Details On When AJ Lee Is Returning To WWE

AJ Lee is currently scheduled to return after she and WWE Superstar CM Punk get married next month. During her time off, AJ has been moving to Chicago and planning her wedding.

As of a few weeks ago, the plan was originally for Lee to be back either in late May or early June. She’s been out of action since taking time off after dropping the Divas Championship to Paige the night after WrestleMania XXX.

Candid Photos Of AJ LEE At WWE Live Events

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Taiana Aubrey

    Never thought l’d say this but, l actually miss AJ on the show.

    • joelc

      Yea so do i, and i actually met aj lee cause she’s from union city, NJ and so am i

    • Lew Dawg 317

      If that’s ur pic…..U r Gorgeous

      • Jimmy

        Haha Lew is trying to get laid, as if she’s going to say “Oh my God you think my pic is gorgeous?!? I can’t wait to meet you!”

    • Ajit ricky

      ya shes nice wrestler

  • TeamAJ

    Come back soon

  • Dariana Stonewall

    Congratulations! Best wishes to you both :)

    • Barry Manihigh

      I thought this was a wrestling site, not a wedding registry, ugh.

      • nate

        And yet you clicked on it

        • Barry Manihigh

          I was commenting on the comment, stupid mark.

          • Droppo

            Here’s another person who loves to use the word “mark” every chance he gets to show people he knows some insider words. I’m so impressed for the ten millionth time I’ve seen this happen.

          • Barry Manihigh

            The term “mark” isn’t that insider of a term. It’s also used outside of wrestling contexts.

          • raVen

            the comment inside the story that you don’t think should be on the site… that you clicked on..and commented on. talk about mark.

          • Barry Manihigh

            Huh? I clicked on the link b/c I was curious when AJ would (or if) be back. I never said the story shouldn’t be on the site. I just commented on someone’s reaction to the story, not the story itself.

          • heterosexual

            darianna, not mark

  • captaindaddy72

    I’m happy wwe gave her this time off in this very exciting but stressful time in her life, I can’t wait till she comes back tho, she’s clearly the best diva on the roster in my eyes

  • Scott Dorian Dancer

    i dont miss her skipping around the ring and putting on her finisher. she can take more time off as far as im concerned. put on some muscle and learn some more moves. happy for her getting married though. that part is cool.

    • nate

      Aj is a good wrestler.. Idk what you expect from her when she’s given up to 5 minutes at a time for a match

    • Jacob Rael

      So you dont know what a good womens wrestler is then? because aj is good

      • Barry Manihigh

        By WWE’s standards, she is good, but that’s not high praise. The bar is pretty low. Lots of people think that b/c she doesn’t look like a “typical diva” means that she is a “better worker”. Can be misleading. If AJ was in Shimmer or 2009ish TNA, she would be exposed big time.

    • scott

      Thank you someone with some sense. She has like 3 moves total. I agree her skipping around got annoying. They have tried for 2 or 3 consistent years to keep her relevant and still that Diva’s title didn’t get defended on a consistent basis and she didn’t have a legit feud after Kaitlyn left

  • Barry Manihigh

    take your time, you and your robotic promo skills are not missed

    • nate

      Robotic promos? lol compared to what other diva? Aj is easily the best on the mic

      • Barry Manihigh

        lol, good one. Reciting lines and delivering awful humor doesn’t mean you are good on the mic.

        • nate

          ? I assume you aren’t going to give me an example…. I can say the same broad generic critique about tons of wrestlers. Even so I’d like you to show me a better diva on the mic

          • Reality

            you were supposed to reply “hohaha” at his comments..

        • Jimmy

          Because all of the other “Divas” are so great at delivering promos and entertaining in the ring????? Oh right, they all suck compared to AJ. Paige is hotter and can go in the ring, besides her they all suck a fat one.

          • Tyson Black

            alicia fox is good with both

          • Barry Manihigh

            For whatever reason, AJ was the only one to get significant promo time. She had no competition. Doesn’t mean she is good. Would other divas be better if given as much time, I don’t know. AJ was somewhat fresh 2 years ago, but it got old fast, especially after they made her GM for no reason. I’m more entertained by Alicia Fox the last 2 weeks than anything AJ has done in recent times.

        • C.J.

          Good point. But, it got Hulk Hogan over.

