Animated .GIF Of Antonio Cesaro’s Insane Tilt-A-Whirl Backbreaker On Kofi Kingston From RAW

Brad Davis

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  • rise and fall of tna

    he’s the man , hopefully vince gives him a bit of a push but i do know his mic skills aren’t the greatest

    • Mickey Blankenship

      he would be beneficial of a manager until he gets where he needs to be

      • omega riddler

        I think the problem with a manager is he would not be encouraged to improve if he had someone speaking for him. He just needs someone to work with him on improving his mic skills.

  • pwnez

    Cesaro never disappoints in the ring. All he has to do is work on speaking and he’ll be gold.

    • Pozessed

      This guy looks the complete deal, as you said never disappoints in the ring and if he does get his mic skills up to scratch then he could be a very big star. Definitely a future world champion is Cesaro.

    • BrahmaBullRKO

      He’s had all the most entertaining matches from the past month or so. If he keeps it up, WWE will hopefully do the right thing with him and give him a proper buildup and push. With some improved mic skills, he could be a megastar.

  • Rob Houston

    Kofi is rough on the mic… it IS possible for Antonio to get over without mic skills, but much easier to do so by paring him up with a manager who can work the mic.

  • TheSwiftKicker

    unreal move, but lets not forget that Kofi played a huge part in that move as well… i would say that with Cesaro, Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns, Ryback, Sandow, along with those guys who have been there a few years but are still young like Kingston, Punk, Bryan, Ziggler, Rhodes and then those guys still fine tuning waiting to come up… the future looks good for WWE as long as Vince and creative don’t screw it up

  • Erik

    It was an all around great match by Kofi and Cesaro. Both guys have been really killing it lately in the ring.

  • Trevor

    Excellent move!

  • Donte Shoshona Gopual

    WOW im surprised you guys credited Kofi!

    • The Ritty

      Kofi’s the leader of the MCWO. Mid card 4 life…

  • BadMan

    Cesaro is starting to become more interesting because he’s been getting mic time and he’s looking legit in the ring like a bad ass! Cesaro needs to talk a little faster on the mic though… he talks a little too slow, but this guy is getting there!

  • Bro88

    That move had me rewinding my DVR like a mad man. Cesaro is seriously killing it with spots and memorable moments.

  • Jeremy

    Not any more impressive than if it were done normally.

    • ItsProgressNow

      was about to say the exact same, nothing too impressive indeed, Orton has pulled off better RKOs. plus he grosses me the fuck out, reminds me of those vintage porn star, gross as hell

      • xavo

        that is not a RKO…

        • ItsProgressNow

          you’re not even remotely funny, you just appear extremely stupid

  • greatestAAman

    With shelton benjamin in talks to return i can see a great rivalery between him and cesar… or could see him taking the reigns as us champ and see cesaro compete for the world title…. although id love to see a cesaro/punk feud or a cesaro dbrian fued for the world title