Backstage News On WWE Planning To Add A New Member To Evolution

As previously reported, there has been discussion about adding another member to the Evolution faction in WWE. The key Superstar being considered for a future spot in the group is WWE United States Champion Sheamus. As noted, Sheamus is likely turning heel in the future, so he would fit into the group seamlessly based on story lines.

It’s being said that if WWE were to add Sheamus to Evolution, that it would be done when Batista does eventually take his hiatus to do movie promotional work.

Sheamus Blasts ‘Dirt Sheet Heroes’ & ‘Interwebbers’


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  • Undertaker316

    he should join so we dont have to see super sheamus win every match

  • Wolf Haley

    excellent news, its good for Sheamus to have direction, plus it adds even more reason for Sheamus and Bryan to feud

  • JonnyBGood

    Should be Barrett not Sheamus…Barrett=FUTURE!

    • SOBI

      The Article says that the new member will Join when Batista is taking time off
      Batista was the power house so its possible that the replacement would be aswell

  • Marko

    I would love to actually see Cody Rhodes in the new Evolution as the promising future talent. After he feuds with Goldust, it should be Cody’s time. Cody is FUTURE!

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Sheamus in Evolution? Gezz WWE why don’t you just add a 4th member to The Shield and have it be Santino Marella while you’re at it.

    • Tyrant


    • IKeepsit100

      Be careful what you wish for…

    • Aperture

      Turn Santino back into his old gimmick “Boris Alexiev” and he can join whoever he likes….

      • RyanStewart2007

        Boris vs angle.

      • Pozessed

        I would have liked that Rusev guy to have a similar gimmick to this.. He has the whole unstoppable dude thing but just needs to talk like one.

      • bummed1

        I really hate his clown character. Doesnt belong in pro wrestling. Going to ruin Emma along with himself.

      • stevenyoung79

        Is that silly arm lock supposed to be more painful than the cobra?

    • pwnez

      Somewhere in the world, Bushwald Sexyface is marking out……

    • CO


  • RoA1998

    really thought it should’ve been someone such as Curtis Axel as his father was Mr Perfect Curt Hennig (hint Evolution) father then the son!

  • sss

    Cody Rhodes or someone totally unknown from NXT. I like sheamus but he gains absolutely nothing by joining up with evolution.

    • omega riddler

      If Cody Rhodes joins Evolution, he might as well walk out to the Legacy theme again

      • Marvin Snicker

        Cody Rhodes is a total joke.

    • Fazzax

      A complete unknown probably wouldn’t go down that well. I think someone Cody’s level but not necessarily him (too much like Legacy). I love the Barrett idea.

  • fatneal

    i dont mind sheamus joining at all…my issue is who represents the future in evolution?

    • bambam’s ghost

      Sheamus is awful. Ziggler would be perfect!!!

      • Gotstodobetter

        Zigger is awful. Hornswoggle would be perfect!!!

        • Thomas A Marcoux Sr.

          The most perfect person to join evolution would be DOINK the clown

      • Brandon Burton

        Ha. Sheamus is far better than Ziggler. Let’s see who has the advantage where; Mic Work: Sheamus in a landslide, Charisma: Sheamus slight advantage, Look: Sheamus in a Landslide, In-Ring Storytelling: Push, Ring Work in General: Sheamus slight advantage, Selling Ability: Ziggler by far. The result is that Sheamus is clearly the better all-around wrestler.

        • rhodesfan101

          wait ur joking, right. you think sheamus pale ass has a better look than ziggler

          • Brandon Burton

            Do I think Sheamus has a better look and physique than that bleach-blonde Mr. Perfect wannabe? Yes, I do.

        • bambam’s ghost

          you must be watching another show on monday nights. charisma??? I guess you enjoy the word fella.

        • stevenyoung79

          Your nuts.

          • Brandon Burton

            I’m nuts? I’M NUTS? Last time I checked, I wasn’t one of those people that drooled over Ziggler’s obvious jobber-to-the-stars skillset and said he should be main-eventing. What is Ziggler’s greatest skill? Selling moves, not his overall ring-work, which is just meh, but selling moves. That doesn’t lend itself to being a main-eventer; it makes him a better fit where he is now, jobbing to people and making them look good while he does it, and getting a win here and there, too. Not to mention, he doesn’t have the mic skills to be high on the card, nor the exceptionally ring-work that almost would make up for his inability to cut a promo (like Daniel Bryan).

