Backstage News On Jack Swagger’s Status For WM29, New Colter-Swagger Videos

– Jack Swagger was actually scheduled to win the World Heavyweight Title from Alberto Del Rio at WrestleMania 29, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. WWE’s creative team has met several times this week to discuss how to deal with the fallout of Swagger’s DUI and drug arrest on Tuesday night.

If Swagger is in fact pulled from the WrestleMania World Heavyweight title match, he’ll lose out on a big WrestleMania payday (upwards of $250,000) and Dolph Ziggler will probably get the title shot on April 7th.

– WWE has released three new promos from Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter via Zeb’s “We The People” YouTube channel:


“Political Correctness”:


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • James

    Why would WWE release new Swagger and Zeb videos if he was going to be pulled from WM? That makes no sense.

    • K P

      They don’t generally do things that make sense, and the people that are paid to sit and upload videos to YouTube probably don’t know what’s going on. They’ve probably got several videos and a list of days to upload them.

      • James

        Ok so why is Glenn Beck now going to appear on RAW and why is Jack Swagger on the front page of WWE is obviously going forward with the feud, dumbass. I’ll wait for your smartass response.

        • K P

          At the time I did not know that they had invited Glenn Beck to appear on RAW. It was an opinion. You seem to take this all a little bit too seriously.

          • James

            I apologize if I am taking this too serious but I am sick of the hate for Swagger. I know he made a dumbass mistake, but you know what Jericho was arrested once for punching passengers in a cab and noone calls him an idiot. Also, I am pissed that one of my favorite WWE wrestlers made an idiotic mistake that might cost him his push. Sorry I didn’t mean to be sound like an ass.

          • K P

            I’m as pissed off as you, I’ve said that before. I’m a fan of Swagger and with Colter in his corner, it completes him as a character.

            I don’t hate on the guy, he made a mistake, plenty have and plenty will. He didn’t hurt anyone, that’s all that really matters.

          • lunchbox87

            he made a mistake and should pay for it .. not just given a slap on the wrist drinking while intoxicated is a bone head move that puts ppl in danger .. my cousin is paralyzed from the neck down from some dumbass who got in his car drunk and hit her

          • Mr_DJ

            Swagger was high, not drunk. Still a bonehead move regardless, but there is a distinction.

    • cappa37

      He will not get pulled. These are WWE rule and they can bend and twist them however they like. Like I said in another post: I would be shocked if WWE doesn’t just turn a blind eye to this whole thing. They are too close to Wrestlemania and this character is too hot to drop now.

    • Billy Guthrie

      Swagger is one major idiot for this. Smoke weed all you want no big deal just don’t drive while under the influence. Have ADR hurt him in the match then he can be kept off tv while he “heals”. then come back after 30 days problem sorted

    • Just FYI

      WWE will go through with their plans regardless.

    • Knightrider80

      To be honest i see this panning out as swagger and del rio will be facing off at mania unless swagger gets sent down hard in which dolph deserves that match at mania, but if swagger does not go down he will win the belt and as punishment for his dumbass mistake, dolph ziggler out of nowhere will storm the ring beat the hell outta swagger to an inch of his life and cash in his MITB case to win the world title for a 2nd time.

  • SOBI

    Put in a HEEL Orton Vs Del rio
    or Mark Henry or Christian.
    have a Ziggler vs Jericho and let Jericho win for a change
    ziggler can cash in MITB later that night .

  • James
  • GodsLoyalSon

    Swagger truly made a stupid decision, the fact that he robbed himself outof his best push and a world title run is deplorable. All the guys that came in WWE never once got a world title shot yet this guy is being built to get it and he ruins it. I hope he redeems himself and does get a world title run but not now.

  • ATLien

    The next video he should release needs to be about how stupid it is to drive under the influence like a dumb ass.

    • My arms hurt

      I think that if they want ‘atomic’ heat, they should release a video saying that in “Jack Swagger’s America” it would be legal. They’re already doing the stupid redneck gimmick, might as well go full on dumb-ass redneck. (In case someone takes offense to my redneck comment, I’m from Iowa, so it’s the pot calling the kettle ‘redneck’.)

  • K P

    I could see him winning it at ‘Mania and then Ziggler cashes in straight after the match. You know, make everyone forget about Swagger, then Ziggler and Del Rio feud for a while and Swagger jobs to both on TV.

  • Marvin B.

    Ohhhhh shit.

    You know you done fucked up right – Menace 2 Society

  • Lord Spliffmeister

    So we lose Swaggers push but get a Ziggler push instead?? Sign me up!! XD

  • Best Comment


  • Rodriquez Antonio

    Poor Jack…Catch catch a break!

  • Carlito8

    Ziggler is destined to be champ, not swagger

  • Trevor

    I MUCH rather see Ziggy get the shot, but I have nothing against Swagger

  • mcfc mike

    jacob you let yourself, your country,and the entire wwe universe down .i guess you are a REAL american after all lol.

  • Hitmanaic

    I know the being a racist gimmick is old, but I love them. These guys are so easy to really hate. Even though it is obviously scripted and intended to annoy people, I fell into it on the last one when they were talking about America’s right to their country (which they stole) and their language (which they also stole). To be honest, Swagger can smoke as much weed as he wants IMO. He’s great in the ring and this gimmick is one of the best things on WWE TV for a while.

  • TrueFan

    All I know.. is if Swagger has to do some sort of jail time.. he’s gonna get swagged by Latinos, Asians and Blacks lol. Not that its funny.. well.. no its not. But these ‘We the People” skits have been pretty harsh lol. entertaining though

    • Marc Espinoza

      Swaggers a beast, no one would dare fuck with him in jail

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    The weed he got arrested for, was probably grown by Mexicans.

