Backstage News On How SmackDown Changing Nights Affects Other WWE Shows

As things stand right now, there is no official word from WWE as to how SmackDown moving to Thursday nights will affect the airing of the show in international markets.

The belief is that SmackDown in Canada will move to Thursday nights as well. Countries such as Australia and the United Kingdom have been getting SmackDown almost a day early and that may no longer be the case due to timing.

It’s also believed that due to the SmackDown time slot change, NXT, Superstars and WWE Network shows such as Legends House season two will be moved to a different night. Early speculation is that those shows would be moved to Wednesday nights.

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

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    • pwnez

      I may actually watch SD again when it moves to Thursdays.

    • DoubleD

      I just picked up thursdays at work.. Lol damnit

      • brad

        Do what I do record it and watch it the next day.

        • WCWJobber

          Its smackdown .. nothing newsworthy ever happens

    • Kappa4Life

      NXT moving to Wednesday… well, that’s the final nail in TNA’s coffin! LMAO

    • Ryan

      Does anyone “watch” smack down. Other than young kids that haven’t figured out it’s not live all the time I don’t know anyone that watches it. Records it maybe. But I record tna so if smack down is on that level is that a show Vince should be proud of? Smack down has become like that old show velocity. Anyone remember that show? Yeah that’s what I thought. Hahaha

      • UrbanHermit

        When the brand split was going on it was so much better. Now it’s just RAW replays + commercials, with the occasional segment from Main Event…another show that nobody gives a crap about.

      • Scott

        I watch SMackdown as often as i can. They usually have better matches there than on Raw.

    • jj

      it should not effect anything. wwe need to get raw , smackdown & nxt right & consistent before worrying about superstarts & the other spin off shows .
      id personally prefer wwe to cut superstars & the other shows & cut half the backstage & some in ring promos on raw & include these matches in the tapings so we can see a full 3 hours show & not 1 hr of wrestling , 1 hours of promos & 1 hour of commercials. wuldn’t it be nice?? wont happen as im sure wwe will make anther wrestling show soon to help fill the network up with more shows..

    • ddp

      we get it a day earlier in India too