Anonymous Top WWE Star Bashes CM Punk For Leaving

Last week, we published a letter sent to by an anonymous top WWE Superstar bashing internet fans. The mystery man has sent in another letter to be posted, this time bashing CM Punk for walking out of WWE:

“Honestly, Punk is being a little bitch. I liked him so much before his run leading to and after that Money in the Bank in Chicago. He’s a guy where you have to be really in his circle for him to I guess open up, which I understand, but being put in a feud with Kane and then with HHH at Mania is not a bad thing. Now I understand he feels this is his last Mania and he wants to main event and really, with the right storyline, that match could main event, but literally after the Tribute to the Troops incident he’s just been difficult. There are so many there that want his spot, that want to say, ‘I need a weekend off to go to UFC.’ I really and fully believe he’s a little jealous of the crowd reactions to Bryan and it’s getting to him—He’s just been such a dick lately. That interview with Ariel, he acted like he was the victim at the Troops taping when Michelle was just joking. Little bitch AJ took it to the wrong level. Do you really think AJ would have a ‘pipe bomb’ interview time or longest Diva champ BS if she wasn’t dating Punk? Punk really doesn’t want to be the face of the company. That’s BS. I hate hearing that shit. He says he does but this isn’t ROH or OVW. He would bitch so much if he had to do Michael & Kelly at 9 a.m., then fly to a different state (for Raw), do a Make-A-Wish at 1 p.m. and then RAW, then do SmackDown, then do something Wednesday to fly home Thursday to be on the road Friday or Saturday. No way he could handle that for four months. He may come back as soon as Monday or he may never come back, but if never comes back he better remember how many fans he’s fucking over right now, the same way he believes the WWE is fucking him over. And I’m not defending Vince or HHH. Especially HHH, because people are seeing that HHH taking over isn’t as cool as they thought it would be. Outlaws, Nash, X-Pac, Flair, HBK, Batista—yeah must be nice to be HHH friends.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Pozessed

    This is actually a true statement to some extent, even though I am a huge Punk fan, he is doing an a5shole move with this stuff, he had the longest reign with the WWE championship in the last decade is it or even longer? Then he wants to be in the mania main event to win it (obviously) since it would be something checked off of his list, but he fought for the WWE championship to be the most important title and now it will be in the main event he throws this sissy fit and leaves? Dunno what is going through his mind but it does show him coming across as pretty selfish.

    • JeffHeinsworth

      Selfish? How is it selfish to want to take a break when your body is banged up and you’ve lost interest in the job? It’s called “Burnout.” Happens to a lot of people, and it’s not fun. If he feels that putting his body at risk for a company that simply rewards part-timers when full-time workers like Daniel Bryan and himself bust their behinds all year only to be cast aside for those other guys, then hey, he’s earned that right. He’s got the money to walk away, he’s had a great career, so if he wants to do that now, more power to him.

      • Pozessed

        If burnt out then ask for a break, keep trying his hardest and the fan’s decisions will ultimately impact what WWE do, great example is how Daniel Bryan gets screwed over by the WWE but the fans cheer for him more and more and heck, Bryan beat the champion on Raw last week and I have no doubt in my mind that he will end up being champion soon enough.

        • Mr_DJ

          They brought back Punk and Cena early when they know full well they needed to stay out longer. Even before this, Kurt Angle needed time off to heal but they never gave it to him, which is part of the reason he left for TNA.

      • The truth

        Not a john cena fan but I don’t hear john cena bitching about being burnt out and he works more than this punk ass

        • Donny Octave

          Was that pun intended?

