Backstage News On How WWE Is Booking Paige, Reason They Are Doing It

Apparently WWE is booking Divas Champion Paige is a very specific way, with a design behind it. The feeling is she needs to connect with the WWE audience before competing in high-profile matches with top talent.

WWE is having Paige work with lower-level heels, such as Aksana and Alicia Fox, as a way to allow the fans to get to know her and have a reason to get behind her, before she advances into bigger matches, such as the one coming up with Tamina Snuka at Extreme Rules.

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  • Matt Boone

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    • Undertaker316

      why did wwe not have her debut as the anti diva? once again wwe wants to bury the divas division and have some boring feuds

      • Sigma ?

        The diva’s division was already 6 feet under a long time ago.

    • Paul Kersey

      “The feeling is she needs to connect with the WWE audience before competing in high-profile matches with top talent.”

      Then she had no business winning the belt in the first place.

      • Jacob Rael

        Yeah she did

        • Paul Kersey

          Belts should be used as a reward to performers that are over, not as a tool to (hopefully) get them over. There’s a reason why the Divas/IC/US/Tag belts are basically worthless.

          • gdaddy1971

            Not so. A title can be used to help try to get a new person over. Especially if they win it from a well established star.
            I don’t know if the WWE really wanted to bring her up quit yet because they didn’t really have anything planned for her. But when AJ requested time off, they used that as an excuse to bring her up and made that into her storyline. Don’t know if it was the best thing for her, but time will tell. Give her a little time before you start bashing her as terrible and undeserving.

            • Paul Kersey

              As Yoda once said “Do or do not, there is no try”. When WWE puts a title on someone to try to get them over, it’s usually a “do not” situation.

            • gdaddy1971

              Sheamus…The Shield…Big E…It can work if it is done right.

          • Phoenix Ramsey

            As far as the divas go, the belt has almost always been a tool to get women over. Ivory beating Lita for the title back in 2000 shortly after joining RTC as an example. Partly why they kept the title off Lita for so long. because she was already over without the title. I think it was right to give the title to Paige.

            • Cujo999

              Ivory had already been Women’s Champion twice before she beat Lita for the title as a member of RTC. It’s not even close to being the same thing. The big reasons the title was kept off of Lita for so long were that she was being used in other feuds and angles, Trish was getting a push, and then Lita broke her neck.

          • Mr. Beardsly

            I’ve always hated the notion that belts should be used as a “reward.” By that logic, whoever has been with the company the longest and has worked the hardest should be the champion. Guess Cena should have the title indefinitely until he retires. I mean, forget how hard he’s worked for how long with WWE, just look at his work with the Make a Wish foundation! That alone means he should be “rewarded” with the title, right?

            Belts are used to advance storylines and to get people over, period. Even if a “deserving” wrestler finally wins the title, that’s just a storyline. Any wrestling promoter on the planet–old school or new–would laugh at your statement. It’s about what is going to generate the most heat, tell the best story, and sell the most tickets; not who’s the most “deserving.” I’m sorry, but your’s is a ridiculous statement.

            • Paul Kersey

              Did you read anything i wrote before typing your IWC rant? I never said deserving = tenure in the company. Deserving to me means the character is over and can draw.

              Think back when the IC title meant something. Guys like Savage, Warrior, Rude, Hennig, etc were already over before they won the belt. It was given to them as a reward for being over, which made the belts prestigious because they we usually only on guys that people care about.

              What about any of the secondary titles in recent years as you said “generated heat” and “sold tickets”? Nothing, which is why they’re worthless.

              And let any promoter “laugh at my statement”. That’s why all of them but one can’t draw flies. And the one that can has titles that are essentially worthless, with ratings that are a fraction of what they used to be. So as a fan from the 80s/90s (you know, when wrestling was good), I laugh at them.

            • Mr. Beardsly

              Well, I’m a fan from the 80’s/90’s myself, and if you are going to argue that WWE aren’t doing enough with the IC and US belts, and that the fans don’t care about them like they should, then you’ll get no argument from me. But I think that’s more just a matter of not promoting the belts enough or making a big enough deal of them than putting them on the wrong people. I don’t think there is anything wrong with putting the belt on someone who isn’t yet “over” per se. Sure, it’s a gamble, but it just needs to be booked right and it could pay off. In Paige’s case, I actually think it was booked pretty well. I know it was the first time I can remember actually caring about the Diva’s belt.

              When you say “reward,” I can’t help but think about arguments I’d have with net smarks as far back as the mid to late 90’s, who would always moan about how their darling(s) has “paid his dues” and so should be champion. That just always seemed like a ridiculous position to take, and one that ignores how wrestling is supposed to be viewed by its audience.

