Backstage News On CM Punk’s Long Title Reign

With CM Punk now over one year into his historic WWE title reign, reports that one of the main reasons Punk has held on to the championship for so long has to do with The Rock.

There have been several instances over the past year when WWE has strongly considered having Punk drop the title. However, Vince McMahon has repeatedly stuck with Punk as champion because The Rock agreed to wrestle CM Punk for the WWE Championship during the summer.

The Rock announced at RAW 1,000 that he wants to win the WWE Championship one more time before he retires. Since then, The Rock and CM Punk have been exchanging trash talk on Twitter and the feeling is that The Rock would not be happy if Punk dropped the belt and his WWE title match was against someone else.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Shannon Harris

    Glad Rock believes in Punk.

    • Andrew Campbell

      Yeah it’s great, but it’s a shame that WWE still doesn’t believe in Punk after he has proved time and time again over the past year that he can “carry the ball”.

      • GodsLoyalSon

        Dude, Vince is behind Punk and if my memory is any good he has the only say in the matters backstage.

        • Andrew Campbell

          I thought that too, but every time a PPV approaches I always read articles saying WWE is considering having Punk drop the title. Even this article suggests that one of the main reasons Punk is champion right now is because Rock wants to feud with him.

          • GodsLoyalSon

            Of course they would consider it because there are other superstars that deserve a run with the belt as well, however it also showed that they changed their minds and stayed with punk, because how hard would it be to take it off of him and put it right back on him if all Rock wants is a match with Punk? Hell, they did with Orton on the first day he became WWE champion

          • indywrestler22

            But remember also that the same thing is talked about everytime Undertaker’s undefeated streak is mentioned.

          • BOOCH

            Well one of the main reasons they considered Punk dropping the title was because of that incident with the fan a while back. I think if Cena hadn’t gotten elbow surgery back in October he would’ve lost it at Hell In A Cell. Punk lucked out BIG TIME with that.

          • Cujo999

            Punk has had the strap for over a year. He’s on one of the 10 longest title reigns of all time,which is unheard of the way the strap gets passed around today to keep people from getting bored. Of course they are going to consider taking the strap off of him. Dropping the strap doesn’t mean they don’t believe in him. It just means that they want to change things up to keep things fresh. HHH said it himself in Punk’s DVD. “The man makes the title,the title doesn’t make the man.”

        • Randy James Crawford

          Not in stuff about Undertaker’s return he doesn’t.

        • morrisonfanone

          Unless he’s not there. Then it’s all on HHH.

      • dae

        Fans have a hard time believing in Pump because he hasn’t won a match fair and square in over two months…
        Punk = Paper Champion

    • Macc Frost

      punks is going over

  • Wing

    The Best In the World vs The Great One

  • pwnez

    I’m glad they didn’t have Punk drop the title especially to Ryback. If Rock wants to wrestle Punk then they should stick with that plan and not change it. I want to see Punk retain at the royal rumble.

    • Pozessed

      Yes, maybe with help from Shield, would give the guys some major heat… I would see him dropping it at Wrestlemania though..

      • Randy James Crawford

        No I want to see Shield try to interfer and Mick Foley come down to ringside and The Rock and Mick Foley kick Shield’s ass.

        • Pozessed

          Foley wont do anything.. If anything he could try to help and Shield would take him out too. That’s what I think should happen.

        • morrisonfanone

          Mick couldn’t. He’s already stated he won’t wrestle again. And he shouldn’t. Last time I saw him, he was trouble walking without waddling.

    • wiz

      what does every1 have against ryback?

      • morrisonfanone

        He’s getting a totally undeserved push. Apart from that, I’ve got nothing against the guy. He’s better now then he was in the Nexus.

  • cenasucks

    It’s almost obvious Punk isn’t going to lose at TLC. Still excited for the Shield’s involvement in the TLC match environment.

  • Brian Clark

    Again The Rock is still helping put over a person. I don’t know how people can’t put The Rock in top five best wrestlers of all-time. The man has put over everyone.

    • Andrew Campbell

      I don’t think The Rock gets enough credit for that. He was never frightened of losing his spot and he put over an endless amount of stars cleanly including Angle, Lesnar, and Goldberg.

