Alberto Del Rio Reportedly Threatened To Quit WWE Last Week

WWE cracked down on two Twitter accounts that had been snarking the organization and its employees last week as both @WWE_Creative and @CrankyVince were suspended on Thursday. While the account mocking WWE’s creative direction returned online following some profile tweaks (now located @WWECreative_ish), the McMahon parody remains down.

The @CrankyVince account spoofed McMahon’s demeanor and mindset with random musings depicting the WWE Chairman as an eccentric, sex-crazed, drug-addled egomaniac. It had drawn alarming concern from organization officials since last year, which due to the sensitive nature of the tweets, believed it was being handled by an employee within close proximity of McMahon. The account would divulge legitimate company information, which is a breach of Twitter’s Terms of Service. According to, the McMahon mockery account is reportedly administered by an assortment of current WWE employees. The publication, however, would not disclose specific names.

Before its suspension, @CrankyVince had endorsed an alternative account (located @PremiumVince). The account has posted several messages in Cranky Vince’s trademark tone since the suspension of the premiere account.

The @CrankyVince account was coincidentally shut down the day it released a message stating that Alberto Del Rio wanted to quit WWE.

“WHAT? DEL RIO WANTS TO QUIT? TELL THAT POMPOUS ASS: NO. THEN, TELL HIM TO GO FUCK HIMSELF. THEN, FUCK YOU,” the tweet read. reports that Del Rio clashed with upper-level management that day and threatened to quit WWE. One company source says Del Rio was frustrated with his standing and contemplating a departure. A second source said the incident ‘wasn’t that big a deal’ and that both sides were wrangling over a contract matter. A third source believes the spat was a combination of both accounts.

Del Rio has leverage; he has no issues with income and could return to Mexico as a heralded former WWE Superstar and son of noted luchador Dos Caras. A company employee expressed skepticism Monday night that Del Rio had legitimately suffered a concussion, noting that he was “too injured” to work the No Way Out pay-per-view event on Sunday but healthy enough to work Raw. The employee believes the concussion was a cover excuse for issues that materialized between Del Rio and officials, necessitating his removal from the title match against Sheamus.

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of

  • PeepPower

    Holy almost-loss of top talent Batman!

  • shambo

    what ever happen to the other mexicans.. super crazy and psycosis (unsure if spelling is correct or if it thats the correct wrestler) but they were cool…

    • Deleted_Account

      Nice pun since they were called “The Mexicools”. They had a nice push, but seems like after Juventud left WWE, their direction got lost and eventually led to releases.

  • kquickstillsucks

    I liked ADR at first BUT NOW I don’t care if he leaves or not. Ricardo is more over than ADR is.

  • Marcus Naredo

    I laughed at the part that said “believed it was being handled by an employee within close proximity of McMahon”. Basically, your saying that the tweets were so like the real McMahon that you thought it had to be someone close to him. Funny stuff.

    • SnivellusSnape

      wouldn’t surprise me if it was Shane, Stephanie or Hunter (yes i am well aware of the fact that Shane left WWE but there’s nothing to stop him from taking the pi$$ out of his father on Twitter in this way! he would know better than to mention the grandchildren or Linda since that’s the stuff Vince keeps off the radar most of the time)

    • Jmc60

      lol 10$ says its Shane

    • Deleted_Account

      I don’t know about realistic, but they were hilarious. On one of them said he just impregnated both of the Funkadactyl broads just to prove he still got it.

  • Nonsense

    ADR should just take santinos belt, it’s a freaking joke that santino has the belt and no real matches/ challengers

    • mrchopper

      It would be awesome if ADR just murdered him in mere minutes (like he did last night) winning the belt… Then proceeded to toss it cos it meant nothing to him compared to the WHC, causing some sort of scramble match for the vacant title. Boom-diggy, the holder of the IC title (whether it be Cody or Christian by this point – I’d prefer Cody, but hey ho) wins and they get merged.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    In other words, nobody really knows what the hell happened between the two sides. Nice reporting.

  • ChickaChickaJJH

    lol. Did anyone else read that it in “Mr. McMahon’s” voice.

  • DavrenRice

    New WWE T-shirt -” I am Cranky Vince! ” who wouldn’t buy one?

    • Guest

      You know what else would make an AWESOME WWE shirt? The above tweet, “WHAT? DEL RIO WANTS TO QUIT? TELL THAT POMPOUS ASS: NO. THEN, TELL HIM TO GO FUCK HIMSELF. THEN, FUCK YOU!” That would be hilarious!

  • GMpunk

    Alberto is great, they should of waited on the push last year. He has the potential to be the top heel but now they’re gonna pair him with Santino?

    • Kyle Cotton

      thats just it according to reports he did this exact same thing in order to get that push sooner. “a master Politician” If Del Rio keeps this up I can see WWE packing his bags to mexico themselves. because this guy in WWE at least his talent doesn’t justify his ego backstage.

  • Kyle Cotton

    So Del Rio has a problem with his standing in the company. Considering his annoucer is more entertaining then him he should be gratful that he’s even in a world title match. and if he thinks faking his concussion is gonna get him anywhere I think he’s going to be Jobbing to ricardo in a few months. If he’s going to play games like this and he’s not even that big a star to begin I’m sure WWE won’t have any trouble packing his bag for him to return to mexico.

  • spanisharmoda

    adr should be mad. hes not getting pushed as much as he should. he should tell vince vete a la mierda(fuck you in spanish) and go to tna. we could kick aj styles ass

  • My arms hurt

    Push Ricardo, Future Endeavor Del Rio. His finishing move looks like he’s dry humping his opponent’s arms anyway, around here we refer to it as “That gay little move”. Referencing the South Park episode “Smug Alert” where everyone called Stan’s song about hybrid cars, “Your gay little song”. We have fun saying stuff like, “There it is!! It’s the gay little move!!” in an announcer like way.

  • JC

    As for Twitter parodies, the only one I used to read often was @DumbKellyKelly

  • Eo

    he can leave, he’ll never hold the time for longer than 3 months wwe aint committed to him like everyone thinks

  • MisterE

    Del Rio would be a great loss in my opinion, because he’s a good worker, a good seller and it tough as they come. Someone mentioned the US belt and Santino, yes he has made the belt a joke and if someone like Rio took that belt it wouldn’t look right on him, being that he was a former world champion, so I suspect Rio would only be in the World title and WWE title picture, because I can’t picture him holding any other title belt. I’m willing to bet the next joke to hold the US belt will be Ricardo…lol