Backstage News On Unique Contract Issues Between Rey Mysterio & WWE

As noted in the past, WWE automatically renewed Rey Mysterio’s contract for one more year due to a clause in the deal that allows WWE to renew deals if a talent has missed a certain amount of days due to injury. Mysterio, on the other hand, was under the impression that the two sides would be parting ways.

No one knows yet how things will end up between Mysterio and WWE, or if the two sides will end up fighting things out in court. Due to the fact that Mysterio is currently injured and hasn’t returned in time to fulfill that year as an active competitor, there is the possibility that WWE could automatically renew him for another year when his current deal is up in November.

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • Undertaker316

      hahaha rey mysterio as an active competitor for 1 year

    • TNA Live Crowd

      Damn just let the man retire. He’s had a hall of fame worthy career and has nothing left to prove or gain except a paycheck.

      • Drmgiver

        I agree, he is very good, but his body obviously can’t keep up with the only style he knows to do. If he has a downside to his contract, then he is only costing the company money.

      • Brian Ward

        If if were just retirement they might do it and just sign him to some sort of promotional thing. But didn’t he recently do a video where he hinted he’d be heading to AAA?

      • Pozessed

        Definitely, just let the guy have a role on the Spanish show or something.. Perhaps announcing?

      • Gotstodobetter

        What does that have to do with the wwe dummy…

      • Bully FU

        He doesn’t want to retire though he wants to go to AAA which is odd considering he’s injured. It makes you wonder how much time he’s missed because he legitimately can’t wrestle compared to how much he’s missed because he doesn’t want to be there anymore. There have been reports of him being unhappy in the WWE for years now and that once his deal was up he was leaving.

    • Land of the SMARKS

      Irony: Let go of younger wrestlers for budget reasons. Auto renew a contract because talent missed so many dates due to injury.

      • Hershey Maxwell Barber

        He makes them a crap ton of money for merchandise though. I believe he was in the top 3 when they last did a list of the top sellers.

        • Land of the SMARKS

          Trust me, I know why they keep him on. I grew up on Rey in ECW and WCW. The more he’s off TV, the less for sales on his merchandise. I would assume anyway. But, a smart point on your end.

      • Gotstodobetter

        Because this injury prone wrestler makes a better profit for the WWE sitting at home than those younger wrestlers.

    • Drmgiver

      Ok seriously? The business sense would say let him go. If he has a downside to his contract he obviously isn’t helping the company in any way shape or form.

      • Gotstodobetter

        He is helping the company by STILL selling a ton of merchandise even more than the the active wrestlers that have been there for years.

    • Scott Dorian Dancer

      if rey really wanted to be there he would. i dont know if he expressed to them his feelings about returning to the company, but it pretty clear he would like to move on and finish his career in AAA. i hope they can come together and resolve this issue. wwe and those music buisness slave contracts.

      • Pozessed

        Dude, unrelated but that pic of yours is so happy, it always makes me feel happier about my day, man, it like radiates joy, much respect bro!

    • Ouch

      Tbh, I know Rey isn’t physically up for it but I do want to see a retirement match, a passing of the torch. I’d love to see him loose to a heel and give that heel heat for retiring Rey Mysterio. Maybe feed him to the beast for his last match? Make it for the title?

    • The Man From Jonestown

      You might as well just cash the checks Rey. They aren’t letting you go.

      I’m not exactly sure why, though. I mean, you haven’t been relevant since like 2010.

    • danielrusso

      Rey sells masks to kids. That is why they won’t let him go. IF he was not a merchandise mover he would have been sent his walking papers years ago.

    • Dixie Carter

      Rey hasn’t been relevant since 2005. Like a decade ago. Just let the broken down hack go. He has legs like Kevin Nash. He gets up to do a shimmy and ends up needing reconstructive surgery.