  • Swaggers Lisp

    These promos just suck and they had to put a mouth piece with Swagger due to his lisp. Not sure if it is dental work or what but when he talks I change the channel.

  • dae

    Personally, I think I would write him out for the next 60 days (or whatever so he can do the wellness protocol) and give the five other Elimination Chamber match participants a second chance in an over the top challenge or a traditional gauntlet match (randomly select the first two, winner takes on the next challenger until all five have participated).

    • moose

      I don’t think this is such a bad idea, but at the same time I don’t see them coming on television and actually acknowledging this. I can’t hear Josh Matthews in my head saying “Well folks, Swagger’s suspended for 60 days due to the wellness policy, so here’s what we’re gonna do”. Although personally, i’d like to see that, because regardless of everyone’s feelings on legalization, usage, etc., blowing trees and getting behind the wheel is just dumb.

  • Michael Szewczyk

    Dolph Ziggler can only win when he will cash in the money in the bank, it is that obvious.

  • JamieEvsxx

    you could have Swagger just lose and then have Ziggler cash in on Del Rio tbf…because that way we can get the match over and done with since it’s already been booked and we don’t really want another Survivor Series situation where they just completely change things and make previous events pointless, so just finish the storyline up at Mania then they can just punish Jack or whatever, plus then that’d give Ziggler a feud with Del Rio for the title if they were to do that…=P

  • raVen

    the swagger flop continues.
    can’t wait till they bring him back in 10yeas as lord toak-si

  • Jose Cordova

    Just give him a slap on the wrist lol And it’s MoveOn

  • omega riddler

    From what I’ve heard the punishment from WWE would be a $25,000 or Suspension. And if Swagger competes at WrestleMania he gets something like $250000. What WWE should do is go through with the storyline but cut the pay by 75% so he would only receive around $62500 payday from Wrestlemania. Plus he has to lose the match at WrestleMania and win 2 PPVs later.

  • DigitalWWE

    These segments are entertaining

  • Steven Harris

    I think they should just let swagger have the match and win the title. He’s a stupid idiot for doing what he did but if they suspend him/fire him it might send him to do worse things in the future, because hes just going to have it in his head “well i messed up once and they got rid of me why should anybody care if i do it again”, ive seen that many times with family members, they fuck up once and poeple just gave up on them and they then think they never gave me a second chance why bother, everybody deserves a second chance. If he does it again, damn right get rid of him, but just because he does it once, yes at the complete wrong time and hes an idiot for it dont hold it to the man for the rest of his career just because he did at the complete wrong time and the most important time of his career. Im pretty sure hes thinking to himself i wont do that again, but dont not believe in me, stupid mistake. If they give up now, who knows what will happen next, ive seen it before.

    • stormgreyeagle

      Fuck Swagger; he broke a serious law, whether under influence of alcohol prescription meds or pot; If the E turns a blind eye to this they lose fans forever

  • lunchbox87

    I would lose some respect for the WWE and Vince if they don’t pull him from Mania if it was just weed then i wouldn’t care but the dumbass got in a car drunk and put other ppl lives in danger hell no he should not get a big pay day and the title plus it sends the wrong message to the ppl in the locker room so suspend the guy take away his WM spot and give it to someone who has worked and not gotten in trouble

  • Randy

    The funny thing is that they’re telling the truth in these videos, yet they’re bad guys! Lol

  • Richard

    I have a question. Because of the Wellness Policy, isn’t he supposed to be suspended for violating it? You aren’t supposed to smoke weed a la RVD, Orton, and Bourne. So he may not be fired but he is supposed to be suspended. He won’t pass the drug tests.

    • Jason Kaetzel

      Actually Brian Kendrix stated a few years back that punishment for smoking weed is only a fine..

  • Sal

    After an excruciating match 25+ minute match, have Swagger hit the Gut-Wrench Powerbomb on Del Rio, getting the win. As Swagger lays on the mat, too exhausted and beat up to get up, have Ziggler’s music hit. Have him run down the ramp, into the ring, kick Del Rio out with a flurry of attacks, and cash in on Swagger and winning the title to an amazing pop. Ziggler wins, setting up a triple threat match for Extreme Rules. That would be very nice to see.

    • Cory Kraus

      LOVE this idea.

  • Jeremy Gordon

    I take it the person who wrote this forgot that being the MITB winner means you can cash it in after a wrestling match, so regardless of what happens with Swagger, Ziggler could get a WM match.

  • Reality

    Hope it happens so that the prediction I made months ago becomes true: Ziggler loses, cashes in to restart the match, wins clean.

  • Pozessed

    I hope Swagger still wins the title… Then let him drop it to Ziggler.

  • Chris Savage

    no no no don’t replace swagger with ziggler he already has mitb there is no need for it. he has the contract for a reason if that was the plan then they should’ve given the contract to either gabriel or tyson kidd. i mean come on people. i agree that it is a good thing that swagger finally got retooled but it’s not by much

  • jaryan

    weed for ppl lol

  • The SVG

    Fuck ziggler he sucks another miz run where they help him retain.

    • Marc Espinoza

      Ziggler sucks? Please get the fuck out of these wrestling discussions because you are a fucking moron.

  • Marc Espinoza

    I dont understand why his character is a heel? Everything Zeb Coulter has to say is true. Mexicans are coming over here illegally and working for pennies which is why so many Americans are out of work and if you are going to live in America, learn to speak English!!!

    • Markus

      As if you would work for pennies … I am not american, but espinoza doesn’t sound very american to me, now does it?

  • The Wrestling Scribe

    You can see Jack Swagger mouthing Zeb’s words on the autocue.