          • Diablo130356

            @ C.J. : “Good point. But, it got Hulk Hogan over.”

            And don’t forget the Rock!

  • Buzzard Follower

    dont be surprised if aj retires by the end of the year.

  • Albert Alvarez

    Love how they refer to CM Punk as WWE Superstar, yet not wrestling or on the roster. Or are they telling us something… hmmm

    • MileHighMike

      Hey Albert cm punk is still under contract until July so the company has to leave him on the roster and he still has the 3rd top selling merchandise so the company still wants to exploit as much money as possible out of his character before he most likely unofficially retires when his contract expires. I don’t blame him. Best in the world.

      • Bergie

        Best in the. World my ass. Most boring and over-rated.

        • cartwa

          And AJ is his female counterpart in that respect, they were made for each other.

          • nate

            Yea right.. I hear people talking up natalya all the time, like shes the best wrestler on the roster. Not really. Its all based off prefrence

          • Jimmy

            Or preference, whichever

          • nate

            Thanks jimmy, I’m a better person now.

          • Arief Halim

            She is if you compared her to half of the current crop of divas.with Paige,AJ,Emma,and some of NXT divas as exception.

  • SorryNotSorry

    I’m expecting Vince to interupt the wedding and name Aj the general manager if Raw while the attendees chant “punked” at Phil

  • Foghorn


  • Austin Surelvi

    AJ: Philip, will you marry me?
    Punk: Umm…I really d-*wait didn’t she slap me for rejecting her back in 2012*
    AJ: Philip?
    Punk: Huh? Yeah; of course I’ll marry you.

  • Lew Dawg 317

    Is punk comin back

  • Dixie Carter

    I guess after Pat drove AJ around in the car, the offer sounded really good. 100% increase in sallary if she takes it in *reverse* Honk-Honk AJ Hooters

    • raVen

      haha Pat Patterson? I guess you haven’t heard, he plays for the other team.

      • Dixie Carter

        Pat does anything that keeps his job!

  • matt2204

    I hope AJ says her vows better than she cuts her promos…CM PUNK will be titling his head every 2 seconds to try and look into her eyes romantically.

    • C.J.

      If AJ says her vows better than she cuts her promos, it will be the best wedding speech in the history of weddings.

      • matt2204

        and skip down the isle….

  • NotTooSerious

    I don’t think it matters who’s hot or who’s not. AJ added a dynamic, albeit repetitive, element to RAW. Her facial expressions alone set her apart from other Divas.

  • Shaun Irvine
  • SonofSheik81

    I like AJ and I think she’s one of the best things going in the Divas division. She was the only true heel in that division for the better part of the last year. That said, she’s not as great as many think that she is. I like the crazy, loose cannon approach that she has, but her promos seem to try to replicate her fiance’ in the way she delivers them. Slow, drawn out, waiting for effect. I think I’d like the content better if it wasn’t so obvious that she’s trying to be the female Punk.

    • scott

      Well I mean her first promo was excellent to tell the truth. But since then she hasn’t really been given a mic except one other time that I can remember. Maybe Punk has been teaching her. I mean she is the best diva promo artist though. But wrestling skills she is completely overrated

  • d1l2g3

    Am I the only one that feels as if this marriage wont last 5 years?

    • nate

      Because you know them personally and know first handed what their relationship is like right?

  • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

    I hope CM Flunk does not force AJ to sign a PRENUP! When they divorce, I want AJ to get ALL the money that CM Flunks currently has, which I believe is no more than $42.38!

    • dontcare4uatall


      • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

        Lol, thanks!

  • Brandon Roberts

    a.j lee back as a.j wyatt

  • AP


  • AP


  • Chadwick Curry

    I never imagined myself saying ANY of this, so brace yourselves….Vicki Guerrero is doing a great job as GM on Smackown, but I miss Aj’s days as the RAW GM. AJ KNEW WHAT WAS BEST FOR BUSINESS. I HOPE SHE RETURNS SOON. WHEN SHE DOES, I HOPE SHE ENDS UP TAGGING WITH PAIGE. IT WOULD DEFINITELY BE WORTH IT. Also, AJ is psycho with a capital “P” she’d be the ONLY DIVA in the entire DIVAS Division crazy enough to not only lay hands on the Billion Dollar Princess, but also beat her senseless…..Go AJ!