Austin & HBK Loved HIAC, WM28 Pyro, Looking Ahead To 29

– Steve Austin wrote the following about the Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 28:

“Well that was damn sure worth $65 bucks. Great F’n story. Brutality personified. HBK tremendous addition to drama. Hats off to Taker/HHH.”

– Shawn Michaels thanked WWE for his role at WrestleMania 28 last night. He wrote:

“There are no words to express how honored I was to be a part of that match!! Thank you @WWE for allowing me to be a part of #WrestleMania !!”

– WWE reportedly spent over a half-million dollars on the pyro for WrestleMania 28.

– Several WWE mid-card wrestlers were tweeting about looking ahead to WrestleMania 29 next year:

Curt Hawkins: “An incredible night. So glad to be apart of the show but I need to be out there in that ring. A whole new year begins now. #WrestleMania”

Mason Ryan: “As hungry as I was before….I’m even hungrier now, I need, and will be at next years #Wrestlemania”

Kofi Kingston: “Wow, what a show! And just like that, we are on the Road to #Wrestlemania 29!”

Ezekiel Jackson: “#Wrestlemania 28 was an awesome spectacle. next year we’re going to the city that never sleeps…domination is going Home”


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • ac1d_chr15t

    It’s only worth 65$ if you have as much money as Stone offense to Mr. Austin,..I’m just thankful for streams. and Yep..favorite match of the night.

    • RVdizzle

      I disagree – was it the BEST wresltemania… no.  Was it worth the price of admission – YES.  I mean, you can spend $65 going to see dinner and a movie with your family.  This was 4 hours of GREAT entertainment!

      I love the streams too, but WM is the one show I’ll shell out for every year if it has a good card.  IMHO, this one delivered on the price of admission.

      • askbillmitchell

         Four hours of great entertainment? That’s quite the subjective conclusion, we could sit here and break down WM28 second by second and I will guarantee there were no 4 hours of entertainment.

      • lolsupimsogood

        65 dollars to see your favorite wrestler squashed in 18 seconds to attempt a record they didn’t come close to breaking?  I’m so glad I torrented WM because otherwise it would have been as bad as when I paid for the Diaz Condit PPV.  Shell out 60+ dollars to see your fighter get completely f***ed over?  No thanks.


          lawl my fav wrestlers are Rocky && Taker …… I’ve watched them when i was 5 .. but i gotta LOL bcus who’s Daniel Bryan?? :S

      • X Alberto Del Punko X

         A movie with your family? Thats kinda what i did, except the “movie i went to watch WAS WrestleMania, and it was around 45 bucks, so i thinks thats better than watching on a little-er screen for 65 bucks, and the theatre i went to THANKFULLY had some knowledgeable wrestling fans, so they knew what to shout when, hell, they even shouted “Its clobbering time!” when Punk came in

    • Timsexay316

      Man $65 is to much!!! Wtf!! You are the kind of fan that gives wrestling fans a bad name. Go watch ulitmate fighter candy ass. We don’t want ya.

      • lolsupimsogood

        65 dollars is about twice my food budget for the week.  Take the silver spoon out your ass.


      LOL you steamed it because your a scrub who doesnt have satellite && no money hahahha

    • The Bist

      DAMN it cost £15 thats about 27 american I got a crackin deal lol

      • thaShowstoppa

         $35 in Aus, which is like 33 or 34 USD.

  • vorhees666

    Wonder if somebody will tell Big Zeke that East Rutherford, NJ is not in fact New York City.

  • pwnez

    I agree, the HIAC story was great. The match was the same as last years but the ending is what sold me.

    • Andrew Campbell

      I thought the match was slow in the beginning but it soon picked up the pace as the match went on. But if you take away the weapons and the cell, nothing really happened in the match. It was great storytelling though, as you mentioned.

      My favourite spot in the match was when Shawn superkicked Taker and then Triple H delivered the pedigree. It actually made me believe for a split second that the streak was going to end.

      However, IMO the MVP of the match was definitely Shawn Michaels. His facial expressions were great.

      • Vegas13

        agree with all your points. And JR’s commentary during that sequence was amazing. proved again why he is the best

        • Andrew Campbell

          Definitely. JR made the match even better. He should have called Rock vs Cena aswell.

  • Lilriz1987

    me to rvdizzle WM is the only show ill order from wwe.taker/hhh was the best rock/cena was great i thiought cena was gonna win didnt see that ending coming

  • m8h3r

    WHAT!!!!!! half a million dollars on fireworks, cut the fireworks and give me the money please.


    long live THE UNDERTAKER !!!!!

  • Team Awesome

    They spent over
    $643,000 thank God it was not a repeat of WM 24 where some Fans got hurt due to that

  • Kaylyn Owens

    I don’t think they’re looking ahead to WM 29. I think they’re looking ahead to not being mid carders.

  • Mick Cologne

    So according to Zeke East Rutherford New Jersey is the city that never sleeps?

    • JamieEvsxx

      I always thought Vegas was the city that never sleeps…=/

  • Bcf_gilly

    £15 well spent.

  • JamieEvsxx

    Mason Ryan: “As hungry as I was before….I’m even hungrier now, I need, and will be at next years #Wrestlemania”

    I think eating something would be helpful Mason…=P…but damn…$65 in America ???…it’s only £15 in the UK…=P

    • wwetnadudez

      Lol..He was hungry for steroids before, now since he wasn’t on WM, he’ll go all out on steroids and will be at next years #Wrestlemania.

      • JamieEvsxx

        lol…=P…but what if he goes on a major roid rage ?…=S

  • The Truth WILL set you free

    $65!!! I wasn’t even willing to pay £15.99! 

  • wwetnadudez

    HIAC defiantly stole the show for me, HBK’s reactions just added to the match so well, and people were bitching that they were doing this match

    • Jmc60

      ikr at 1st I was then I thought about it

  • Jmc60

    Bad WM overall HHH vs Taker Cena vs Rock were only good 1’s but did WWE really just bury Orton?

    • Jmc60

      And Jericho vs Punk

  • Odin

    Wow. Is it really that expensive. It’s only £25 here which is equal to about $24. You guys are getting shafted.

    • Odin

      Wow. Fucked that up. It’s £15 here, which is equal to about $24.

      • Mr Thomas Payne

        Just a different cost of living here. For example, pay-rates/cost of houses are different depending on where they’re located. Same with PPV’s. It’s bullsh!t, but they know we “can” afford it..

  • siko

    so does this mean the undertaker is immortal at wrestlemania? 

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    Not sure how it all looked on TV, but live it was incredible. Everyone went nuts when Taker kicked out of the Pedigree that immediately followed the Superkick.

  • aussie

    in australia it was $30 dollars, which is about 19 pounds so americans really got ripped off

  • Mick Cologne

    By the way is it just me but did Taker look a lot like John C. Reilly in the Dictator at Mania?