            • Stephen

              I’d say you are half right.
              Traditionally, the top title would be awarded to the man who will sell the most seats, or to the opponent of the man who will sell the most seats. So Bryan holding the title right now is not because he earned it, but more because the WWE are going to cash-in on his popularity.
              The tag tittles and secondary title were created and given to the individual who the promotion felt would put on the best wrestling match, and please the crowd. Unfortunately WWE forgot their purpose and has started using them props, like you mentioned. Every once and while though, over the last 25 years, WWE remembers the titles purpose and we get series like we did with Austin, Rock, and Triple H or with Jericho, Angle, and Benoit.

          • ibeBrave

            When is a belt supposed to look like a award we know its scripted but they made it feel real….there was a challenge….paige accepted…..Paige overcame the odds as a rookie…..beat aj and got one of the biggest divas crowd pops in the last seven years….WWE made this look real as it could get….. she actually BECAME champion …not Awarded

      • Taiana Aubrey

        My sentiments exactly. The same thing happened to Gail Kim and we all know how that turned out.

        • Phoenix Ramsey

          Gail Kim was also green at the time (she even admitted) and wasn’t very charismatic. Fortunately now she is one of the most respected women’s wrestlers still working (and rightfully so). Paige has been wrestling for nearly a decade. She is a more solid storyteller than Gail was back in 2003. Plus she has the IT factor and Gail Kim was too exotic. WWE didn’t know what to do with her.

          • Taiana Aubrey

            Ok. We’ll see how far she goes since she has the “IT” factor…

            • Phoenix Ramsey

              Farther than Gail did in WWE. She’s seen as something special. The ball was dropped on Gail rather quickly.

            • Taiana Aubrey


          • Cujo999

            Paige has very little going for her in either the charisma or it factor department, as well. She gets zero pop and can’t work the crowd. I don’t know where in the heck you get that Paige has it factor, unless you consider abstaining from the use of spray tan it factor.

            • gdaddy1971

              I don’t know what you have been watching then. Paige has been getting plenty of pop from the crowd.

            • Cujo999

              That crowd is dead during her matches, dude. She gets a little pop when her music hits, but that’s about it.

      • Puppet H

        True. WWE should learn from their mistakes before they turn Paige into another Gail Kim. Gail Kim had no business in winning the title and WWE turned her into a jobber.

      • Leather Face

        She needs to take off her belt…and trousers

    • Puppet H

      That’s good for the divas development as well. It makes the heels get more TV time and some ring work and makes Paige get new fans. You don’t want Paige to jump and start facing the top divas so soon as when those feuds are over, what will she do next? Not doing that will make her get repetitive matches like Cena and Orton especially with the lack of storylines in the divas division. I don’t understand why they made her a “Gail Kim” in winning the title if this was the plan. Because they could have had Tamina shockingly attack her from behind or something like that, I feel like they rushed it by wanting to please the RAW crowd after Wrestlemania

    • Patrick

      I wasn’t aware that the divas had that much depth to their division with different levels of heels and faces.

      Probably because I was always in the washroom when their matches came on.

      • Daniel Vasquez


        • Judd603

          lmao XD

      • Phoenix Ramsey

        Missed out on some good matches. Especially lately.

        • scott

          No he really hasn’t

          • Wawesome88


          • Phoenix Ramsey

            Sorry you feel that way. Aj/Nattie was awesome, and Paige has taken Aksana to two of her best matches just in the last two weeks. Stay negative.

            • Jamie

              Paige vs Aksana was one of the worst diva’s matches I’ve seen in years.

            • scott

              Okay if you thought that then youre entertained easily. So congrats those matches were awful, slow and boring theres a difference between long and good

            • Stephen

              I really hate people you parade around on wrestling sites and call themselves fans. A true fan would know that slow doesn’t equal boring. There is an art to crafting a slower paced, more technical match, which only speeds up at key points during the bout, if at all. Unfortunately, most ‘fans’ don’t have the appreciation for these stories, and would rather a match filled with spot monkeys and false finishes.
              On a different note, a finisher should end the match if it hits, 95% of the time. And remembering that not all matches need to end with a finisher either. Kicking out a finisher should only happen in a handful of matches a year, where a championship is on line, and the two sides involved have been feuding for several months.

            • scott

              If making fun of the sorry a$$ divas including Paige makes me not a fan of wrestling then I guess I’m not a fan. That was a slow, boring, untechnical match. And since you brought up finishers does that mean when everyone gets put in that crappy Russian Leg Sweep special that Paige does everyone should get pinned out I don’t think so. Speaking of feuding like I said the last time the divas had a feud was AJ/Kaitlyn. Before that you have to go back 10 years it seems. I am a true fan of wrestling but no matter which girl they throw to the fire I see all the divas the same. A bunch of untalented, uncoordinated, hot clowns who comes out and embarrass themselves on tv night in and night out with plenty of botches for me to laugh at

            • gdaddy1971

              Then you obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

            • Cujo999

              A slow match is not necessarily a bad match. However, that was not a great match between Paige and Aksana. It was a decent match, but by no means great. There was terrible storytelling at the end. Aksana is dominating for most of the match, and she gets hit with a knee and has to oversell it like crazy and play dead to set up Paige’s finisher? Come on. Being honest, I think too many people are getting caught up in what Paige represents[“real wrestler,” alternative looking] and not being objective in her performance. Wanting Paige to be good is not same thing as Paige actually being good.

