Another ROH Star To Attend WWE Tryout Camp, Younger/WWE Update, Attendance

– In addition to Kevin Steen and Roderick Strong, Ring Of Honor wrestler ACH (aka Albert Harle Jr.) will be taking part in the next WWE tryout camp at the WWE Performance Center.

– As previously reported, former CZW World Champion Drake Younger has signed a developmental deal with WWE and will begin training at the WWE Performance Center in early May. Young was part of the WWE tryout camp in December, which according to one source was described as having the least overall amount of talent in history.

– The following are some recent WWE attendance figures:

February 28th live event in North Charleston, South Carolina drew approximately 7,500 fans.
March 1st live event in Jacksonville, Florida drew approximately 6,000 fans.
March 1st live event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa drew approximately 3,500 fans.
March 2nd in Moline, Illinois drew approximately 6,000 fans.
March 2nd in Bloomington, Illinois drew 3,200 fans.

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

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    • Aperture

      Kevin Steen will be buried like no other wrestler that we seen before…

      Prepare to see a hailstorm of fat jokes…

      • mrchopper

        There’s loads of different body types in the WWE now.

      • GN-0015

        We can only hope for Steen to be treated like Bray Wyatt.

      • Killthecrown

        I sure hope not Aperture :(

        • Aperture

          I am with you on that one my friend…

    • Pooka

      ACH is Amazing!

      • Matt Gallagher

        Hey I gotta bright idea, let’s have him dance around

        • ….

          Why cause he black? lol i know i know WWE logic smh

          • AVPredator4985

            I can definitely picture Vince McMahon saying, “We’ll have him dance. Black people like to ‘get down’.”

            • Matt Gallagher


          • Pozessed

            They’ll probably make him come out with a spear, break dance and rap his way to the ring, his name would be something like Kunta. Lol, I hope WWE ends up having one black wrestler without the same stupid gimmicks.

            • Progressed_Now

              yah because “the King of Africa” was much more plausible huh?

        • GN-0015
        • yrabadi

          For sure. Team him up with R-Truth and Xavier Woods.

      • Storyline

        Vince McMahon: “Keep it up my N***a!”

        Booker T: “Tell me he didn’t just say that!”

    • Mike Fisher

      Flash Funk MK2

    • 5er

      You pronounce his name like a cat coughing up a hairball? Ack!!

      • Pooka

        You say it as all separate letters. It’s an acronym A-C-H it stands for Attitude – Charisma – Heart.

        I obviously know to much about this guy LOL. I go to inspire pro wrestling and anarchy championship wrestling shows every month in Austin so I’ve seen him a ton of times. Rooting for his success.

    • Killthecrown

      ACH is great indeed. He’s a better (more athletic) version of Kofi Kingston.

      • Pooka

        I think if you crossed the charisma of Koko Be Ware sans bird, the fearlessness of Jeff Hardy, the speed and technical ability of DB and the move set of El Generico and CM Punk you have ACH.

        A fast, techically solid, spot monkey with a great babyface gimmick. I think he’s good to go now.

        He’s only 5’8 though so..

    • yrabadi

      That’s awesome – all three are money wrestlers, very talented. Out of the three, naturally, I’m pulling for Steen to get a shot in NXT. Hopefully they’ll let him keep his bada$$ persona. The guy is money waiting to be made.

    • Guest

      for the good of your career, please stay away from the WWE, blacks just dont have good luck here.

    • matthew mah Lee

      Hhh bad job coco in the wwe