Backstage News On The Finish To The Rock vs. CM Punk, Rock’s Media Appearances

The Rock and CM Punk were rehearsing their Royal Rumble match on Sunday afternoon in the hours leading up to the Royal Rumble. The finish was kept top secret from the rest of the WWE locker room – with WWE even hanging a curtain around the ring so nobody else would know what the finish would be.

Some CM Punk fans were upset that Punk was pinned after getting hit by the People’s Elbow, opposed to a Rock Bottom, which is a more devastating move. The reasoning behind this is that CM Punk was ranting about how the “people don’t matter,” so The Rock beat him with the People’s Elbow.

The Rock will give the WWE Championship a ton of exposure as he makes the media rounds to promote his upcoming movie releases in the months leading up to WrestleMania 29.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • currygoi

    They still keep the secret about what was good on that finish

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    “what the finish wuld be” wuld? lol do you guys ever spell check? I love this site but you guys need to work on that if you want to be a legit site people go to for news.

    • pwnez

      This site needs to do a bunch of stuff. Comments still get cut off, they need to proofread their articles before posting, take care of the trolls on here instead of blaming people who have nothing to do with it. Maybe more mods?

      • Lee Morris

        The comments thing seems to work in IE but not in Google Chrome, which is not great since only about 4 people use IE.

        • JamieEvsxx

          it’s weird, I use Google Chrome and on some pages it’s alright but others they get cut off and it’s really annoying…but unfortunately I’m not willing to use IE because it’s slow as fuck lol…xD

      • Jeremy-County Roberts

        Yeah the trolling gets old fast. They are always on your ass hardcore. I bet its the same guy on every account. You really should lock your doors and look into a restraining order.

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      Shut up Meg

  • Reality

    They could at least have made things more interresting. Punk should have kicked out of a rock bottom just to upset Rock, then lose to the People’s elbow. Because yeah, the ending sucked.

  • Batman

    After that killer promo about hooking Punk for the Rock Bottom and time stops in midair and he knows it’s over, the finish NEEDED to be a Rock Bottom!

  • Progress_Now

    could’ve easily done a Rock Bottom as opposed to the weak crappy ass spinebuster, then an elbow

    • EMPunk

      That’s how I finished matches in the games typically after saving up 2 finishers: Rock bottom followed by People’s elbow.

    • pwnez

      The elbow drop is just as weak as Hogan’s leg drop. The rock bottom would have been better.

      • Andrew Campbell

        Weak?? You try getting a 275 pound mans elbow driven into your chest. In reality it would break someones sternum.

        • Progress_Now

          lol it hardly touched him

          • Andrew Campbell

            lol It’s called being a safe worker, what did you want to happen? Have Rock actually kill Punk by driving his elbow into his heart with full force??!!

          • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

            Then we’d have Punk fans crying on here all the time…oh wait…

        • ryan

          you are delusional

      • asia carter

        and one doesn’t have to do with the other.hell punk finisher is just bad and people elbow been done million of time where was the out rage its problem cause your boyfriend punk wasn’t man enough to kick out of it.grow up and stop being so damn petty.

    • stayphokus


      • Logan Perley

        The Most Electrifying Move In All of Entertainment *FTFY

    • Chad

      the elbow was a shitty finish, but a spinebuster looks more painful than a rock bottom IMO.

      • Orestis

        A spinebuster from HHH or Batista perhaps,but The Rock’s spinebuster looks weaker than a punch!

        • raVen

          everything rock does looks weak as a kiss.
          such a large roided up man and zero impact on anything he does

      • Progress_Now

        if you’re Mae Young, that is. everything looks painful to her. even the Bronco Buster she gave Bischoff

    • Guest

      LOL but CM Punk almost got his ass kicked by Vince McMahon. So what wrong with him losing to an elbow plus Punk is just a midcarder compared to the Rock. In fact, Punk would be a jobber in the attitude era.

    • Andrew Campbell

      Dude, it’s wrestling. Alot of wrestling moves that we see on television would be considered weak in real-life, and then there are others that can legitimately break necks (F5 and Tombstone, I’m looking at you).

      And as for you calling the People’s Elbow being weak, a 275 pound man driving his elbow into your chest would break bones. Regardless, it’s still one of the most over finishers in WWE history, so Punk losing to it doesn’t hurt him atall. That very move has beaten Hogan and a long list of other superstars.

      • Progress_Now

        lol give me a break doooood, the elbow hardly touched him. besides Vince would like to maintain some degree of realism, otherwise what’s the point of having storylines or even wrestling?

        everyone would just go around beating each other with fingerpokes of DOOOOOOOM. you can actually win titles wit dat ya know

        • Guest

          Realism?? Oh yes, because Cena getting beat down for the first 20 mins of a match and then bouncing back with two lame shoulder blocks like a power ranger for an eventual win is veeery realistic.

