Backstage News On Plans For Vince McMahon To Return To WWE TV In April


According to one source, is scheduled to return to WWE television as an active on-air character following in April.

While the plan all along was for McMahon to return leading into WrestleMania XXX, this news should be taken for what it is, considering the fact that despite actually being advertised to return multiple times, WWE kept deciding against bringing McMahon back as a regular television performer.

It should be noted, however, that is once again being referred to on-air as a “Principal Owner of WWE” again, which was the original terminology that was going to lead to Vince McMahon’s return.

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    • Vince McMahon

      don’t believe the dirt sheets

    • oppa

      Unless Shane is somehow involved, I’m not sure that I’ll care too much about this.

    • ibeBrave

      I’d rather see Vince McMahon than Stephanie And Triple H…. When i watch Vince i’m intrigued when i watch The Bury Couple I just get angry and bored

      • Aperture

        Just remember to keep on Bolieving…

        • GN-0015

          Epic. That’s super epic.

        • Daniel Bryan

          That’s terrifying :(

          • Aperture


            • Matt Gallagher


            • Daniel Bryan

              I may cry myself to sleep tonight after seeing this.

        • Pozessed

          Some genius has modified that picture amazingly.

        • FNMNYC

          Ha that’s hilarious

      • msk343

        haha they want you to get angry.. i think their combination works perfectly for the new era.. but the problem to me is that they always put down D-Bry and others but nobody puts them down properly in promo etc CM Punk could but he is no longer here… D-Bry just can’t put down HHH properly in a promo..

        • ibeBrave

          I meant the angry type of you want them off your tv because of the ego they have…. not because their heels

          • msk343

            that’s what it is to be a good heel… if you cheer for Rock in a Rock’s heel promo – that’s not being a real heel but really entertaining though… if you hate them, its working

      • tnicols

        bring back Shane McMahon; he is the one that should inherit WWE from Vince. This company has an tradition; passed from father to son, and it’s should continue that way.

    • Assmountain

      Good, have him get F5ed by Brock again.

    • matthew mah Lee

      Vince macmanyes

    • KickAss

      its always interesting to see vince Mcmahon on TV as regular performer.. his chemistry with Austin, Kurt was amazing & without shadow of doubt the best wrestling era. 1999-2003 …

    • Michael Torres

      We’ll have to wait and see if he actually does return to WWE, cause if not, lots of people will be very upset and disappointed in the stipulation .