      • Donny Octave

        Think about it like this.. Your in the middle of a giant warzone, bullets are flyin and people are going down. Then out of nowhere, one of the best soldiers on the field gets up and says, “screw you, i’m out of here, i’m going home.” You don’t just get up and go out of nowhere, which is exactly what Punk did. He didn’t like what was going on, so he said see ya, and left. Yeah i will agree Burnout probably did have alot to do with it, but still. You can’t honestly tell me you would just get up and leave in a critical situation simply because you don’t like the way you’re being treated?
        Life’s a b*tch, fair and square, and if your gonna go out and be a part of life, you gotta be prepared to take every little bit of it head on, and he took some of it, but then he caved. A real “Best In The World” would’ve stayed til the end of his rope, not just let go halfway. And that’s the bottom line right there.

        • Ryan Dillow

          Jeff, I could not have said it any better. Everything you said is how I feel about the Punk situation. I am starting a weekly video series titled Ryan on Wrestling. I could use you viewership and comments and opinions. My channel is dillowman_8. Thanks

          • Donny Octave

            Uh, my name’s not Jeff.. Did you mean to reply to me?

        • Mr_DJ

          I don’t think comparing a life and death fight to leaving a company is a fair comparison…

          • Donny Octave

            Well, it was late and i was helping a friend work on his book, which is based in a war, so i had it on my mind if you get what i mean lol

          • Mr_DJ


          • Donny Octave

            lol yep…

    • Mr_DJ

      Yeah, longest reign in the modern era, but still took a backseat…they pretty much made his reign look like a farce w/ his title run, even though his matches w/ Jericho and Bryan were always good.

      This Authority story line should have been done a long time ago, but again, Punk got put on the back burner at the time so Nash could fight Triple H in one of the worst matches of the year lol

      • Captncharisma

        Can anyone here tell me one time he actually main evented a PPV during that run. The only times he did was when he went against Super Cena. Other that that his title reign was always in the middle of the card. I would be pissed too if i was the champ and not closing out shows every night.

        • Mr_DJ

          Only happened when it was against Cena, which is a crime in itself (not trying to sell Cena short here cause him and Punk put on great matches) and a travesty that him and Jericho weren’t the top of the card for WrestleMania.

        • Donny Octave

          Only time he main evented them was against Cena and Rock… which is BS on The Rock match because even the Rumblle match itself took a backseat for The Rock, which should NEVER have happened in the first place.

          • Tom Wing

            TLC 2011

          • Donny Octave

            Oh yeah.. Who was that against again?

          • Tom Wing

            CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz for the WWE Championship in a TLC Match.

          • Donny Octave

            Oh, thanks

    • SOBI

      While talking to my friends I said the same thing that IMO Punk isn’t the no.1 rebel anymore that spot has been taken by Brian the crowd was only cheering for Punk during his matches unlike before when they used to chant his name throughout the show. Bryan took that spot from him, I know they are friends and all but IMO punk left so that he could come back when the Bryan hype has ended after a couple of years when crowds don’t see Bryan as the big rebel and best wrestler out there ofcourse its starting to work now crowd chants for Punk have increased still not more than Bryan but still a lot more

  • anonymous_wwe_top_star

    This message is brought to you by…….john cena.

    • yrabadi

      Doubt it. That guy has too much to lose.

  • James

    WWE- Best for Buddies.
    In all seriousness though, who wouldn’t be jealous of Bryan’s crowd reactions? If Punk’s burned out, he’s burned out, and needs time off.

  • S.A

    Do you think this really from a ‘top wwe star’? Anyone could have wrote that after reading a couple of articles on here, it offers no new information, it just sounds like an angry fan. Surely anyone on the ‘inside’ could elaborate a bit on the situation instead of making the same claims as everybody in the comments section.

  • yrabadi

    This is bs. Doubt it’s even an employee of WWE. What a waste of time. Either way, whoever wrote this, clearly has no life.

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      we’re the only ones on this site that actually use logic….and get hate for it. because yeah, a “top” wwe superstar is going to take time to write a freakin dirty sheet

      • fuzzy

        Yea you use logic…good one

    • Scott Kinnard

      Could it be Jericho? He’s known for voicing his opinions.

