Backstage News On WWE’s Plans For NXT & Call Ups

The talent in WWE NXT were told at the most recent set of television tapings that the NXT brand would be pushed more significantly now that the WWE Network is up and running. The wrestlers were told that the company wants to get behind NXT and promote it as the pure wrestling product within WWE.

Additionally, NXT stars were told that while some would be called up to the main roster, with Emma and Alexander Rusev (along with Lana) being the most recent examples, it’s going to be a slow process for some, and that everyone should e patient.

The mindset WWE is trying to establish is that with the Network, the stars of NXT will be getting plenty of added exposure without having to be called up and featured on the main roster.

It’s also not just about “who is ready” to be called up, but more so, what roles on the main roster WWE is looking to fill.

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Killthecrown

      Without having to be called up? I sure hope they don’t keep them for too long on NXT, even if most of it is pure wrestling.

    • Guest

      That’s the smart way to approach it.
      This gives the NXT guys more incentive to keep working hard. They can’t say they’re not getting opportunities if there’s a new platform for them to be featured.
      Additionally, this gives the NXT guys a way to get comfortable with performing for a larger audience, even if the in-house audience is still small. The knowledge that your match will be seen by thousands of subscribers (and counting) raises the stakes for these guys and will serve them well if they get promoted to the main roster.

    • Aperture

      If I were them, I wouldn’t mind staying in NXT. Being a respected wrestler on a smaller scale is way better than being buried and embarrassed on the grandest scale.

      • mrchopper

        The difference between the way they handle Emma on NXT and RAW is why the women should be afraid to leave NXT. They get to hone their characters, their skills, put on matches (ACTUAL MATCHES) for 15+ minutes, have a crowd that gives a s##t and actively engages with them as much as the guys… Emma and Paige or Emma and Summer Rae are some of my favourite rivalries there’s been recently and they were both in NXT.

        Rusev gets a spot looking strong in the Rumble and weekly vignettes. Emma’s just a weirdo in the crowd who gets paired with the joke guy who’s first fued is against the other Diva who got paired with the joke guy. These are two of the best female wrestlers they’ve got (having a fully formed persona and staying in character throughout a hard fought match, the thing that makes AJ the best Diva on the main roster) and they’re reduced to girlfriends of jokes who dance. I know they have a great history in NXT, but unless you show that on RAW how are the majority of the crowd expected to invest?

        I want to think the match on RAW between them is the start of making the Divas roster more like the Women’s roster, but I’ve been burned by WWE’s false dawns too many time.

      • SOBI

        While what you say might be true but Its easier said then done because who doesn’t like being famous and rich

      • TheFaceOfSeScoops

        The term “buried” is used way too often nowadays. I dont think these wrestlers’ main goal was to get to NXT and have that be where their career ends. Im sure they all want to be called up to the main roster. Some make it. Some dont. Thats the harsh reality of being a pro wrestler and more so in the WWE. On a side note, just because they are good in-ring performers or technicians doesnt mean they automatically should be in the main spotlight on television.

    • Buzzard Follower

      nxt> raw & sd in every single way

      • TheFaceOfSeScoops

        I wouldnt go that far…

    • Johnson

      This should be on TV instead of Main Event..

    • Dave from Germany

      So basically nxt’s going to be a new brand.
      A bit like the wwe version of ecw.

      • The Ryback

        True, it did also replace WWE’s version of ECW

    • No Nonsense

      WWE is in effect making NXT a direct competition against TNA/ROH, Lets be clear here The Network is now in effect a national audience v.soon to be a global audience if NXT is its premier “PURE” wrestling product and its getting the exposure just mentioned that leaves TNA/ROH in a bit of a jam as currently there national audiences = Poor ratings and the only good ratings they get are on obscure channels in various countries.

    • scott

      Ideally id like to see Rusev wrestle at wrestlemania against someone because his promos with that monster chick are starting to annoy me already. He needs to fight someone like Mark Henry at WrestleMania and beat the crap out of him to make it look like hes a total beast. As for everyone else I would hope they could get rid of some of the main roster by releasing them to make room for some of the NXT guys. I don’t like calling for peoples jobs but they need to get rid of 3MB, Curtis Axel could go and I wouldn’t miss him, Los Matadores were a total failed project and honestly since the real Sin Cara is gone for good they could do away with him too, and Kofi Kingston because hes boring to me.

      • G.I.R.L.

        That chick paried with Rusev looks amazing. I hope they start bringing in more nonwrestler characters. Those (Heyman, Vickie, Coach, Debra, Colter) are always my faves.

        • scott

          She just looks like a bouncer to me all fierce and stuff I don’t mind her looks but she looks like shes bout 6’1.

    • raVen

      I don’t understand wrestlings mindset of you are talented but we don’t have a character for you. If someone is talented enough let them figure it out. look at bryan and cesaro who got over due to talent not characters. Now the characters are right up there with the in ring skill

    • Guest

      Im fine with this as long as its the right guys getting called up from NXT, I dont want guys like Tyler Breeze getting called up before Adrian Neville or Sami Zayn.

    • Stephen

      I’m just happy that WWE have learned to wait and until debut someone when they have a story for them. Emma’s might not be much, but it could lead to something pretty big come WrestleMania.

    • Kjhaltz

      For what I’ve seen pre and post WWE Network, I’m loving NXT over RAW and SD!