          • stevenyoung79

            Is your real name paul?

          • Brandon Burton


    • Yofiel Malachi Yacov


      (De-Evolution x!!!!)

    • SOBI

      This could be total speculation but What if its CM Punk ???
      although personally I wish its someone younger
      Drew, Cody, Sandow or from the new guys Bo or Sami Z

      • Raymond

        I agree it should be Drew or Sandow.They need a major push.Drew was the chosen 1..remember that:-)He was handpicked by McMahon.Good gimmick went sour when he joined 3MB.Sandow is just a pawn doing silly gimmicks just waiting to get knocked out.The Magneto 1 was the worst

      • Benji

        Alberto del rio

    • Boohbah

      Who does in the present evolution?

      • fatneal

        orton and sheamus (if he joins) represent the present….hhh/batista are the past…they need the future…a heel reigns or even fandango in suits with flashy cars would fit perfectly once batista leaves imo

  • Marvin B.

    I like the idea of Ziggler in it, but unlikely

  • AVPredator4985

    Sheamus could be kinda cool in Evolution, but in my opinion he’s a little old. He’s older than Randy Orton by about two years, I think Evolution should bring in a really young guy. Like someone in their twenties like Orton was when he started.

  • D-Bry-Punk Rematch!!!

    Only Ziggler and Sheamus would fit.

  • Guest

    It should Be Roman Reigns

  • youngrob2121

    Anyone who looks at sheamus and says yeah he would fit perfectly into evolution and looks great in a suite, and hoping out of limbos, and getting woman, and is the future of this business… You are blind and out of your mind… That would be a terrible idea.

  • llllNinjastarllll

    I think Drew MaC, would be good in Evolution

    • SOBI

      True this could be the last chance to turn his career around

  • David Strong

    I think Bo Dallas would be a better fit in evolution. I can hear it now “Don’t believe in the shield BO-Lieve in Evolution”.

    • Laughing_Goblin

      I completely agree. Cut his hair, and put him in a suit, and he would totally work with that group.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    If Sheamus joins Evolution, they might as well rename the group to Shitvolution.

    • G.I.R.L.

      Or simply HHH & Pals.

  • scott

    I like Sheamus but that is a lousy, terrible selection for Evolution. It doesn’t fit whatsoever. It needs to be a young guy with attitude from NXT not an already established guy. Give it to someone who could very much benefit from it

  • Abz

    I could eithee see barrett or drew mcintyre transitioning in evolution much well compared to sheamus.

  • dmanigo

    Sheamus. Of course. Well at least the other members will finally convince the Irishman to get a tan.

  • TheFaceOfSeScoops

    The fourth member should be someone that hasnt exactly made his mark on the WWE yet. Not someone who has already been WWE champion multiple times like Sheamus. I would say Ziggler just because he looks like a young Flair but hes already been champ (yes I know he never had a legit run but nonetheless he was still champ twice). Cody Rhodes, Alex Riley and Drew McIntyre should be the top three they consider.

    • Punk2k14

      totally agree mate, wtf happened to Drew, he was hand picked by Vince as the future but has been on a downwards spiral ever since. He still has it in him to be a star but will WWE give him that chance hope so and Cody another one who should get a push.

      If there is a future Evolution then Sheamus, Wade Barrett Drew/Cody/Ryback could be it

      • MachoViper

        Drew is in fantastic shape too.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      Take Cody off that list. There’s no way they’d reteam him in a group with Orton. I wouldn’t mind Drew honestly. My preference? Sandow.

      • Filthy_animals

        I like the idea of sandow

        • SOBI

          me too !!!

      • big studd

        what about Big E

      • TheFaceOfSeScoops

        After how theyve been treating Sandow lately, I think you can take him off the list as well. Id really like Riley but we all have dreams. McIntyre may be the most realistic if its not Sheamus or Reigns.

    • JAzreal

      Alex Riley would be great, they drop the ball so low with him, man.

  • Michael Jobe

    I think we all guessed that when we learned awhile back Sheamus may turn heel.

  • Flare Demon

    Add Bo Dallas. It would be golden.

    • CheapOp

      Yes! Believe in the Shield. Bolieve in Evolution.

  • omega riddler

    Sheamus in evolution. I can see that. Seeing the comments of who would be the future. A cool way to break up the Shield would be if Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins jumped to Evolution.

  • Bryan

    I agree with people on here that Cody should be the new member but I guess they need an enforcer so it’ll be Sheamus.