      • JamieEvsxx

        if it were to be Jericho I doubt he’d do it anonymously tbh…doesn’t strike me as the type of guy to write an anonymous rant…=/

        • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

          I don’t believe it’s Jericho as well. He has no reason to this, especially since he already accomplished the things he wanted to due in the WWE, Ms. Jamie :)

          • JamieEvsxx

            yeah true…I mean, it could’ve been anyone regardless of their success…but yeah like I said before I don’t think Jericho would write it anonymously if it were him…=P

      • yrabadi

        Pretty sure a guy like Jericho has nothing to lose in this equation. He’d straight up just say it.

  • payton

    I Think Its Dolph Ziggler.

    • oppa

      The dig at AJ, plus the feeling that Punk can’t handle the schedule of the face of the company leans me more towards the Bella twins. I think Dolph would have put his name on this one.

      • payton

        The Bella Twins aren’t that smart.

  • Mr_DJ

    calls out someone but does it anonymously and claims they’re a top WWE superstar…

    • pwnez

      Maybe it’s Zack Ryder.

      • skywolf


      • ac1d

        Would be awesome.

      • Mr_DJ

        that would be lulz

  • SOBI

    Spoiler alert !!

    • GN-0015

      Who’s that son of a btch?

      • SOBI


        • Donny Octave

          Yes… seriously. He had such a sh*t run with that gimmick probably nobody knows who he is.

      • SOBI

        Hunico, the new sin cara

        • GN-0015

          Yep, I know. Some words should be taken lightly.

  • Ninjastar

    Sounds like Brock Lesnar

  • Marvin B.

    Ik Ryback isn’t a top star anymore…but to me i get the vibes that it’s him. Aways fun to guess

  • monkey

    Lol, the Miz is mad

    • Zeus

      I figure it’s him too. Since he mentioned Kelly and Michael and he does a lot of press stuff.

    • ac1d

      Have a feeling this may be right on.

    • Orestis

      I don’t really think the Miz would say “b!tch” as many times lol

  • RuthlessRaj

    top WWE star? must be the main event playa Brodus Clay!!

  • Carlito8

    Scott Steiner shut up already

    • Mr_DJ

      That’s too coherent to be Steiner.

    • Donny Octave

      There’d probably be a lot more cussin’ in there…

  • Anonymous_fan

    My guess is Alberto Del Rio.

    • Patrick W.

      Nah. Then it would have had the word “pero” in there 10 times minimum.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    so if i send in some fake little letter and say I work for the WWE……..will ya report it?

    • Harry Be

      No they won’t but i will

  • Curtis Axel is THE FACE of WWE

    Bryan vs Punk for the WWE title at Over The Limit. What was the main event again ? Oh that’s right, Cena vs Laurenaitis. His entire 13 month reign was just an angle to give the Rock the free win and another WM main event rematch.

    Punk and Rollins go 48 minutes in the Rumble, only for Batista to get booked the free win after 4 years off and 12 minutes in the ring.

    Lame booking for the “fast-count” win reversal for Orton/Bryan, New Age Outlaws come back for the first time in 14 years and they get booked straight into being champions.

    Punk had his run, and now nobody seems to be going anywhere, so he’s just done with this “Rise and Fall of WCW” being repeated with HHH and WWE. Punk could double TNA Impact ratings in one episode, and could probably talk Ryder Riley and Ziggler into going over there too.

    • scott

      I wouldn’t mind that I really do wish that Punk, Ziggler, and Sandow would leave WWE to go be top stars at TNA it would bring a serious rivalry to WWE because I know fans would tune in just to see how bad WWE screwed up by burying Ziggler and sandow both.

  • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

    I’m not surprised that Punk is being a little b**ch backstage, which confirms the reports of others, but my own sources as being accurate.

    Have fun being in the unemployment line, which was caused by yourself! You don’t know HOW MANY superstars who would want to be in your position.