          • Progress_Now

            lol what a retard, go back to your praying room before I sacrifice your cat to lord Satan

        • Andrew Campbell

          Realism?? Oh yes, because Cena getting beat down for the first 20 mins of a match and then bouncing back with a win after two lame shoulders blocks is veeery realistic, isn’t it?

          I like a degree of realism in wrestling, but I doubt it’s very high on Vince’s list of priorities.

        • 2muchfire

          ” Vince would like to maintain some degree of realism”
          1. santa made hornswoggle talk
          2. Mae young gave birth to a hand
          3. ADR drives in new 6 figure car every episode.
          4. Let’s not even talk about the evolution of Kane (can’t talk, burned,not burned, can talk with a device,can talk without device.
          Yeah Vinnie Mac keeps it real.

          • Progress_Now

            hey, noone said he’s good at it……

    • asia carter

      how you going to say the people elbow bad now but i bet your ugly ass wasn’t complaining when rock done this move and won with it alot time in attitude era.and what about punk GTS finisher that lame ass thing is nothing.all he doing is knees to someone face. wow that so awesome best finish inthe world NOT. so dont shit about one you not gonna say nothing about other.get the fuck over it he suck.the end

      • Progress_Now

        tried to use Google Translate to understand what the fuck you’re sayin……it said “error 30033: E.T. language”

    • tiran66

      Because it’s wrestling not MMA. In reality most finishing moves wouldn’t really hurt enough to keep you down for 3 seconds. It’s not like your getting dropped on concrete, you can see the ring bounce when the wrestlers walk around for petes sakes. The AA is no more devastating then a body slam from Big Show but you don’t see Big Show pinning anyone with a slam. The Zig Zag wouldn’t hurt. The Lionsault wouldn’t hurt. You have to use your imagination. The People’s Elbow is “driven” into your chest. With a man the size of the Rock you have to imagine that the wind would be driven out of your lungs preventing you from taking the breath necessary to power out of the pin. It’s entertainment people, not real fighting.

  • raVen

    the elbow killed the entire match. that fucking elbow..i’d rather see the worm or the cobra or the somoan spike or khali chop. the weakest looking dumb ass move in wrestling history! punk getting pinned after the elbow just made punk and everyone he has beaten the last 400+ days look weak.
    the whole fued was built on people don’t matter/yes they do huh? i remember the fued being built on punks hatred for dwayne walking in and getting title shots. i also remember “i will hook you, bring you up-and here you will realize it’s all over”
    i remember the rock bottom promo being MUCH better than anything they said about the fans do/don’t matter.
    worst finish to a great match since russo

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      Punk made himself look weak by never having a clean win

      • raVen

        yeah cause that was his choice…

  • L@NCE

    a blind man stuck in that curtain cud see the finish a mile off.

  • Frank


  • Sisisi!

    It’s not like the people gave him the strength to power up that elbow like a spirit bomb, how stupid.

    • Reality

      I guess it really is the concept behind the people’s elbow… lol

  • ddp

    punk looks like a crack head, not a champion. his reign was a joke, raw was boring the whole time he held the championship. he is a gr8 wrestler no doubt, but his so called pipe bombs are worse than rock’s same old catchphrases.

    • Progress_Now

      heel Punk is just boring as fuck, I completely agree. no originality whatsoever

    • Austin

      and rock looks like a roided up actor who couldn’t bother to get into ring shape, not a champion. Raw was boring, but Punk and Heyman would be the highlight. At least Punk would act like wrestling fans had a brain. Rock just keeps doing the same promo over and over and over again. Not to mention he panders to the crowd WAY to much in said promos Where’s the intense Rock. Where’s the Rock that was actually “electrifying”.

  • Fabian6sic6s

    He did get a rock bottom…on the damn floor.

  • 5er

    I prefer the video game finish where Punk beats the Rock and throws away the Cena WWE title and brings back the old Winged Eagle belt.

  • Nelson Carvalho

    cm punk should have kicked out of at least the people’s elbow and one rock bottom.its makes him more stronger.i mean his matches against other opponent he would kick out of their finishers.
    and finishing a match with the people’s elbow just bcause cm punk was ranting about how the «people dont matter» was just stupid.

  • Javo

    Why complaint so much,Hogan captured WWE Undisputed title from HHH with use Atomic Leg Drop,the worst thing from that much,The Rock used less moves,no Samoan Drop,People punch,need a lot practice again with his old fashion signature moves


    He should of used the peoples STRUDDLE

  • Haven?A Williams

    That’s like getting beat with a 5 Knuckle Shuffle

  • ryan

    I’ll say it: c.m. punk is the best. occasional rock is just crap.