Alberto Del Rio Talks About Unifying WWE’s Top Belts, Total Divas Viewership

– Sunday’s episode of WWE Total Divas on E! drew an average of 1,411,000 viewers, up from the previous week.

– Alberto Del Rio recently did an interview with to promote Sunday’s WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view. Here are some highlights of what he said about:

Unifying The WWE & World Heavyweight Titles: “Of course that can happen, but I don’t think it’s something that we need right now. I think it’s okay if we’ve got the WWE Title with one person and the World Heavyweight title with another one. That way you have two different storylines and you’re talking about two major titles to be defended and be present in every single pay-per-view.”

WrestleMania XXX: “To be honest, no. It’s the same for everybody else, we don’t know what we’re going to be doing. I know I’m gonna be there, that’s for sure. I’m going to be in one of the main matches. I don’t know if it’s going to be for

Brad Davis

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  • God’s Diamond

    Booker t has bragging rights cuz when he had the whc cena had the wwe belt and big show had the ecw belt he beat them in a ppvtriple threat match in late 06, idk if it was cyber sunday or what.

    • CSSA


  • Xx_Deadpool_xX

    del rio just knows if they were unified he would be a mid carder at best

    • Y2J

      Surprised he’s not a mid-carder now.

      • Xx_Deadpool_xX

        he should be low mid card

        • brad

          Disagree with you there maybe a mid card but not low card.

  • Vince The Man

    Del Rio is a dumbass

  • yo

    Del Rio sucks

  • Xyl

    Del Rio is just garbage.

  • Extacy

    Del Rio is a decent wrestler, he just has ZERO Charisma.

    • Pozessed

      Agreed. You said it perfectly my friend.

    • brad

      Your right on there he can put on decent matches, it’s just he is kind of lame and Boring to listen to.

  • VJGraziano

    Unifying the titles (& creating 1 roster like they had before the draft) would give importance back to the IC title. You don’t need 2 heavyweight titles. Lets face it, Cena always holds one, and someone who’s typically an upper carder at best holds the 2nd.

    Let Cena become a guy who feuds with mid-card talent with potential, or those guys who are up there but missing that one big feud that can elevate them into main event status. meanwhile, put the wwe title on someone else who is a true main eventer, and give the ic title to the guy you want next in line to the wwe title, and have him feud with a main eventer to get them to that spot when the title is finally off them. imo: cm punk would be the best guy to give the ic title to to give it it’s credibility back.

    to sum it up, go back to the way you did things in the late 90’s. WWE title, ic title, us, title, light-heavyweight title (not cruiserweight, i hate that name), women’s title, and tag titles. it could just be me, but i found wwe WAY more entertaining when championships, and the feuds over them, were a huge focus of their tv product.

    • Bully FU

      The WWE didn’t have the US title back in the 90’s. If they merge the WWE Title with the World Heavyweight Title they should do the same with the IC and US title. It would help make the title feel important during the build up to unifying it and probably put over whoever wins more than it would now when someone wins either of those titles alone.

      The IC title should be treated as secondary only to the main title and have actual feuds for it. The closest there is to a feud for either the IC or US title now is having 1 non-title match, a tag match involving the champ and challenger on opposite teams, then the usually 2 title matches in a row with no mic time for either person in between. Non-title matches are stupid especially when there is no build up and it’s random matchup. They are even more pointless when the champ wins the match anyways, which happens a lot. To properly build the midcard titles back up they need to write actual stories for feuds for them instead of just having a series of matches that some fans think is a feud nowadays. If there is no backstage skits, interviews, or time put into the matchup outside of the ring then it’s not much of a feud IMO.

      • Xx_Deadpool_xX

        i think he was sayin how now that there is no euro title that the US title would go in that slot

    • Fiyaball!!


  • insomniacreviewer

    I think they should keep the WHC, let’s be honest here the IC title will never be more than just a mid card title, they should keep the WHC for the upper mid cards and a way to test wrestlers out for the main event but for the love of god get rid of the U.S title.

  • superturbo

    The World Heavyweight Title meant more when WWE had the separate brands between RAW and Smackdown and they didn’t have talent showing up on both shows as they were restricted to one brand only.

    With both RAW and Smackdown sharing all WWE talent roster it’ll only be sensible to have one world title Championship to go for and everything else is a secondary title by comparison. Why do you think every now and then Stone Cold Steve Austin is asked for his opinion on the whole title situation in WWE? Because he’s always doubted that having two titles made any damn sense to begin with, unless unification bouts meant a rare match between two champions was made to decide who was the absolute best wrestler from both brands and the company at large.

    With Wrestlemania being a 30 year anniversary in 2014 i’m sure plans for possibly unifying the WWE and World titles is being bandied about at Titan Towers, And one can only hope such a move would bring about more importance and prestige to WWE after all is said and done and one title (WWE championship) exists afterwards. As titles have only really been seen as nothing more then glorified ‘props’ for the past few years rather than real championships around the waists of wrestlers who don’t win convincingly enough in half decent matches anyhow.

  • CSSA

    I agree, it’s not like either belt is significant to their brand. Cena is the WHC and he still shows up on Raw. Maybe we should separate shows again. Or having an overall champion would be better, just keep the Big Gold Belt and get rid of that horrible HORRIBLE BELT!!!!

    • God’s Diamond

      It’s not a belt. It’s a buckle hahah.

  • WCWPunk

    Unifying the belts, yeah one day,…… Sting coming to the WWE to fight Undertaker at Wrestlemania, yeah one day,…….. Oh my favorite, JOHN CENA TURNING HEEL, YEAH ONE DAY,…………

  • in my a$$

    That’s more views than tna.


    .. DEL RIO .. has some charisma when he started out with the ” heel ” persona , but now he seems to have lost allll of that whatsoever .. nice wrestler , but terrible at mic and zero crowd reaction ..