    If you truly care about your fans, then come back to the WWE and actually participate in charity events like “Make A Wish” and go on interviews outside of WWE to promote the brand like Cena and even freaking Orton does, and maybe the company would actually try to push you to the top(they did, but you failed already when you was a year of “champ”).

    It’s not the “Internet Warriors” fault that they are now claiming Daniel Bryan(I actually like him, Internet Police) as their favorite due to the amount of cheers at events and strong social network support when compared to yourself. You blew it, so nothing is loss.

    I actually hope WWE STRONGLY pushes Daniel Bryan and makes him win the WWE belt at Wrestlemaina 30 in order to make CM Flunk cry like the little bi*ch he his!

    • Mr_DJ

      I guess that was Hunico dressed up as Punk going on tv doing interviews, going on radio, granting wishes and meeting fans. Yeah, the guy can be a jerk, this isn’t a secret…

      Does he owe the fans something? Probably, but like everything else, it’s a wait and see situation.

      It takes passion and determination to make it in the business.
      It takes even more determination to walk away in disgust when a company you’re trying to help doesn’t want to help itself.

      • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

        I would not be surprised, DJ Tanner

        I hope your not including “Talking Dead” and “UFC” interviews as things that promote WWE, unlike Cena who goes on “The Today Show” and other serious networks/shows.

        • Mr_DJ

          Um no, but it’s not like you’re into facts anyways.

  • DimTooC

    How do you know its a top star if its anonymous?

    • payton

      They Sent In The Letter And Asked The Site To Keep Them Anonymous.

  • WarPigsLukesWall

    Fake and gay.

  • Jamie

    JTG how could you…

  • Nikhilesh Karnik

    I can’t really guess who wrote this, but I can easily guess that whoever wrote this can’t wrestle. If you kno wat I mean. Guys who can actually wrestle and has respect for prowrestling over sports entertainment are quite tight with punk. This is some body douchebag talking trash.

  • QuiteFrankly2k

    See I don’t get why people go out of their way to say things anon. Don’t say anything at all if you don’t have the balls to say it publicly..

  • Frank

    This sound like John Cena now! Belive it or not I now belive this is John Cena!

  • Scott Kinnard

    I guess it boils down to a persons definition of ‘Top Star’. We know it’s not Cena. I doubt it’s Sheamus because he will see it as more opportunity for him. I could see it being Orton or Del Rio. My initial gut says it’s the Miz. I could actually see it being Jack Swagger or maybe one of the Shield. It’s similar to the Steve Austin walkout from years ago. The only two who really know what went down is Vince and Punk. I’ve always liked Punk but if he doesn’t want to be there then I’m glad he’s gone. The fans deserve seeing performers who want to be there and hopefully it opens up a spot for an undercard guy like Ziggler, Miz, or Tyson Kidd.

  • Peter Griffin

    I get this feeling that it might be a diva? who knows …

  • Louis Salera


  • Matt Gallagher


  • Guest

    Doing shows and traveling quite often and more importantly doing “Make-A-Wish” stuff… sounds more like the John Cena stuff…. just saying!

    • Mr_DJ

      Though Punk has done all that. (Naturally he hasn’t done as many wishes as Cena…since Cena’s the #1 granter for Make-A-Wish)

  • terrence ryan

    It’s the Miz

    • CMPunkTheHero

      No it’s the balls less Miz.

  • Bob

    I support Punk in what ever he does. I’d feel the same way if I were him. He should be the face of the WWE right now not randy orton. Batista is a joke. He should have stayed out of WWE and quit making movies because he sucks at that too.

    • Noah

      Really?.CM Punk the face of WWE?.NEVER!.Read the article.Punk would b*tch about if he had to do Michael and Kelly in the morning,Then do Make A Wish then fly for Raw then Smackdown.A top WWE guy does all that and doesn’t b*tch about like Punk does.I like CM Punk but that’s all he does is b*tch and complain.

  • TeeBow

    Curtis Axel? Key words: ‘before’ & ‘after’ MITB… Axel was somewhat in an angle with Punk still.