  • Dixie Carter

    Add hornswaggle into it and also Santino.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Just think of the awesomeness potential if they added Sandow to Evolution…

    • Sigma ?

      That would have made a whole lot of sense.

  • DX soldier

    How about Hornswoggle?!?

  • Buzzard Follower

    i think thats a great idea he fits the mold for evolution

  • Louis Salera


  • Joseph Wolfe

    It needs to be somebody young to replace Batista and HHH. Maybe a Bo Dallas or an NXT up and comer.

  • Dirty Sanchez

    Sheamus just seems like such a random choice. You have guys like Cesaro or Barrett who would have easily fit into that Evo-style mold. And these two are supposed to be getting pushes, and with Cesaro already beginning to feel stale as a “Mrs. Lesnar” guy.
    Remember the push Barret was supposed to get a year or so ago, or the mishandled push of Ryback? Use this a a chance to fix those errors. Or think way outside of the box and bring in Titus O’Neal.
    I know I’ll probably get a ton of crap for only naming big dudes, but you can’t replace Batista with a flea-ridden indy midget in kickpads. You gotta find someone of equal size and power.

  • Filthy_animals

    Is like roman reigns to turn on the shield and join evolution but that won’t happen ……. So how about john cena or El Torito ? Lol

  • Progressed_Now

    erm……so he IS HHH’s workout buddy now?

    • Sigma ?

      He always was maybe.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Do people actually invest in Sheamus?
    He doesn’t get a reaction from the crowd.

  • gdaddy1971

    Going with the original mold of evolution being somebody with pedigree in the business and a guaranteed breakout star. Cocky-check. Rough and tough-check. Looks good in a suit-check. Bring on Wade Barrett!!!

    • fatneal

      yeah i could see that

  • Austin Surelvi

    WWE should add Cody Rhodes to Evolution. Adding someone young and talented like Cody can represent the future of WWE. Being in Evolution can help him gain mometum which will allow him to accomplish things he hasn’t accomplished before. With Triple H and Randy Orton by his side, he can win MITB, or even the Royal Rumble match next year. The possibilities are endless and can prove to everyone that he still has it. Not the “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, or even the 2011 insecure man with the protective mask…but a new man who’s ready to show out his aggression and prove to the WWE that he’s the future and a future WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

  • Black Adam


  • Jamie

    Wow, I think Sheamus kinda fits.

  • STean314

    Let Roman Reigns double-cross Ambrose/Rollins and join Evolution. Then he and Triple H can bump heads over leadership which could lead to their anticipated match.

    • Droppo

      Who would be dumb enough to bump heads with HHH over leadership of a group? Even for a show that is full of fantasy (demons and cult leaders), that is too unrealistic.

  • Daniel Bryan

    This would be the most logical move and the best fit. Sheamus would fit perfectly with them but they should only do this if they plan on continuing the storyline for several months, which it appears they do heading to SS.

    People need to get off Cody Rhodes’ jock. He’s a good kid, good worker, but he’s a mid-carder. He’s not on the level of guys like HHH, Orton, The Shield, Wyatts, etc. I like him but the IWC has been pushing him to get some huge push for years. Not every young guy needs to be pushed into the big time championship scene. Cody is just fine where he is, he fits the role on the roster perfectly.

    Cesaro is beginning to slowly become the new Rhodes with the IWC. Cesaro is a great wrestler though and on a higher level than Rhodes by a large margin. But he doesn’t need to be pushed immediately…he’ll benefit from a slower build and opportunity to connect with the crowd. He’s slightly over but he hasn’t made that big connection with people yet. It will come.

    • Droppo

      Cesaro IS OVER with the crowd. Are you kidding with saying he’s only slightly over? They LOVE him and gasp audibly at what he does in almost every match. The time to strike with Cesaro was the day after Wrestlemania 30, not dragging it out with him following Paul Heyman around. He should have turned face and been moved into main event status. If they continue to take it slow with him, his chance may have already gone behind him.

      • TeamAJ

        As long as Cesaro is with Heyman he’s not going to be taking orders from anyone and evolution so that’s out

  • La Cobra

    Have santino turn into Boris as heel, stick him with Russev managed by Lana and bam!

  • Danny johnson

    How good would it be if they got one of the SHIELD. Ambrose would be great

  • realabe1

    Sheamus isn’t awful he would do one hell of a job on replacing Batista

  • SpeakUpHoe

    Roman Reigns would fit perfectly, if he wasn’t apart of The Shield.

