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Backstage Fallout Video & Social Media Score From Friday’s SmackDown

– Friday’s WWE SmackDown on Syfy had a social media score of 64,958, way down from the previous week’s 89,277 (the “Social Media SmackDown” special). Smackdown ranked #3 on cable for the night behind the two NBA games on ESPN.

– Here’s the latest edition of WWE Backstage Fallout, featuring behind-the-scenes interviews from Friday’s SmackDown.

Based on what we saw on SmackDown and the following video, it appears Ryback and Mark Henry are indeed headed towards a showdown at WrestleMania 29:

In the SmackDown edition of “Backstage Fallout,” Ryback reacts to the second staredown he’s had with Mark Henry. Plus, what does Divas Champion Kaitlyn have to say about Layla’s apology?

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