            • Pozessed

              Last good divas match in my eyes was Kaitlyn Vs AJ. A lot of the divas matches have been rubbish and filled with huge fails, the only good thing about Paige’s matches so far is her submission move.

          • Randy James Crawford

            Yes he has.

            • scott

              Again…no he hasn’t missed out on any good matches

    • ProtVulg

      Facing other top talent? Like who? She already faced AJ.

      • G.I.R.L.

        Yes, but it’s yet to turn into an actual feud like Kaitlyn v AJ, Trish v Lita, Chyna v Lita, Trish v Mickie. WWE is really looking to turn the divas into characters with actual depth.

        • scott

          Yea they completely show it. Funny the only feud you had on that list that’s been in the past 10 years was AJ vs Kaitlyn. The divas division is dead. Bringing in Paige isn’t going to change that especially with AJ gone. That’s just like oh lets have 1 diva worth something and then trade her in because now another one needs a break. Naomi unfortunately got injured at just the wrong time and that still angers me but its perfectly clear they’ve already moved on despite the fact that sorry a$$ Aksana is the reason she got hurt in the first place

    • Gotstodobetter

      Unless they start caring about the divas division as an whole because those 3 minute no story line bathroom break matches isn’t going to help anybody there.

    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      Paige connects alright…….she connects with my pen*s

    • kristcorekilla

      Tamina is lacking on so many levels. Its a shame her first high profile match is with that lumbering oaf.

    • Frank

      Uh? WWE does rezive that Tamina Snuka NOT a big star herself right!? She never won diva title and before AJ lose it she was AJ bodyguard! And she only getting title shot b/c AJ left to take sometime off! The only good diva worry her time are both currently babyfaces Namoi and Natakta!

      • Mizturbator

        Namoi being Rene Dupree’s neighbor’s niece and Natakta being Tatanka’s chief’s granddaughter. Even still, they are all on the same talent level.

      • scott

        No they don’t realize that. Tamina is one of the worst divas she cant even do her own finisher correctly

      • gdaddy1971

        That is the problem. AJ requesting time off really left them in a bind because there really isn’t anybody left to run with the title. They have to push somebody and at least Tamina has a pedigree that they can use to promote her. The only one really deserving of the title at the moment is Natalya. Not sure why they don’t seem to trust her with it. Naomi is just worthless and all the others are even worse.

        • Mr_DJ

          It’s because Natalya is dull. Talented, but dull.

    • Reality

      Maybe they should stop killing Emma’s career and have real plans for her too, cauz you know, she can actually wrestle and connect with fans easily

      • GlitchEffect

        I think the Santino Marella character is cheap, but the guy is certainly an entertainer, if only to kids and their moms. But, pairing ANYONE with Santino means they are in for a dismal beginning. One Santino is enough, there’s no use for a female counterpart.

        • Reality

          You can have one female counterpart. It’s not a bad idea at all. Santino is actually a valuable asset to WWE. But… Just don’t put a really good wrestler/diva that can kick ass (despite a goofy character) in that role!

    • Summer Rae Dudley

      How the f*ck was I supposed to know Fox is a heel, my god does she have a hourly period or something?

    • Taiana Aubrey

      Hopefully she won’t suffer from the Gail Kim affect. She made her debut winning the title and went down hill.

    • Game4play3

      I hope the wwe continues to put this much care in their divas Division I see alot of good things coming from this.

    • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

      Paige is already a fan favorite.

    • wwe

      top talents? there arent any good ones.

    • Judd603

      If they had any brains they’d feud paige with emma, think about their history, they were both finalists in the nxt women’s title tournament (which Paige won), they could start a good rivalry off that on raw, emma challenging paige to prove she can be a champion. I honestly think Paige and Emma are a big part of the future of the divas division, they just need to stop emma’s ridiculous storyline with santino.

    • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

      She looks like an exotic fish in that picture in the article.

    • Chris Savage

      i wan’t aware that alicia fox was even a serious competitior any more

    • Scott Dorian Dancer

      well watching her get her ass kicked the whole match without doing one offensive move till the end does not make me side with here it just confused the hell out of me. if anyone looked strong it was alicia fox who woman handled her. member when they had kid collin delaney? at least he put up a fight. this girl does nothing then a finisher. which should not be as strong after the beating she just took. not a big fan of suppressing talent.

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      It’s not working you can’t have her face the same two people and say it’s going to get people to like her if anything they will turn because it’s the same damn thing every night.