  • BHard

    Obvi it will be Big E

  • Silent Aaron

    Bo Dallas would fit.

  • Jm

    Time for Fandango to get serious and join the evolution.

  • Orbalisk Bane

    Didn’t you guys hear? Mason Ryan is joining evolution not sheamus!!

  • esnips

    It should be a young talent or it would defeat the purpose of the evolution stable.
    I BOlieve wwe will make the smart choice.

  • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

    That would also be better!

  • bornwwefan

    And Sting needs to join the Shield. It fits him and he will only really wrestle at PPV

  • brad

    Heck I say do it.

  • Aaron

    They could add the miz to fill the future slot

  • Samson

    Put the Miz in Evolution.

  • Tony

    Have Rollins or Reigns turn on the Shield and join Evolution

  • Austin Surelvi

    Cody Rhodes should join Evolution, and have a good run with Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista. Around Summerslam, Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton should turn on Triple H and Batista. Evolution vs Legacy at Summerslam.

  • Alek Dean Maskery

    They should bring in that Irish female wrestler the WWE signed a little while ago, Rebecca Knox. I always thought a female presence rounded out a stable and allow it to compete/dominate across the board. Plus, she’s completely unknown to the WWE Universe’s mainstream audience, and joining a faction like Evolution would give get instant notoriety. I thought they should add Paige, but the WWE just had a lengthy run with a female heel champion, so I don’t think they’d go right into another.

  • Andrew Hass

    I do think Evolution needs a 4th member but i would go with Cody Rhodes.I have nothing against Sheamus but i don’t think he would fit Evolution.

  • Vincent Latona

    Big E like to Joing in Evolution that guy Triple h need he is Powerful Man Ever for the Shield they want pick 4th Member like to be Pagie for Evolution they want pick AJ Lee to Join in with COO Triple h and Batista and Randy Orton that Amazing thing in wwe

  • neil

    Why not add a 4th member to the shield JOHN CENA

  • Aja Donald Russell

    They should add Sheamus (for a Batista replacement) and another member. I would have Hunter leave the group to do WWE COO business and stick his head in. He should hand the reins to … wait for it… Paul Heyman! He needs to build a stable (like those in the ’70’s and 80’s) and he could manage a group for his Evil Empire. Paul Heyman Guys…

  • Brandon Roberts

    sheamus in evoloution. well heel corporate sheamus could work in evouloution.

  • Erick H Gonzalez

    I think Bad News Barrett would be awesome or C.M. Punk, if he ever comes back?

  • Bill Long

    I thought there were discussions about adding a Six man tag team Division they have three six man teams add a couple more

  • Marvin Snicker

    Daniel Bryan, should star in the movie, “return of the weinies”!

  • Raymond

    @ fatneal I guess Sheamus would be the future.Hunter is the past,Randy is the present,and Sheamus is younger then Orton so Sheamus is the future

    • Liam Smith

      no Sheamus is older then randy orton

  • Thomas A Marcoux Sr.

    Dont change things up with evolution because badtista cant perform and hes leaving end evolution and the solution for evolution would be to start putting and keep the shield in singles competition gou can do so easily buy putting them against each other in competition do not revise evolution with a new member that will make orton and hhh look more cowardly than they already do as it is Iturn off wrestling during anything badtista is involved in as iI said before hes nothing but a quitter and he shouldve stayed gone.

  • E. Coffee

    I was thinking more the likes of Sting…But Sheamus i can dig it..

  • Cody

    I think cena should join the shield

  • tiberiusking

    Plot twist Roman Reigns is going to get taught a lesson at Payback then in the 3rd meeting he will turn heel and join evolution becoming the muscle while Batista is gone.

  • Alastair Zachary

    I would say mason ryan be good for evolution he just look like batista




    I guess it would be GOOD

  • Rob Houston

    Ziggler would be a perfect fit

  • Kevin G. Wolfe

    Zack Ryder! #wwwyki

  • Jae Rodd

    Adam rose

  • Leather Face

    Why? So he can win again in 15 seconds?

  • omega riddler

    Maybe they could actually have a match on WrestleMania that would be better than the 2 out of 3 falls match they had to make up for the matches they had at WM 27 & 28

  • omega riddler

    Did you see the 2 out of 3 falls match? That was one of the best matches that year.

  • Gotstodobetter

    lol sure he will