    I also say Brodus.

    Or the original Sin Cara somewhere in Mexico.

    • Donny Octave

      I think they meant MITB 2011… Y’know, after the infamous “Pipe Bomb” promo.

    • JMProductions

      You may be right, “original” Sin Cara has such a giant ego. That turd thinks he’s f’n mexico’s Hogan. Lmao

  • theEDGE

    Must be Paul Heyman

    • Bryan

      No Paul Heyman is one of Punks best friends in the company.

  • Legendeec

    Did this anonymous person need to bring up AJ Lee? Calling her a little Btch…so not cool lol

  • 10YearOldBoy

    maybe its linda mcmahon?

  • Lemonz

    Sounds like the Anonymous Raw General Manager is back.

  • Floss

    Douche bag behaviour, come on really, you had to be anonymous in this period of such outspoken wrestlers?

  • Jack Brooks

    “That interview with Ariel, he acted like he was the victim at the Troops taping when Michelle was just joking.” This really gave everything away… No WWE Superstars would bother watching any of their fellow wrestlers’ interview – especially for a MMA site -except the man himself.

  • captaindaddy72

    Man whoever this is, must be pissed lol. I wish this person had the balls 2 put their name on this tho lol.

  • Kevin G. Wolfe

    They seem like they’re written by different people to me. The word usage isn’t the same. Last one seems like Cena, this one seems more like Dolph Ziggler.

  • nickgrasso

    Who ever this is have the balls to say who you are.

  • JamieEvsxx

    ughhhhhhhhh if this anonymous dude turns out to be Hornswoggle I’m going to be pissed…yup, totally getting the Anonymous GM flashbacks!…xD

    • JMProductions

      They screwed up the anonymous GM angle up so bad. I mean, why the f-ck did they reveal the Anonymous GM to be that annoying “little person”. Smfh

      • JamieEvsxx

        I don’t even know…it was probably a last minute thing because they randomly dropped the storyline after building it up for over a year then once they realised they never revealed who it was they probably just thought “F*ck it, let it be Hornswoggle”…stupid really, very lazy on creative’s part…=/

  • Guest

    I knew it

  • TheFaceOfSeScoops

    I agree 100% with whoever this is. You are now free to dislike this comment since I know its coming.

  • z28man

    I can agree with the guy. Punk might not have been in the title picture but he was still building to a main event storyline. He held the title for over 400 days I mean, it’s cool if he’s not in the title picture for another year or however as long as he’s getting storylines worthy of his character and in my opinion he was.

  • eight_track

    He has already clearly stated that this year should be Bryan’s year and that he should be in the main event, so I don’t know why everyone thinks he’s sulking because he’s not at the top spot. They’re obviously a lot more going on than just a mania spot and people are just making assumptions. At the end of the day, he’s decided to leave and it isn’t the first time that people have just walked away from this business. Hell The Rock and Brock Lesnar split for greener pastures. Just get over it already, there’s plenty of young guys that need a opportunity to shine and if Punk ever decides to come back there will always be a place for him.

    Wrestling is a tough business, it’s his decision call it a day, respect it and move on

  • j

    RYBACK !!

  • IWC is awful

    This is completely written by the dirtsheets in the voice of a wwe wrestler.

    Stay classy SES

  • lunchbox87

    Say what you will about Punk,bash him all you want but at least he is not scared to speak his mind and will tell you what he thinks of you face to face and not be a coward about it

    • Noah

      Yeah I’m sure Punk would tell you to your face what he thinks about you.Then Punk gets knocked out.In a real fight Punk would get his a$$ kicked.

      • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

        He’s all talk, but no action with regards to CM Flunk. He only makes videos or talk about a person on Twitter when he’s talking bad against someone.

        I hate women-abuser Chris Brown, but I would had want my money on him to whoop his booty when CM Sunk issued a challenge against him.

        I fully disagree with you, Lunchbox87, but I’m only going to give you another agree due to that same damn picture!

