Another CM Punk Injury Update, Ziggler & AJ Doing Media In Nashville

– As noted earlier, CM Punk suffered an injury scare in a spot with The Miz at Saturday’s live event. While Punk insists he’s fine and did wrestle the following night, there is concern within WWE that the situation could be worse than he’s letting on and he could be hiding an injury because he doesn’t want to miss any time during WrestleMania season.

* Pictures of The Dumping CM Punk On His Head From Saturday

– Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee are doing media today in Nashville to promote RAW. Ziggler tweeted on Monday morning:

– Rosa Mendes, Primo and Epico will be appearing at the Metro PCS store in Kalamazoo, Michigan on March 2nd at 3pm.

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Brad Davis

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  • morrisonfanone

    I can see why he’s saying that, but if he’s hurt he shouldn’t compete any time soon. He could end up having some injury that could affect his career.

  • Lord Spliffmeister

    Punk’s in a tight spot.He has the rematch with Rock & the Mania with Taker(maybe) I can c why he would hide it.

  • fatneal

    lol i say let the little runt wrestle and “if he dies, he dies” (ivan drago voice)

    • pwnez

      I can tell you were trying to be funny but yeah, that failed miserably.

      • aj2345

        I thought it was funny

        • Deltron3030

          It was funny lol

      • fatneal

        pwnez dont be such a super mark… shut up and laugh ho!

        • pwnez

          Your joke wasn’t funny at all. How does that make me a mark? You ain’t no Katt Williams.

          • fatneal

            katt williams? really thats your name drop? anyway if it wasnt funny to you then dont laugh and move along with your day…i think your just buthurt because the joke was at the expense of cmpunk you fuckin mark lol

          • pwnez

            Yet if I were to say something about the Rock you’d flip shit. I’ve made jokes before about Punk, like how he botched starship pain. It had nothing to do with you busting on him.

          • pwnez is a janitor

            “If I said something about rock you would flip shit” You guys are all cry babies because CM Bitch lost. It has been two weeks now and guys are bitching and these are the guys that WWE should listen to I think not.

          • pwnez

            It’a the truth, if you bash the Rock, the AE fans cry and whine. Make an account called “pwnez is a rockstar” or “pwnez is the new Pope” orrr “pwnez is an astronaut.” Be creative, troll.

          • fatneal


          • fatneal

            lol dude give up im a mark like all of us but i dont take it personal
            your defending cmpunk like he gives you weekly blowjobs…lighten up its
            not that serious…mark out in moderation clown ass fucker lol

          • pwnez

            You’ve spazzed out on several people on here before because they bashed Rocky. Stop cursing, you’re not good at it.

          • fatneal

            ” Stop cursing, you’re not good at it” or perhaps your not well versed in the way niggas talk…have a good day sir

          • pwnez


          • pwnez


  • Guest

    if miz costs us punk vs taker at wm , whom would be the only match i look forward to .. than help me God .

    • Randy James Crawford

      Undertaker might not make it anyways and Punk is not going to miss alot of time so Shut Up.

  • Uvis

    If Miz costs me Punk vs Taker at WM , which is the only match i look forward to , than i’m gonna be really pissed .. i hope Lesnar destroys Miz one more time .

    • fatneal

      people are really clamoring to see punk vs taker? thats interesting…i still feel theres better options than punk but the match would still be solid no doubt

      • pwnez is a carrot

        These geeks complain about they don’t want to see any rematch at Wrestlemania but Taker vs Punk is a rematch but it is a good ideal.

        • Uvis

          because UT vs Punk would actually be an awesome match , i dont wanna see another hhh vs lesnar bullshit , where hhh lays behind the commentary table for 15 minutes .. and you cant compare 2009 CM Punk to 2013 CM Punk , he is not a rookie anymore , he is the top heel .

      • Uvis

        The better choices are Lesnar , Rock ?

        Rock’s in a match with Cena , Lesnar’s in a match with HHH .. what else is there ? i would buy in Punk – Taker match , because of the respect thing .. it doesnt have to be Punk beating Taker , but it could be a hard fought battle , where UT wins at the end and kinda rises Punk’s arm out of respect or smth