Another Source Claims Sting Has Officially Signed With WWE

For whatever this is worth, writer Anthony DiMoro is reporting that Sting has officially signed a deal to debut with World Wrestling Entertainment. As noted previously, RF Video’s Rob Feinstein has also claimed to have knowledge that Sting has signed with WWE.

DiMoro wrote the following about Sting and WWE:

“I have heard it from a good source that Sting and WWE have actually agreed to a deal, including a WWE Hall of Fame induction. The Hall of Fame induction may not come in 2014, but possibly 2015 as WWE may want to feature Sting and get the fanbase familiar with him on WWE Television over the next year so that his induction is even more special. I anticipate a career DVD will also be in the mix later this year as well as a heavy presence of Sting on WWE Network.”

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • Forceton Banfodder

      Still waiting to see it before I believe it.

      • Dave

        Me too, and I’m a big Sting fan.

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      I’d laugh if they boo him the night he shows up and all the fans chant CM PUNK! CM PUNK! CM PUNK! Vince might shoot himself backstage.

      • Bryan

        This is Sting not gonna happen

      • pwnez

        If it were anyone else i’d say this could be possible but the fans won’t boo Sting.

      • Guest

        i will

      • Andrew Campbell

        I can see fans sh!tting over the Batista/Orton main event with Punk chants if it takes place, but not Sting’s return.

      • Juan Diego Gomez Sanchez Perez

        I will definitely be one to boo and chant PUNK. I’m so tired of egotistical, part-timer, money-hungry, spotlight junkies.

      • Buzzard Follower

        bryan and punk chants from now until things change i like sting but its true that he will just take another spot away from a young star. punk and bryan there the two we need

        • comic_book_fan

          really how many young guys are going to promote wcw on the network and retire next year if that’s there plan he isn’t taking much away from them. sting has been one of the most professional guys in the history of wrestling he put everyone they wanted over hell he gave up a title run to Hogan the guy put over vampire I mean damn. he has done everything he could to help young talent who asked advice he never taken away a spot for a young guy infact the only guy I have ever heard complain about sting was joe and that was only because of how much he was being paid and does anyone really want to see dalf ziggler face taker at WrestleMania 31i would much rather have sting vs taker sting deserves that kind of send off and he is much more deserving of it than brock is.

      • joe dittmore

        sting wont be booed he respected too much by the guys in the back

    • Scott Jones

      Been waiting for this for YEARS!
      Showtime baby!

    • A Realist

      As always, believe it when I see it. He was shoe-in years ago, as well. Those promos for Taker’s return with the Johnny Cash song were actually meant for Sting, that’s how certain it was. We all know how that turned out.

      • Bryan

        But the Johnny Cash song with Sting makes 0 sense as that fitted Taker perfectly but yeah I agree that that was meant for Sting [minus Cash song] but I have a feeling that it is actually happening this time as he’s done with TNA and plus he’ll only be doing a few appearances with WWE as I don’t think Sting is physically able to compete day in and day out so it makes sense for him to be like Brock Lesnar and have certain days.

    • IWC Moderator

      Would be a great build up since 60% of the current WWE fans were born after Sting was a somebody in the 1990s

      • Dave

        It amazes me that people think most of the audience won’t know who he is. This is the 1980s when they brought Curt Henning in who was a big star in AWA but most of the WWF audience had no clue who he was. for years has lots of Sting matches on their site, they have released lots and lots of DVDs that had Sting matches on them. Youtube has tons of Sting matches. Vast majority of the audience will know who he is.

    • bri

      and they wonder why Cm Punk walked out.

      • raVen

        difference is Sting won’t walk into a WHC match at mania.

      • Deante320

        Because they signed sting?? What? Sting’s getting a legends deal and an induction to the hall of fame not a VIP ticket to the main event of wrestlemania.

      • Dave

        I’m kind of ticked at Punk for taking a shot at Sting. Who is he to say Sting has nothing left in the tank? He doesn’t know Sting. Sting throughout his career has put over younger talent. Sting is not the guy to bury younger talent and flip off fans like Batista did. Sting is not only a legendary wrestler, he’s a great man too. Punk should show him the proper respect.

        Other vets and legends have done things to earn people being ticked at them. Sting is most certainly not one of them.

    • QuiteFrankly2k

      So I mean Punk just left, what will they do to well you know write him off?

    • Fernando Yanmar Narciso

      now just try to wrap your minds around the idea of the undertaker tapping to a goddamn scorpion death lock… totally believable, isnt it?

    • comic_book_fan

      I will boo sting right after i boo taker or austin for showing up and hogging a mania spot. none of these guys should be booed DB should be the face of the company he gets damn near stone cold pops and his match with bray was by far the best part of the rumble but he shouldn’t be the only guy utilized sting Austin and taker have all earned there spots.

      • joe dittmore

        what about Y2J would u boo him if he showed up

        • comic_book_fan

          i would not be happy if he took a main event spot but i would not mind him at WrestleMania. and that’s my point most people on here would not boo ytj taker or Austin so why would you boo sting to me ytj is not on the level as sting taker or Austin i will be very happy if 2 of the 3 are at WrestleMania if all 3 are there it has potential to be the best ever if hbk wrestled one more mania i would not complain about that as long as the the guy can still wrestle just 3 years ago hbk and taker had an all time great match as long as the matches are good and the build up is good then i don’t care if these guys are on mania but i do think that DB should be in the title picture at mania he is way over right now and well deserved.

    • PatrickEwing

      Why? Money? Cause I really can’t picture an aged Sting limping all around the ring. Guy can’t wrestle anymore, give him a break and let him ride into the sunset before he seriously gets hurt.

    • joe dittmore

      dream match taker vs sting sting breaks takers record at mania