Alberto El Patron Officially Signs With Impact Wrestling, Kenny Omega Talks Bullet Club

Alberto El Patron

– Alberto El Patron is now officially under contract with Impact Wrestling, according to a report at During a recent interview with FightfulWrestling, Alberto revealed that he’s been working for Impact Wrestling under a ‘handshake agreement’ with Jeff Jarrett.

“[Jarrett] was like, ‘Do you want to do a contract just for a week so you can see what we are going to be doing’? I said, ‘No, let’s do it the way gentleman do it. Let’s shake hands and I’ll go work for you. I will trust you. You know me and know I always deliver and what I bring to the table. I will do those four TV tapings and after those TV tapings we will sit down. If you don’t think my work is worth what I’m asking for then you say right there and I’ll give you a big discount’.”

It’s worth noting that Alberto El Patron told Fightful that he intends to retire from active competition when he’s done working for Impact Wrestling.

“At the moment, we are closing the final details of what is going to be my contract,” Alberto said last week. “Then, I will be joining TNA for good and retire in the company.”

– New Japan Pro Wrestling star Kenny Omega spoke with The Irish Mirror prior to competing at Over The Top Wrestling’s ScrapperMania III event in Dublin, Ireland at Dublin’s National Stadium this past Saturday night. When asked about the message the Bullet Club is looking to send, Omega said:

“We always had this message that we wanted to tell the people. To finally spread it to a larger fan-base… to spread our message of what pro wrestling should be, what we think it can be, to more people worldwide, that makes us happy. That makes us want to travel more and give these live performances in places that we’ve never been before.”