Big Plans For The Wyatt Family In The Near Future

According to reports, WWE is planning on putting the WWE Tag-Team Championships on Luke Harper and Erick Rowan at some point before the Royal Rumble pay-per-view event in January.

Harper and Rowan were already expected to become the WWE Tag-Team Champions before the WrestleMania XXX event in April, however it appears now as though WWE has moved those plans up and will do the title change earlier than originally planned.

Matt Boone

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  • mrchopper

    It’d totally bust their look if they wore the belts, so they’ll have to come up with a clever way handling them. Maybe just dragging them along the floor behind them!

    • Guest

      or maybe they could do what Umaga(RIP) did with the IC title and carry them in their mouths. Not likely but it would be pretty cool.

      • Bro88

        Except Rowan couldnt do that cause the whole sheep mask thing. Maybe he could hide it in his coveralls. Pulls it out right before the matches start.

    • Big Johnny

      They were tag champs in NXT but tbh i don’t remember how they held the belts

  • raVen

    why?? give them a win on a big ppv it will do much more than winning on a raw.

  • Vargas

    Yeah, put the belts on anybody BUT PTP. Let’s just have the black section of the roster entertain the audience with bad gimmicks , awful theme music, and let them dance. R Truth as Pretty ricky , with his 40 yr old asss never got a real championship run. One of the most talented cats on that roster too. Don’t expect them to ever give R Truth and Xavier Woods a run at those belts btw..ever. What about Naomi and her dancing ? Because that’s all Naomi/Trinity is good for… even though she’s 100x better than that twig AJ Lee, and hotter too. Wasting Naomi away, while AJ Lee skips to the ring like a f#cking idiot. That’s what’s wrong with that company. Always on top of mediocre sh#t like white on rice, rather than look at the cream of the crop. But if you’ve got a talented black dude/chick… naaa disregard… they say: “let’s push Kaitlyn instead because she looks kinda hot”, even though she’s actually a butterface with nice thighs. Seriously fellas, take a good look at her face up close and compare it to real hotties from the past like Trish, Eve Torres, Molly…etc… Even AJ Lee is 10x better looking than her, and I don’t even care for AJ.

    PTP are better than Rowan and Harper by a country mile athletically and more charismatic. They are literally one of the best if not the best tag team on the entire roster, with the Usos a close second. And I don’t care if people disagree… I think Bray Wyatt sucks, and the whole gimmick sucks. I see him as a bad impression of both Mankind and the Undertaker, and a whole lot less convincing than either one of them. I’m not feeling the hype behind him or that gimmick at all. It’s flat and has no meaning. And it’s not going to go anywhere because the company is bland, watered down, and sissified. They can’t make it anything more than what you are already seeing. Fans are probably expecting something sinister and intense to come about from this Wyatt family storyline, but it’s not going to happen because the company doesn’t have the guts to cross that limit anymore. They’ll never do anything extreme or interesting like what Taker used to do back in ’99. So don’t expect it! It’s not even half as convincing as Kevin Sullivan from back in the day, and I thought the Dungeon of Doom sucked asss too.

    • Michael Carter

      Yeah, sure, creative saves all the good gimmicks and storylines for the white wrestlers…^idiot

      • Vargas

        You just can’t see through the very obvious BS. Don’t call me an idiot because you refuse to see the truth Mike. Besides that arrow isn’t even pointing to me, it’s pointing at you. There’s a very long not so subtle history to that company’s biased ways. Quit thinking the company is innocent and read between the lines. Anybody can see through the BS. They just choose to ignore it.

        • esnips

          Black wrestlers will never get super over with the crowd, and the rock don’t count. I think it’s more of a stereotype or cultural thing. If kofi kingston was a white guy, doing all those high risk spots he does now he would be over like crazy. When you see a black person that’s really athletic like a shelton benjamin or a R-truth putting on a great match, people don’t get too excited because it’s kind of expected for a black guy to run and jump. Have you ever notice when raw book a match and the two people in the ring happen to be black, the arena is dead silent.

          • Vargas

            I’ve noticed dead silent crowds with two whites too. Male/Female both..
            Besides, I’m not talking just blacks. It be better if they mixed it up with everything. Blacks/whites/Asians/latinos/arabs etc…

          • Mufugga


          • youmotherfucker

            Now you’re on my shitlist

    • Stranger

      When you judge talent based on how attractive they are, you come off just as shallow as the company for giving such terrible gimmicks to the “black section” of the roster. Naomi is nowhere near as good as AJ Lee. There’s more to working a match than jumping around and showing athleticism.

      • Aperture

        Naomi is WAY more athletic than AJ Lee.

        Charisma wise, she sucks.

      • Dixie Carter

        I would have signed Eva because she is so hawt and TNA needs her to be Knockout champion of the TNA Universe!!!

      • Vargas

        This is straw-man nonsense. You know damn well I wasn’t judging anyone based on attractiveness. I threw it in there for the hell of it. And I can do that if I want to, last time I checked. My argument is based on obvious bias in that company, and that alone. Ive been watching that company for years upon years, and I already know of the bullsh#t. You think AJ Lee is better in the ring than Naomi, good for you then.

    • esnips

      Don’t sugarcoat it. Tell us how you really feel.

  • Godzilla2J

    I couldnt see these guys carrying a title I could see Bray carrying a title just have them drag it on the floor they would look goofy with it on their waist .

  • Ninjastar

    Well you know what this means, Cody is gonna go back Heel and turn on Gold dust setting them up for WM30

    • Richmond

      I actually want Goldust to turn heel. WWE would be better off with Cody winning that and then go for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Orton or Lesnar or some heel.

  • Sigma ?

    Looks like this is gonna make way for Goldust to turn on Cody Rhodes for the big feud.

  • Reality

    Rhodes losing the titles should be the beggining of their feud. So it’s quite early imo to do that.

  • essinodub

    I don’t wanna see these dudes with the titles… there are at least 3 better teams than them that should have the titles… Bray Wyatt is kinda cool but the “evil laugh ruins it for me”… it’s so CORNY…. an evil laugh?… really?… what is this? the cartoons?… come on… who is he?… Skeletor?…

    do away with the laugh and it would be so much tolerable… but i wouldn’t want these dudes as tag champs… i think that it would be a boring title reign… give it to some folks that could put on good matches like the Real Americans

  • Louis Salera

    Well deserved. Harper is gold.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    They haven’t really even been in the tag team division fighter many other teams like Real Americans, Usos, etc. but whatever.