        • Eric Gravely

          Seriously dude… enough with the lame name insults. It is pathetic.

          • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

            I think you meant to say that CM Sunk’s wrestling career was pathetic, right?

            Seriously though, I’ll lay off the insults of CM Punk’s name when the “Internet Police” starts treating me like a human being!

          • Eric Gravely

            I am saying you and your childish insults are pathetic. You want to talk a pathetic wrestling career… what is pathetic about it? With the exception of main evening a WrestleMania, he has done everything that about half the locker room wished they could achieve. So there is nothing pathetic about it.
            The only pathetic thing I see is someone who has lame ideas and insults.

          • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

            I was going to lay off the insults to CM Flunk’s name, but I decided not to due to your immature outburst towards me.

            We can have a healthy debate with regards to CM Sunk’s wresting career, but calling me “pathetic” is just silly.

            I’ll stop the name calling unless you PROPERLY apologize to me, Eric!

          • Noah

            I wouldn’t say CM Punk’s whole career has been pathetic.Maybe before WWE it was.Before he came to WWE I never knew who CM Punk was.I don’t watch that ROH crap or TNA.His WWE career has been good.The one thing I didn’t like when he dropped the big pipebomb a few years ago.He was trying to be Stone Cold Steve Austin.When Punk was doing that pipebomb Punk was wearing and Austin shirt.After that pipebomb Punk was trying to flip people off and be a badass.Punk ain’t no badass.And he sure as hell ain’t Stone Cold Steve Austin.I kept yelling at my tv saying,Stop trying to be Stone Cold Steve Austin.But Punk has had a good WWE career.That’s one part in his career I hated him trying to be Austin.And now I hate when Punk has been b*tching and complaing about everything.I really hate that when someone b*itches and complain’s all the time.

          • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

            I know CM Punk’s wrestling career wasn’t pathetic, but I was just trying to be silly with Eric Gravely.

            I do agree with everything else you said though. I just don’t understand why the “Year of Champion” is complaining when there’s wrestlers that want to achieve even half of what he accomplished in WWE and want to same amount of air time that he receives on Raw.

          • Noah

            I’ve been reading what’s going on with you and Eric.I’m not saying a word.That’s between you two.

          • Orestis

            Word of advice.Change your picture,or make another account.I’d do the first.Also respect is something you earn.I believe you know that!I told you before,you’re getting there,it just takes time and patience!Stick to your opinions without making others look bad( like Cm Punk), it ticks people off, and they are right !

          • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

            It’s really hard, since there’s people who actually wish for Cena’s death and even received “upvotes” for it!

            How can I disagree with CM punk , Ziggler or Reigns without people hating me? For example, I just wanted Ambrose over Reigns, but people insulted me even though I said no insults towards Reigns, which I later did due to retaliation.

            I’m trying, but I’m taking little baby panda steps, Mr. Orestis

            I might change the picture, but I’m not fully sure yet.

          • Orestis

            Talk about changing picture,I have mine for a year or two lol.Haha yea though the picture is a bit bizzare.Anyway I know what you mean.I’m definitely not a Cena mega fan(or even a fan actually), but I wouldn’t wish anyone that.Also people tend to get nervous or something when others don’t agree with them, but why should you care?You like Ambrose then stick to it and be a great fan of the guy(he defs deserves it).If others don’t agree with you , its natural.If we all liked the same people we wouldn’t be unique and this business would be over!Some people act like babies never mind them!

  • omega riddler

    My bet is it was The Miz, it would be so appropiate after what Punk said about the Miz on his DVD

  • The Drewster

    for some reason I think it might be Orton, Miz, or Ziggler

  • dekt82

    its either taker,cena or batista

    • Mr_DJ

      Doubt it’s Cena. Definitely not Taker. Batista is a big enough douche, though I doubt he even knew about AJ’s little blow up.