      And despite all that, WWE always treated him as “second fiddle” to Austin which I never understood.

      • Brian Clark

        Yes, remember all the times when he was WWE champion and he would tap put to Benoit’s crippler crossface. Truly, to me Rock and Austin were equal because when Austin went out for one year, Rock was able to pick up the slack.

      • Vince

        People don’t understand that because they’re too blinded by their hatred for The Rock.

      • Macc Frost

        it’s simple they are to much jealous people when it comes to the rock , i mean besides taker ,rock is the greatest of all time , the biggest draw of all time before he started doing movies , very unselfish not a politician some people pretend they put over the rock in interviews another way to kiss up to the fans but deep down inside they are bitter and rock haters juss imagine if punk goes over the rock , i believe people will also be jealous of punk i hope punk doesn’t get buried like how rock put jericho over and then he was buried in 2002 anyone remember that any one rock might put over could get buried i think , maybe cena or hhh might envy punk idk who knows don’t believe what people say and how they act it’s just for show homie

        • Fister

          You are aware that next to the “comma” there is a something called a “period”. You should press it when you are done with a sentence. Don’t forget to capitalize the first word after the period.

      • G.I.R.L.

        Yeah, Austin wouldn’t even put over HHH.

      • morrisonfanone

        Is it really that hard to put over Angle? Seems like it keeps happening more and more these days.

    • pwnez

      He did put guys over which was awesome but that doesn’t make him a great wrestler. One of the best talkers for sure though.

      • G.I.R.L.

        He’s the best entertainer in the history of the industry; most charismatic, most successful in & out of the ring, most sportsmanship, and a decent moveset to match. Being the greatest ‘wrestler’ doesn’t always get you over. Cena, Austin Rock, & HHH are no Benoit or Eddie in regards to wrestling, but they are some of the greatest, if not the greatest, of all time.

      • Gtf pwnez

        pwnez = undercover Rock hater

        • pwnez

          You’re right, i’m not a big fan of his. I think everyone on here knows this already. Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

    • Randy James Crawford

      That is why he has been on top and he helps put people on top, that’s what Chris Jericho does too.

      • Brian Clark

        That is why they are both my favorite two wrestlers of all-time.

      • frapm

        Not to sound like a Y2J hater, but beating Jericho does nothing for his opponent’s career. The opposite is true for The Rock. Beating The Rock is HUGE. Y2J’s willingness to put other guys over is admirable, but he doesn’t have enough credibility to actually give them a rub, so his opponents’ victories against him are hollow.

        • morrisonfanone

          So when Punk beat him, it did nothing for his career?

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    The WWE Title match at the Rumble is gonna be a good one. Whatever happens, I just hope it doesn’t lead to “twice in a lifetime” at Wrestlemania.

    • Randy James Crawford

      Why CM Punk vs The Rock would be awesome too and why can’t you come up with something original.

      • G.I.R.L.

        No, he doesn’t want to Cena vs Rock again; none of us do.

        • morrisonfanone

          I didn’t want it the first time.

    • morrisonfanone

      I couldn’t agree more. I don’t want that again. They need fresh never been done matches.

  • cappa37

    So what u r telling me is that CM Punk should thank the Rock for his championship reign… cool.

    • Randy James Crawford

      yeah he should thank him at his Hall of Fame Ceremony lol.

  • Scott Kinnard

    Unless The Rock will be at every RAW, I’m against him winning the title at The Royal Rumble.

    • Randy James Crawford

      He just needs to be at PPV’s and The Raw’s before PPV’s.

    • indywrestler22

      He doesn’t need to be at EVERY RAW:he’s a novelty now(just like Undertaker)& he won’t pull a Hogan & be in the middle of everything.He’s gonna help the”business” some more then(possibly)bow out gracefully.

    • morrisonfanone

      And we know he won’t be. He has too many movies to film.

  • Noach

    Wayne Gretzky should be the Punk’s corner because he’s really the Great One

  • Astro27

    I will have to stop watching for a while if they have the rock beat punk, because punk is a phenomenal wrestler and the rock is well eh midcard at best, always was a midcarder.

