Antonio Cesaro Talks About His US Title Run & Why He Has No Fear In WWE

During a recent interview with to promote Saturday’s WWE live event from the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, Canada, WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro gave some storyline-driven comments about his success in WWE:

“I was very excited (to win the United States Championship) because I set my goals and worked really hard for it,” he said. “I wanted the championship to show everybody that the `American Dream’ is hard work – you have to work your way up to be very very successful, but that’s what I did.”

“I don’t think there’s any American who can beat me. I’m the greatest United States Champion in history.”

Cesaro said there are certain WWE superstars that he respects, but he does not fear losing his belt any time soon:

“I have respect for the other superstars … but I wouldn’t say I fear anybody. Fear is what holds you back. Right now, my focus and goal is on the United States Championship, to defend (it) well, and to prove my point that nobody can beat me. The Royal Rumble is coming, and I have my eye on that as well.”

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