  • Tookie

    Here’s the deal Punk. You want to be in the main event?? Start selling pay per views and start putting butts in seats. As cool and as over as you believe you are, you are not the draw that you or ppl on the Internet think you are. Pipe bomb. ……………………

    • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

      Speaking like the wise man you are, Tookie!

      Like I said in this comment section earlier when I did my “Pipe-Bomb” , there’s a reason why the “The Internet Police” is cheering for Daniel Bryan and not CM Badonkadunk.

    • Sturmgeist

      All a wrestler has to work with is the physical aspect of the show.

      The writers/Vince/HHH are the ones who dictate the match, the feud, storylines, & almost every aspect of your character on TV.

      You can be the most interesting person & gifted athlete in the world. But it on TV, week after week, you are made to look weak, stupid, boring & repetitive, guess what, you can’t get over.

      Austin, Rock, Undertaker, etc would never get over without the help of great storylines, great feuds, big wins, & freedom of character & their own promos. All of those things are taken away in this era of WWE. That’s why you see so many people who never even talk. But then people consider them “boring”.

      • Noah

        Stone Cold just didn’t get over because of storylines,Great feuds or big wins.Austin got over because he was good on the mic,Flipping people off including Vince,Raising hell and stunning everyone.And plus Austin didn’t give a crap.During the attitude era,I believe people stopped watching WCW to watch WWF.Because there were hearing what Stone Cold was doing and they wanted to see Austin flip off Vince and stun everybody and raise hell.My opinion is Austin is the greatest of all time.Austin’s top 5 best fueds in my opinion:#1 Austin/McMahon #2 Austin/Bret Hart and Hart Foundation #3 Austin/The Rock #4 Austin/Undertaker and #5 Austin/HHH.

        • Sturmgeist

          Of course. Part of what gets you over is your own character. But imagine if the “creative team” were around during the attitude era & they didn’t let Austin cut too many promos. What if they didn’t let Austin ever feud with Vince, Tyson, or never let him stun the hell out of everyone? How many wrestlers are allowed to have over the top & fulfilling storylines that allow them to shine their character or their moves.

  • Dirty Sanchez

    “Sincerely yours,
    Vincent K. McMahon.”

  • Well….

    I agree with some of the things he had to say about Punk and Triple H but I just like most, have several suspicions on who it may be and only remains anonymous because he not only doesn’t want to lose his spot but his job as well. All of this honestly on the other side is making him look like a b****!

  • Buzzard Follower

    why does it seem like everyone in the wwe is a pu$$y. PUT YOUR NAME ON IT none of this mickey mouse behind the back bull $#!+

  • Johnny B Bad

    I have a feeling this came from Cena…seems kinda funny that they know exactly what it entails to be the face of the company, while Cena is also on the back burner for HHH’s buddies. Who else could it be? it isn’t Bryan, HHH, Batista, and I doubt it’s Orton…

  • valo2k5

    Whoa! Calm down Eugene!

  • Guest

    It’s Cranky Vince.

  • NewAgeOutlaw

    Maybe it’s CM Punk trolling the internet

  • Avirex

    It’s Cranky Vince.

  • Alain Labatos

    Signed, Nikki Bella

  • Bryan

    It’s Triple H as who has a bigger ego than him.

  • Tim Duncan

    I would laugh if this was all story with cm punk and wwe.Also if steve Austin wrote this letter to build up wrestlmania 30.Or for whatever in the future.I heard last year rumors of Austin n cm punk.but no go because Austin wants to be like himself and the wwe pg rating wont allow Austin to be himself.Which I understand Austin .

  • omega riddler

    My bet is The Miz. Remember what CM Punk said about him being in the Main Event of WrestleMania 27 on his DVD.

  • Guest

    He’s mad that Batista took his spot

    • Noah

      CM Punk has said he’s not mad at Batista for coming back.Batista is back full time.Some people on here say Batista is back part time.No he’s not.He signed a 2 year contract.Punk is mad at the part timers like The Rock and Brock.We’ll see way more of Batista then we saw of The Rock.Also we’ll see way more of Big Dave then Brock.Brock has been back for 2 years and he only shows up when he feels like it.