    • indywrestler22

      Umm..what wrestling have YOU been watching?Rock,midcard? You must’ve gotten into RVD’s hash-stash if you think that.

    • G.I.R.L.

      Mid-card? Wrestling is more than knowing every hold in the book. By your standards, Austin, Cena, & HHH are mid-cards too. Punk is great, but Rock is leagues away from him in almost every aspect imaginable; especially with major regards to charisma.

  • Hobo With A Shot Gun

    Love him or hate him he is still the best in the world

  • Peer Pressure

    Rock vs Ryback would’ve been better. I’m sick of Punk.

    • Hershey Maxwell Barber


      • Peer Pressure


        • G.I.R.L.

          No, Ryback isn’t that seasoned. It’s no good to pair Rock up with someone who can’t carry the opponent well in a match. Punk can carry and be carried flawlessly much like Rock.

          • Peer Pressure

            You make a good point. The Rock will probably be a little rusty when he steps in the ring, so he’ll need a solid worker like Punk to put on an awesome match with. Rock vs Ryback would be a sloppy mess. I’m just so sick of Punk dude.

  • Two Cents

    This brings to mind when Vince told Punk to go out there and make him proud. I’d say that Punk has done more than that. Even if from a different breed of star power that WWE has always looked at, it can’t be denied on how much Punk has accomplished and done for the company. In my opinion, if Cena is the face of the company, Punk is the backbone.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    I just hope they don’t have Cena vs. Rock 2 as main event title match for Mania.

  • raven

    Have ryback fight the champ after mania 29 on raw

  • WheresMyPyro???

    No the rock announced he wanted to win the WWE championship one more time the day after Wrestlemania. Get your facts straight

  • Iroquois308

    Cena wins the briefcase from ziggler, rock wins title from punk, Cena cashes in and takes it from rock. You heard it here first

    • Lorenzo Dozier

      They will not change the concept of the SmackDown Money in the Bank brief case. It’s made for the World title only not the WWE Championship.

  • My arms hurt

    Rock vs. Undertaker WM 29? Seem like a good idea?

  • Rick Yuhnke

    What I would do is have the Rock and Punk do at it, an excellent back and forth match, and then the Rock hits the rock bottm…Instead of pinning him, he leaves the ring for a 10 count. Punk keeps belt, Rock re-rockbottoms Punk, here comes Ziggler, Ziggler cashes in and a new champion…Punk vs Ziggler at Wrestlemania…

  • morrisonfanone

    This could be interesting, but I also like to see Punk vs. Taker. Either one works for me.

  • best in the world

    cm punk should fight taker at mania

  • brad hollins

    If punk was really that good raw wouldn’t be experiencing its worse ratings in years. Only you idiot iwc nerds think he is any good.

    • xavo

      well you can’t make a whole show good with just one person you idiot, it requiers all characters to be good, is not like hey the rock comes full time and suddenly the ratings will be better, just look at survivor series when cena vs rock happened, not a good buy rate huh… idiot

      • Vinnie

        LOL @ you calling him an idiot twice. You must be one of those iwc nerds he’s talking about. Did he offend you and hurt your feelings talking trash about CM Punk? I suggest you grow up and be a man, and let people have their own opinions. I also suggest you stop kissing Punk’s ass and stop swinging on his junk. And don’t reply me any insults like a little sissy coward bitch. Be a man! I’m not going to read it anyway though.. LOL. Learn from what I said, and behave yourself son!

  • j

    I know it’s story line and Vince has Final Say about Punk holding title for over a year, and breaking all these streaks… as to set up a Super Match with Rock…

    But the Problem is a he’s a Paper Champ, cheats to win and they are trying to Pass him off as A cleaner PG version Stone Cold 2.0. Who is this clown Punk. In this PG era, he or Cena, I mean Hogan 2.0, couldn’t hold Stone Cold, Rock, HBK, HHH jock let alone beat them. Thats the reason ratings are sinking WWE is losing it’s core fan, THE ATTITUDE ERA Fan because WWE went Soft.. except at events like Wrestlemania when they bring out the Stars

  • Roland Proffitt

    he fn sucks

  • Roland Proffitt

    byback will put him through the table like he did last night

  • Eo

    too bad rock now YOU gotta wait til wrestlemania