Backstage News On The Funkadactyls Splitting Up, Naomi Turning Heel

There has been talk of splitting up The Funkadactyls and having Naomi and Cameron go their separate way as part of a key story line for the next season of Total Divas.

WWE planting the seeds and started heading in that creative direction this week on television with some subtle, and some not-so-subtle booking.

It’s being said that with Brodus Clay no longer around and Xavier Woods no longer being pushed in any real way, that splitting up the duo is the direction they are headed, with plans having Naomi become the one that turns heel.

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

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    • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

      Naomi shouldn’t be a heel.

      • Truther

        Agreed. It should be Cameron. She’s really annoying and I’m pretty sure she’d be easy to hate.

        • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

          Exactly WWE should make a wise choice and turn Cameron heel.

          • Frank

            Why Cameron SUCK she should have been frie with Clay!? That should turn Naomi she can asley wrestling as she the diva on current roster! And with this she can had a feud with Page. Who is a good was not ready to have the Naomi was ready for the title and show been the one who won it from AJ. But thank to Anskla injury her eye she lost he push there to win the belt. Hopeful when Naomi turn heel she can have great match Page and take title from her.

        • essinodub

          Amen… I hate her already

        • essinodub

          Naomi’s in-ring style is more fit for a face

      • yrabadi

        I agree, but they need heels to feud with Paige. Naomi is probably one of the better diva wrestlers on the show… it makes sense.

        • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

          True but I still think that it’s a bad decision.

          • yrabadi

            It might very well be, but WWE needs top heel divas who can work. What else can they do? If it means getting an actual feud in the divas division, I’m all for it. Heck, might be the best thing to ever happen to Naomi.

            • Frank

              Agree she can win the diva title that she should one months ago when Askaka injury her eyes! And she is the best diva on the roster and desave to hold the belt!

    • Rodriquez Antonio

      The great WWE knows how to ruin things….Neither should be heel.

      • G.I.R.L.

        Cam would be an awesome heel.

        I don’t want Naomi to be heel as i have a feeling they’ll lose interest in pushing her not long after.

        • yrabadi

          Naomi is more of a babyface, but it makes sense. They need divas to feud with Paige, who is a face… making Naomi a heel could result in a nice feud between the two.

          • G.I.R.L.

            Yes, this true. The only true female wrestler who is heel is Fox. They need to balance that out. Cam is inherently a heel but she can’t perform the way Naomi can with Paige. Not by a long shot.

            I concur.

            • yrabadi

              I was really hoping Paige/Fox would have legs as a feud… sucks that they just tossed that aside. Fox was doing great.

    • Paul Kersey

      If they must feud, Cameron should be the heel.

    • IMO

      To be honest they should had done this along time ago. Making Naomi heel is a great idea. She is the perfect choice to feud with Paige since they are the best wrestling wise.

    • Herald

      Big deal whenever the divas come on its time for a bathroom or snack break

    • K

      Cameron sucks
      She is the worst and annoying as hell

    • Progressed_Now

      why wasn’t Woods fired as well? he’s less than useless.

      • raVen

        he’s talented, but more importantly for wwe’s media standing, he’s black and educated.

    • essinodub

      Having Xavier Woods join them was a horrible idea to begin with… he’s a talented dude, that crap hurt him… the black man doesn’t always have to be about funk, rapping, and dancing… Brodus Clay becoming the Funkasaurus was a horrible idea… he got a better reaction squashing people as a heel… The Funkasaurus thing was so short sighted… it’s sucks that other people’s careers and lives have to suffer for their horrible desicions!!!!!!!

    • Sigma ?

      They should have released Cameron. Useless.

      • Shovel

        She be sucking the right tips to keep her job

    • Matt Ramsden

      It’s amazing how Brodus lost his job and they kept theres..

    • China

      Prime Time Players Round 2.

      • raVen

        minus the talent.

    • RadicalRhys

      I thought it was Cameron who was turning heel. It seems some (daft) people still can’t tell the diference between the two…

    • raVen

      this will be a fail. for some reason people like Naomi and it’s always been Cameron who acts more heelish-being a coward and taking short cuts. If Naomi turns on Cameron she will get cheered. I’m excited for them to stop putting Cameron on tv soon tho cuase that girl, real or character, is trash in every way.

      • Okizzle

        What do you mean for some reason? Naomi is one of the more talented, athletic divas in the WWE. If she didn’t get eye messed up by aksana, she might’ve been divas champ

        • raVen

          I mean I don’t see the talent. I’ve had this discussion, I’ve called the names..i don’t see the talent that others do. she shakes her butt and does the splits. can she do a catch series? can she tell a story? she hasn’t shown anything to me. Divas champ means nothing. the only important diva right now is throwing fits after her matches week after week after week. Alicia is the only diva that gets any focus and she is as boring as they come.

          • fuzzy

            Get outa here with that tell a story through wrestling crap that’s a load of garbage. Shes a wrestler there is no story telling in a match you just wrestle and it either looks good or it looks crappy bottom line. When she wrestles its good. Shes more athletic than anyone in WWE right now, she can do some lucha/high flyer moves what more do you want man. What story does Paige tell in the ring when she wrestles? AJ? they just wrestle that’s it

            • gdaddy1971

              When does Naomi do any lucha/high flyer moves? She can barely get that big @ss of the ground. And she is not that athletic. She looks clumsy as h&ll.

            • gdaddy1971

              There is no story telling in a match? Listen to all the great wrestlers talking about the other greats in the business. They will always talk about how well they “tell the story” in the ring. That’s what makes the great ones in the business. Ask anybody.

            • raVen

              wow..sit down and put your helmet back on before you hurt yourself trying to think so hard.

          • Okizzle

            She does do a pretty impressive split-legged moonsault. She could probably do a lot more if the WWE gave her and divas division more time do a match. Unfortunately the divas division is an afterthought the majority of the time for Creative

            • raVen

              it’s a split leg moonsault tho.. Brodus Clay could prolly do that. Agree everyone on the roster,e specially divas deserves more time and the freedom to show off a bit more. I hate the wwe formula where you see the same 5moves every time a guy is in the ring it gets stale quickly.

        • gdaddy1971

          Naomi should never be considered for the Divas title. She is worthless. I don’t see where people are saying that she is one of the most talented divas. All she can do is shake her big @ss and try to dance (which she is terrible at). She is not a good wrestler. Cameron is terrible and one of the worst divas ever, but Naomi is worthless and not far behind her.

          • Okizzle

            Worthless? Really? Despite her stature (she’s not the skinniest diva) she can move around the ring. She has impressive drop kicks, can do a split-legged moonsault and probably a lot more if given enough time. Unfortunately nowadays the WWE doesn’t put a lot of time in letting the divas do anything. They have at most 5 mins to work a match.

    • Jacob

      Cameron in recents weeks slapped Paige and is saying she deserves a shot at the title which she doesn’t considering she is the worst diva on the roster besides Eva and maybe Rosa but Naomi doesn’t like how Cameron is acting so it will Probably be Cameron not Naomi just saying.

    • Tony Slicer

      Naomi smoking she should stay face Paige should be heel unless AJ returns take belt back

    • Dixie Carter

      Probably best for the Sxankadactyls. Too much Sxank anyway!

    • Louis Salera


    • JuanCabrera

      From what I saw on Main Event, it looks like Cameron is the one going heel. If they bring her annoying personality to her character, she could really work as a heel.