Al Snow Comments On Being Arrested This Week

Al Snow's Mugshot (photo credit: WrestlingINC)

Impact Wrestling agent/performer Al Snow was arrested on Monday night in Winchester, KY but claims the whole thing was a misunderstanding stemming from a traffic stop two years ago and a typo.

The 53-year-old was arrested, charged with “failure to appear” and later released on $234 bond. He posted a series of tweets on Wednesday stating that he was pulled over two years ago and received tickets for a broken tail light and an expired insurance card.

Snow claims to have cleared it up, but a typo resulted in a bench warrant for him that he was unaware of and his subsequent arrest.

Here’s the message he posted on Twitter earlier today:

“To clear up my arrest, I had a ticket from 2 years ago,broken light & expired insurance ID card, took care of it but thanks to a typo.

There was a bench warrant for me I was completely unaware of, my car was having trouble 3 police approached and asked for ID and I was taken in and paid a 234 dollar fine and was released.

A typo resulted in my arrest, and now I’ve spent time in the big house lol Be careful I might just shank you lol.”