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Alicia Fox “Quits” WWE (Updated)

WWE Diva Alicia Fox “quit” WWE during a segment with Stephanie McMahon that aired on the WWE App after her match against Paige.

After throwing a fit at ringside following her loss, Fox walked up to Stephanie backstage and told her, “I quit.” She tweeted shortly thereafter:

In his latest blog at, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross wrote:

“Really loved Alicia Fox’ performance on RAW as her post match antics were eye opening and showed just how marketable the lovely young woman can be if she is cast properly and she raises her game as she did tonight. Minutes Maximized.”

Since announcing to Stephanie McMahon that she is “quitting” – Alicia Fox spoke to Tom Phillips on the WWE App and denies she had a meltdown. She says she had a “moment” but is not a quitter. She added that her “milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.”

Paige Responds To Alicia Fox’s Post-Match Tantrum On RAW

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