Styles will be back by the January 16th Impact tapings from Huntsville, Alabama or the January 30th show from Glasgow.

– Jeff Hardy was written out of the TNA storylines on Thursday’s Impact. As reported a few weeks ago, the angle was done because Hardy will not be traveling overseas with TNA for the January UK tour. Hardy will be brought when TNA starts taping Impact from Orlando again.

TNA posted this video of Hardy after Thursday night’s show:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of SEScoops.com and MMANews.com. He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • LaParkaXV

    Dear Dixie, When and IF AJ Styles returns to Impact it will make ZERO difference in your tv ratings!


    Turnip truck tumbler

    • Dixie Carter

      Your a mark. never wrote a wrestling show in your poor life while we are still on TV a decade later and your still writing about us in your mums basement scratching your big lard stomach!

      • LaParkaXV

        LOL….wowzer Dixie Carter here on SESCOOPS! I am so honored to meet you! Now sit down you may not want to hear this. YOU are a mark that has spent MILLIONS of your daddy’s money and never drew a dime despite having Hulk Hogan Ric Flair Sting Jeff Hardy Kurt Angles ALL under your roof at the same time. You FAILED at PPV, You FAILED on the road and your TV show gets beaten in the ratings by Cops! After a decade of being on TV and LOSING $ you decided to make yourself a wrastlin character AND you SUCK! You make Mike Adamle look like Bobby Heenan. Since it’s almost New Year’s let me make a toast to you and TNA…..May your incompetent azz, your sorry excuse for a wrestling company continue to circle the bottom of the toilet and be the butt of the joke in 2014.


        The Turnip truck tumbler!

        • Dixie Carter

          darlin, sweetie, you don’t wish people out of a job because ur upset that TNA isn’t perfect. If you enjoy COPS then that is good but why hate on other things when you can be busy watching the ‘Fresh, unique’ WWE. That was a joke. And well keep hating because you sound like a envy ego cuxt!

          • LaParkaXV

            Oh Dixie, where did i “wish people out of a job”?…nowhere? #southerndumbbelle. The “fresh” and “unique” WWE you copy? Not a joke, you seriously copy….. “envy ego cuxt” HUH? Not only can’t you read you can’t write either.

            This was fun

            Get your teeth fixed Limey!

          • Dixie Carter

            Sorry that you can’t control your envy and feel the need to use a fine tooth come on everything I or my company do. You should really seek some professional help for your obsession with myself and inability to focus on your on life, you rather spend days running myself into the ground because your own life is like paint drying.

          • Steve Andino

            This is for Dixie Carter. If this is really you, kudos!! I didn’t think that anyone involved in either TNA or WWE with the stardom power ever read, or let alone, actually read and comment on this website. Personally,I enjoy watching both organizations. There are flaws on both programs but then again, what in this world is perfect? Regardless the situation, I don’t care about the politics.Personally, I believe a lot of the fans (no disrespect to anyone so please don’t take this personal)take wrestling a little too serious! Though the action is “REAL”, it’s still athletes following story lines and basically doing their job like everyone else in this website. Wrestlers or the company (or companies)are not finding the cure to HIV or Cancer or fighting to end world hunger? It’s really not that serious!! It’s all entertainment and to simply state it… I’m very entertained! With that said, a lot of the fans have valid points but I’m not going to start pointing fingers because “like” my job, it’s always about an organization and not just one individual making decisions. TNA and WWE will always be compared and criticized but it can’t be too bad if we’re still watching and reading all the juicy comments and gossip. People are getting fired up so in my opinion, whatever it is, it’s working!

          • Dixie Carter

            TNA ratings are still the same without AJ Stlyes. With AJ as world champion the ratings weren’t the best for Spike TV. Simply put we cannot afford to pay someone more than they are worth to stay with the company. We are not a charity and when you see 100people putting are rings together, they ALL NEED PAID. Not just the main roster. 100’s of others from medics, security, camera men, editing, director get paid.
            And yes I do read the dirt sheets. I even reference them to further my character but in the end TNA ratings haven’t dipped due to AJ leaving. TNA is going through a rebranding period.

          • Dazza

            TNA have the sexiest women on the roster not like the toothpicks WWE have. TNA have real women. Dixie Your sexy too. don’t let these negatives get to you. just to let you know I tune in every Sunday night to watch TNA haven’t missed one yet… Do what you feel is right for your company. Good luck. hope to see you trump WWE which is crap anyway

          • darkdeatth

            I say 2014 will be the end of tna.dixie is trying to pull a hhh and stephanie and is failing miaerably at it..losing all the big stars cause of her arrogance and little knowledgeof wrestling….the fans make tna pissible. Not dixie carter…

  • dae

    When AJ comes back, I smell title unification match between AJ & Magnus…

    • Norman Osborne

      for the 1st time in professional wrestling history???

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Nothing shocking will come from any of this.

  • Bryan

    Copying WWE how original TNA keep up copying off the competitor as it clearly shows that WWE is far superior in the writing department as TNA’s writing is absolute horse crap and when Vince Russo was there it had better writing and I never ever expected to say that but whoever is head writer nowadays has no f’n clue how to write a good storyline as they keep copying WWE and having their own crappy version.

    • acimahs

      I agree 100%….