Antonio Cesaro Talks About His US Title Run & Why He Has No Fear In WWE

During a recent interview with to promote Saturday’s WWE live event from the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, Canada, WWE United States Champion Antonio Cesaro gave some storyline-driven comments about his success in WWE:

“I was very excited (to win the United States Championship) because I set my goals and worked really hard for it,” he said. “I wanted the championship to show everybody that the `American Dream’ is hard work – you have to work your way up to be very very successful, but that’s what I did.”

“I don’t think there’s any American who can beat me. I’m the greatest United States Champion in history.”

Cesaro said there are certain WWE superstars that he respects, but he does not fear losing his belt any time soon:

“I have respect for the other superstars … but I wouldn’t say I fear anybody. Fear is what holds you back. Right now, my focus and goal is on the United States Championship, to defend (it) well, and to prove my point that nobody can beat me. The Royal Rumble is coming, and I have my eye on that as well.”

* VIDEOS of CESARO’s WWE Career Highlights Including A Neutralizer On KHALI

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • pwnez

    Cesaro has definitely brought some meaning back to the US title. All of his matches have been good if not better than good. Even the ones with Khali were ok just because of him showing off his power.

    • Reality

      Exactly, I had more interest for the US title lately than for the intercontinental title because of that man

      • Pozessed

        I think they should split the brands again. I liked when we didn’t really order the titles since now it is:
        1 – WWE Championship
        2 – World Heavyweight Championship
        3 – US Championship and IC alternating

        With the brand split we always used to have the whole “Is the WWE champ better than the Heavyweight champ?”. I think that would bring prestige back to the titles. I think Cesaro has done very well for the US championship though, I wasn’t really a fan of the anti-american gimmick holding the US title for so long without changing it to the European. But now I realise it is him showing Americans the opportunity they have but they do not grasp it and he dislikes the American people rather than America. Just to think that confusion could of been solved if they gave the guy a bit more mic time earlier on.

        • Jay Jayerson

          Perhaps a wwe/world title unification angle is in our future. Imagine even, that Jericho had to come back to WWE just to make sure that no one else could ever claim a world title unification like he has.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Only thing i dont like about this guy is his gimmick. Other than he cool. Good powerhouse. The guy should grow well in the WWE.

  • CesaroFutureWHC

    By the end of 2013 Antonio Cesaro will either be World Champion, or have held the title. People think Sheamus or Ryback are strong? Neither has the raw power of Cesaro.

    • roccos modern life

      My penis does

  • OhNo!

    All this hype about funding a opponent for ‘Taker, why not Cesaro?
    Undertaker (American Badass) vs Antonio Cesaro.
    I would pay to see that.

  • fireworks Ts

    Cesaro fucking sucks in the ring and has not impressed me at all. Only assholes would actually like this guy so I guess that makes you all pieces of shit in my book. He ain’t even a good wrestler and his gimmick is shitty and I blame him for it not WWE. I’d rather see the shit Khali as US champ. You all know nothing about good wrestling and its pathetic. This company is pure trash now thanks to shit wrestlers like Ryback, Bryan, HHH, Rock, Kane and Punk. Even that crock Zack Ryder is better.

    • JonzoNYC

      Wow dude. I’m sorry but your delusional man. If Cesaro, Bryan, Punk, HHH, and Rock suck than whose good to you? Man we’re all entitled to our opinions but the only person who doesnt know anything bout wrestling is you dude. Troll

      • fireworks Ts

        No one is really that good in this shit company and TNA isn’t any damn better. Add shitty Sandow and Rhodes to that list since they are both overrated as shit. Guy wears pink tights and does nothing but talk and Rhodes has a stupid looking mustache, get real. Rock is entertaining but he is a damn part timer and HHH is someone who tries to put himself over. Bryan and Kane suck now and Ryback is trash too. Ryder at least has some charisma and is awesome in the ring, underrated. Facts, I don’t wanna listen to your opinion.

        • Josh Foley

          wow did somebody put rotten milk in your cereal this morning, maybe trash to you but everybody you just bashed are good wrestlers…well probably not zack ryder, but saying cesaro isnt good at all is just plain silly, he has made that championship interesting again compared to the zach ryder/ santino reigns over the last year. he caught kofi on his shoulder to reverse a diving cross body, a guy the size of cesaro catching somebody basically the same size without even moving or losing balance…..your probably one of those nostalgic when is the attitude era going to start again kind of people….so just to end my rant, if you dont like the product…dont fucking watch it

          • fireworks Ts

            Dude that dipshit is not me. Just a dumbass who probably hates my opinion. I’m a huge Rock Fan , I like TNA and I don’t give two shits about CM Punk. Fucking social outcast… he’s probably typing with lipstick and a daiper on.

    • fireworks Ts

      LMAO !!! I dumbass nerd just jacked my name… lmao you must be a CM punk fan… Anybody who’s ever read a comment from me knows I’m a Rock mark… lol and these dumbasses actually are responding to you , get a life dipshit , the playoffs are on. I fucking Hate Zach Ryder.

  • jccox01

    Great champ.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    This guy has the talent to go a long way. I really hope creative does not screw him.