Alberto Del Rio Wins WWE’s World Heavyweight Title: Video & Reactions

WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio defeated the Big Show in a Last Man Standing match on Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown to capture the World Heavyweight championship. The match was taped on Tuesday night from Miami, Florida and shows that WWE is going full force with his push as a babyface Latin hero.

After a hard fought match that included the use of tables, chairs and ring steps, the finish came after Del Rio flipped the ringside announcer’s table onto a fallen Big Show, preventing him from getting to his feet before the 10 count.

Knowing the news would be widely reported online by wrestling news websites like us, WWE “spoiled” the news by announcing the title change on their official website shortly after it occurred on Tuesday night.

Del Rio tweeted the following on Friday night after his title victory aired on SmackDown:

Former WWE superstar and Edge congratulated his former rival on his win, tweeting:

Brad Davis

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  • Illiterate dog

    i was crying for this cunt, what a win, good for him

    • Dan Kincaid

      mixed message ha

    • The_Rode


    • Kris Mystery

      What a strange comment. And what is even stranger? All the thumbs up… weird!!!

  • pwnez

    It will be interesting to see what comes of this and how long he’ll have the WHC for.

  • Tennindo Tennison

    I find this kinda random. Big shows push as a champ wasn’t very long and giving it to Del Rio at this point near WM is seriously odd.

    • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

      they might be thinking of a match like Orton vs Del Rio or Ziggler vs Del Rio

  • Josh Foley

    alberto winning a title again is just as stupid as the diva’s division

    • SavageBomber

      Especially with rumors about a Sheamus-Orton match for the WHC at Wrestlemania.

  • Pozessed

    On the topic of Smackdown I think Cesaro mocking the American people by waving their flag in his name is actually kinda fresh… I like the fact that he talks about using the opportunities the country gives him to his advantage. I’m liking Cesaro more and more each time I see him.

  • Reality

    Well even if it’s weird, I find it great that Del Rio won it unexpectedly. Big Show was established as the strong giant, and Del Rio beating him for the WHC has many good sides: well first it’s unexpected, you couldn’t predict it; it’s good for Del Rio’s turn; it makes the environment look competitive.
    The bad sides will be when he’ll lose the title. If Del Rio is really gonna turn face, he’ll probably lose the title to a heel Orton before Mania. And with the Sheamus-Orton feud, there’s poor chances that Del Rio will be champ for more than 5 weeks.

    • Cujo999

      They are using Del Rio as a transitional champion, but it’s probably for the best. If their plan truly is Orton-Sheamus for the WHC at mania, putting the strap on Del Rio helps them focus on Orton’s heel turn without having to have him beat Show for the strap as a face, then quickly flip heel to feud with Sheamus. It’s also good because the title change was totally unpredictable, and predictable programs cause fans to tune out.

  • Peer Pressure

    The World Title is finally in the hands of a real champion.

    • Steve James

      But I thought Alberto won it.

      • Mayhem Superstar


      • Peer Pressure

        Alberto >>>> Whoever your favorite current superstar is.

  • Michael Laba

    History lessons…

    They had Del Rio cash in on Punk and then had the babyface punk chase the title, I know Orton won’t be cashing in but put the strap on him and then I imagine they’ll do the same post WM, Del Rio will then chase heel Orton for the title leading up to winning it back and then holding it for a more prolonged reign.

    The classic babyface is modest in his quest for gold so it’ll do his character development good if he has to defeat the odds and so on and so forth!

    In my humble of course.

  • smith

    would have been a little more awesome and exciting if smackdown was a live show.

  • ac1d

    I knew I shouldn’t have looked at a spoiler page today…

  • wwetnadudez

    Theres no doubt I haven’t always supported Del Rio but I have to say the guy has improved a lot, I don’t necessarily agree with a random title change like this but it’s not something I mind because I feel like Big Show was doing well and judging by the reaction the crowd, he might be hella over as a champ.

  • Guest

    I’m glad Del Rio won. Hopefully these leads to Sheamus vs Del Rio at WM. It would be like once in a lifetime.

    • Jayden53092


    • Mai

      Once in a lifetime??? NOPE.

  • Odin

    This is also a more “believable” way to have Ziggler win the strap.

  • joey

    No one cares