Backstage News On RVD’s WWE Return, Details On His Contract, More

As previously noted, Sunday night at WWE Payback, WWE announced the return of Rob Van Dam at the upcoming Money In The Bank pay-per-view in July.

Paul Heyman, The Miz & More Comment On Rob Van Dam’s WWE Return

According to reports, Van Dam will be working a limited schedule, and won’t be on the road full-time.

Additionally, RVD’s contract is said to be a short-term deal.



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  • Corey

    At first I wasn’t very excited about RVD coming back. But the possibility of an RVD Vs Daniel Bryan or CM Punk.match or an RVD vs members of the Shield match are pretty exciting for me.Unfortunately I’m sure we’ll get an RVD vs HHH match.

    • AVPredator4985

      Eh, I’m not gonna complain. I’d still watch it

    • TotalNonstopAddict

      I assume you’re using “match” as a metaphor for “HHH parade of greatness”.

  • onse

    my guess is that Rvd comes in for 3-4 months, puts over some superstars and leaves

    • Cronion2415

      Sounds about right lol….

  • Jordan

    Just Imagine a RVD – Ziggler match! The bumps will be insane!

    • mrchopper

      RVD vs. The Ryback in a “Who Wears These Spray-painted Leotards Better” match.

    • Andres0082

      We can have a faction with Swagger and RVD, imagine a match between The Shield and Team 420.

      • IKeepsit100

        or leotards vs Metal Gear uniforms

    • Nicolai

      That’s what I’m sayin! Or against Bryan!??? Too bad wwe is partially retarded and will probably have him feud with TENSAI.

  • Al Cutillo

    i hate it when WWE announces there big singing and only have him on a limited contract that makes no sense, yeah there going to make money for like a month or two but after when RVD leaves there not going to make that much money. so WWE i the long run are herting them selves.

    • BrahmaBullRKO

      If they put him in a high-profile feud and have whoever he’s up against go over him, then it could very well be a good thing.

      • Al Cutillo

        yeah i know its a good thing.. then what wait a year later to do the same thing like the rock and john cena, and yes i know they could extend his contract but on another limited contract

    • Progress_Now

      it’s only a test run to see how RVD can handle the WWE stuff this time round. didn’t Brock Lesnar sign up for only a year at first? he liked it enough and got a contract extension. who’s to say the same won’t happen with Robbie?

  • Rhawk

    I’m okay with this so long as we say see him in a World Heavyweight Title match down the road. Maybe putting over some of the other guys who need it, and then bring him back to do the same thing if they ever need it to happen.
    I can somehow see RVD VS Bray Wyatt happening somewhere down the line.

  • ddp

    lmfao @ ppl ejaculating to rvd-punk, rvd-ziggler, bottom line these matches are not gonna draw a single dime.

    • IKeepsit100

      Go back into your hole boy. I’d rather see RVD in WWE 10/10 over TNA 1/10. He will never shine in TNA. He’s over with WWE fans. Paul will even boost it 20x more.

      • Bushwald Sexyface

        He could have shined in TNA…if he had given 100%.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    What is up with the absurd moderation on this site?

  • Liz DiGregorio

    I don’t care if he is part time or full time , personally doesn’t matter who he feuds with. Would love to see him go one on one with Triple H or anyone else in the back. Welcome back RVD!

  • Randy

    RVD vs Justin Bieber

    • Progress_Now

      I would actually pay to see dat

  • raven

    they brought him back to give cena the redemption win over him.
    2013 is all about making john cena hhh. bury all and do whatever it takes to avenge every loss you have ever had!

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Except Hunter didn’t bury everyone.

      • raven

        no not everyone..just everyone who wasn’t hbk, nash, x-pac, hall or taker.

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          That comment is hilarious. You, apparently, believe everything you ever read on the internet and don’t or didn’t actually watch wrestling over the past 15 years.

    • Cronion2415

      So does HHH revenge his Undertaker loss?

      • raven

        three WM paydays, co-Main Event spots, the 20minute promos each week of raw leading u to mania… yeah he did pretty well on those.

  • Jayden53092

    Jericho vs RVD or RVD vs Bryan. do it WWE or die.

    • Cronion2415

      I would kill to see RVD vs. Bryan!!! That would be the ultimate!!! lol…

  • VICE

    I’m a huge RVD mark… but since when can he pass a drug test?

  • Stoops Nic

    So glad it’s not a one and done deal. He can really help to elevate some of the talent.

  • Bobby

    Does his contract have a pot-exemption clause?

  • Chris Pirolo

    bullshit these are not details. Just a damn sentence with no source.

  • Steve

    RVD is a weak shadow of his former self. i doubt he will feud with top stars after 2 month of his return. he will probably be given IC or US title and have some feuds with Miz, Barett or Kingston