      • Punk2k14

        2 year contract which he will come and go to promote his films ans he wont be on the road full time like the rest it’s a contract like that one of Brocks…

        Besides Punk was pissed at Batista coming back and headlining Mania so yeah he was pissed off with WWE and Batista

        • Noah

          I’m a CM Punk fan but it don’t bother me that he’s gone.That’s all he’s been doing is b*tching and complaining.And Punk wanted to be a top guy?.But he’d complain about doing talk shows,Make A Wish,Do Raw then Smackdown.That’s what a top guy does.Like Cena,Orton,Batista and everybody else.And they don’t complain about it like Punk.Punk needed to grow a sack and do those things.If I was Vince and Punk said he wasn’t doing those things,I’d fire his a$$.I’m tired of all this CM Punk stuff.If he does come back thats cool.If not,Then oh well.CM Punk was only mad that Batista is headlining WM 30 and Punk is not.Punk has to get over that.Batista can bring in bigger ratings then Punk.

  • Guest

    Could it be hulk hogan no
    Or the rock no
    It’s Batista that jerk took my spot light

  • Vin

    CM Punk is today’s Bret Hart. Waaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaa.

    • Noah

      Hahahaha.I remember that from Sid.That’s classic.

    • JMProductions

      If he is just that, he’d need to say that stuff’s 4/10 as well ;)

  • Clare Boyle

    could it be Christian?

    • JMProductions

      Nahh, CC’s not like that

      • Clare Boyle

        I didn’t think so. i was just clutching at straws… i bet it’s Vince

      • Clare Boyle

        I’m now starting to think it could be Vince… it could be… he’s just that nuts! LOL

  • Daniel Bryan

    Until this person grows a pair and attaches their name to this I don’t give it any weight.

  • Muggles

    It’s the “Brooklyn Brawler”

  • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

    Is it possible to leak out the wrestler that wrote this masterpiece? I’m going to support the superstar for having the balls or vagina to write this!

  • Craig DeBoard

    Anyone who believes this is real, I have some swampland I’d like to sell you.

  • Eskylee

    It’s got to be John Cena or possibly Miz, it’s weird cuz it’s a letter and its what was written, it’s hard to imagine either of them really saying it.

  • John

    Its Bret Hart!

  • tobi

    it was hhh

  • Hairzy1990

    I gotta a feeling it’s either Chris Jericho, Edge, Ryback or Big Show tbh!!

  • Gary Wofford

    maybe it’s Punk himself…. That would be a way to get sometime off as the “anonymous” superstar.

  • Abz

    At first I thought it was Batista but now Ive got the feeling that it was orton all along.

  • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

    Sounds more like Randy to me than Miz

  • selva kumar

    CMPUNK again win the wwe championship pls come back

  • Jeremy S

    The entire locker room is full of Divas these days. Punk is burnt out…..wasn’t he just burnt out a couple years ago? Seems like if he’s not the center of attention then he is burnt out and needs time off…..and a fat raise to come back. As for the person responsible for this statement….sounds like bitterness all the way around. A.J. Lee is a talent on her own. Punk didn’t make her character, them putting her in a significant storyline made her character. Just in terms of popularity, she could be this generations Trish or Lita if they would just use her.

    One thing I do find funny though is that for a few years all we saw on these boards were people bashing TNA and Eric B and Hogan for putting themselves and their buddies front and center and holding back the other talent. Now that HHH is doing it hardly anything gets mentioned. Batista set to Main Event Mania when he wasn’t good enough to carry the company in his “glory” days, NAO as tag champs completely destroying Rhodes and Goldust’s after they got completely over with the crowd. Everyone was sooooo ready for HHH to take over and put Vince out to pasture, well you reap what you sow.

  • nick

    5 really’s definitely THE MIZ