Backstage News On Rey Mysterio’s Wellness Violation

WWE announced last week that Rey Mysterio has been suspended for 60 days for his second violation of the company Wellness Policy, but the failed drug test actually took place back on February 13th. According to reliable sources and other reputable news sites,  Mysterio reportedly tested positive for amphetamines.

Rey showed up to the RAW Supershow on February 13th in San Diego and was informed that he had to take a drug test immediately. When he was informed about the failed drug test for¬†amphetamines, Mysterio was shocked and denied using the drug – swearing that he’s been living a clean lifestyle.

Rey believes he failed the test because of a medication he took that caused the positive for amphetamines. WWE did not buy his story as they went public with the failure last week.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • pwnez

    If/when Rey comes back to the WWE, he should start thinking of a good way to retire. He just doesn’t do much for me anymore.

    • Elgwyn

      He’s done a good job elevating Cody Rhodes’ status. I think he should do the same before he hangs it up. He could help Ziggler. Geez! Mysterio’s got nothing to prove anymore. His career was great. It’s just a pity that Mysterio-Cara feud won’t take place.

      • Andrew Campbell

        Sin Cara vs. Rey Mysterio would be a kickass match.

        • 197921998

          They call this abuse?!

          • Jager1017

            i think what happens is people try to collapse the comments ’cause some of them get cut off and to read them they need to do that. where the collapse button WAS is now a drop down menu to flag as inappropriate.. i’m thinking mostly accidental, or 8 year old wrestling fans who don’t wanna hear the truth

          • DAX

            No you got to confirm that you want to flag the comment. The fact that mostly pwnez, me, you and Bushwald get flagged speaks for it self.

  • vorhees666

    I stopped caring about Rey a long time ago. He’s only one more bad knee injury away from retiring anyways.

    You can’t be called in “underdog” in every match that you do. If he can take down bigger guys on a regular basis, you lose “underdog” status.

    • Seth Bob

      Holy hell, somebody else finally said it! That’s exactly how I feel about his character. It’s old & annoying.

  • Andrew Campbell

    It’s sad to say, but I think Rey’s days in WWE are numbered. With his countless injuries he should really retire, but I could easily see Rey ending up in TNA someday.

    • GreatRedBeard

      Not going to happen. Once he retires he’ll get a legends deal to prevent him from doing exactly that.

    • pwnez

      I highly doubt Rey would make a jump to TNA. If he retires due to injuries then he wouldn’t want to go to another company such as TNA to compete.

      • Elgwyn

        Spot on. If Rey does retire, I see him being inducted in the HOF and have a legend’s contract. I think he’ll get more from merchandise sales compared to the actual earnings he’ll get if he jumps to TNA.

      • Andrew Campbell

        That’s the thing, I don’t see Rey retiring just yet. I think if he has a few more years left in him and a limited schedule, he would make the jump in a heartbeat.

  • Team Awesome

    Family should be Rey’s # 1 priority at this point & his health is important as well. By now he has done everything there is to do for the WWE. Including his WCW/ECW Days, figure out a way on how to retire and make sure you include 1 match with Sin Cara before you leave all together.

  • Romulus Von Flex

    What the wrestlers don’t get is that they can test for all the new designer stimulants now as well. they can check for properties of chemicals instead of just the chemical itself.

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    Like I said before, he should come back for a couple months, put someone over, and retire. There are plenty of young talented guys who would benefit from that. Like others have said, there is nothing more for him to do. No one wants to see him as champion, and he’s already held tons of titles. Not to mention there can’t be much more his bones can take. One more knee injury could keep him in a wheelchair for good. He needs to hang up the boots before anything like that can happen.

  • Jeffery Boyd

    Rey and Evan Bourne should just jump to TNA or ROH and get put over till Vince wants em back…Example:Christian….

  • EMun

    Isn’t this the 2nd time he’s adamantly denied drug use and blamed it on prescriptions? Cry wolf much, Rey?

  • Edwin Guevara Ramos

    Oh Rey can you pee!

  • kquickstillsucks

    LOL abusive, abusive, abusive. SESCOOPS PLEASE go back to old comment section.

    • m8h3r

      I think this is a valid comment. *Clicks “Flag as inappropriate”*

  • JamieEvsxx

    isn’t the whole “prescribed medication” thing Mysterio’s excuse all the time ?…=P…but yeah…the way this article’s written is like someone on the Jeremy Kyle Show who’s just got busted on the Lie Detector Test…makes me lol…xD

    • m8h3r

      “Come back after the break for Evan Bourne’s Lie Detecter Results”

      • JamieEvsxx

        lmfao…xD…I read this earlier when I was out bored shitless and it really made me chuckle…xD…”They asked if Evan Bourne consumed synthetic marijuana recently and he said no………test results say you’re a DIRTY LITTLE LIAR !!!” (crowd goes “oooooooooooooo”)…xD

        • m8h3r

          *Vince walks to the backroom in a huff*

          • JamieEvsxx

            lol…awww man I’d actually love it if they did a WWE version of Jeremy Kyle…xD

  • kngihtpryde

    I once took a drug test and tested positive for amphetamines, but I personally have never taken them. I was on welbutrin & zoloft at the time and I spoke to my doctor and he said both those meds could cause a false positive.

  • Scott Kinnard

    Many different medicnes can make you test positive for amphetamines even if you don’t take them. With all of Rey’s surgeries, it’s possible he is taking certain pain medicines- if you mix that with other medicines, you will test positive for amphetamines. His story is plausible…

  • TheresProgressNow

    “So sorry my5lb Yorkie has been on here tonight,they get so shitty with those that fuck with those that feed them….He said lick his balls.” lmao Kevin Nash has shacked up with Chyna!!