Backstage Opinion Of Cesaro, Booker T’s Return, WWE/El Generico

– SmackDown General Manager Booker T is left out of commission following a torn triceps and elbow surgery for an elbow infection. Due to his absence, the feud with Teddy Long has been temporarily put on hold. He’s expected back on television around the end of the month.

– WWE officials in developmental have told Sami Zayn, the former El Generico, that they like his hot spots, but he needs to do less in matches. Officials agree that he’s really good, very intelligent and does good promos. Officials like the spots he does but don’t want him to do so many in one match.

– WWE RAW had 347,000 homes watching on DVR or tape delay for the April 15th show and 316,000 on the April 22nd show.

– WWE officials feel Antonio Cesaro is boring while others in the company disagree and want him in the top mix of things. Cesaro is described as having no real problems in the company as he’s drug free and has a good level of maturity in the locker room. Unfortuntely, those who agree he is too boring are some of the highest people in the company.

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Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Missingno1711

    Are these so called “higher-ups” on drugs or something? Cesaro is one of the best talents they have.

    • Steve

      Vince and HHH are smoking some of the RVDs best stuff if they think Cesaro is boring


        and telling generico in so many words to not steal the show….ummmmm…bad move, let him shine..let everybody else step up as opposed to watering him down.

    • Bradley Wheat

      I have said all along that Cesaro is boring. He is a good worker and has a good look, but his 4 languages crap is a stale and boring gimmick, the anti-American bit has been done way too many times already. Perhaps a face run might do well for him.

      • Kyle Verge

        its 5 languages not 4

      • RealKRone88

        I didn’t see anything in his character at that time he was “anti-American” during his 5 language promos, and I may be the only one who thinks that was far more entertaining than his Rugby player and the ridiculous yodeling.

      • Alex Mejia

        I agree with that, some people just don’t like the whole “anti-American” thing. He needs a real opportunity to shine. Cesaro is a great talent, I hope they don’t waste the opportunity. I feel like he could be a very good #1 or #2 heel with the right look.

  • Raheel Aslam

    Is Cesaro Straight Edge?

  • Drmgiver

    “Officials like the spots he does but don’t want him to do so many in one match.” They have mentally checked out apparently.

    • DigitalWWE

      No, I agree with them for once. You don’t want him to be another John Morrison who only becomes a stupid spot monkey. Let him pull off 2 major spots a match depending on how long it is.

      • raven

        why? do you think he’s going to be a WHC?
        he is going ot be stuck in mid-card forever (they are making sure of that) so why not let him go out and do what he can do. god forbid the wwe puts on an entertaining match more than once a month. god forbid we see someone do more than 5moves for once!

        • DigitalWWE

          I don’t think you understand what a spot is to begin with. Just because you aren’t doing spots doesn’t mean you stick to 2 moves.

          • raven

            a spot is a move or series of moves that occur during a match.
            wwe matches consist of 2 ppl and their 3-5 spots mixed in with rest holds and closelines.
            I didn’t say anything about them limiting his spots to 2moves. I did say they watered him down and want him to do the wwe style of 5moves every match.
            5>2 just some simple math for ya..

          • DigitalWWE

            When they are genericos high spots they are most likely referring to his top rope moves and stuff. Which I agree should be limited. He’s known to go over the edge with them. watch him vs PAC. A complete spot fest.

          • Drmgiver

            Which made the audience love the match. Here is an idea, let the wrestler go out and do what he has done for 10 years and knows how to do well to get the audiences attention. They put him on the roster for a reason, now they want to change the equation that made that wrestler who he is? That makes no sense.

          • DigitalWWE

            He can keep getting the crowds attention with his spots but Generico knows how to wrestle well. He doesn’t need to rely spots and when you do things like phoenix splashes and 720 splashes all the time it makes them look less special. Just like PAC vs Generico, PAC would bust out a 720 splash then Generico kicks out at 1 and they go back at it like nothing ever happened. Using moves in moderation is not a bad thing like all of you seem to think it is,

  • blake

    that’s a load of crap, the very people calling cesaro boring are the very ones booking him to be that way. is he boring? possible. ( going back to top a bit) but its not his fault, if they book you with a boring person style gimmicks, then of course people are going to think he’s boring, right? i mean seriously, they shouldn’t put the blame on him, hold him down, and keep him losing, when they themselves are the blame for putting the sh*tty gimmick on him in the first place. i think as far as his wrestling he’s very good and very strong for his size.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    So WWE wants less spots during a match? No wonder I liked watching ROH more than WWE.

    • Pozessed

      Definitely, I watched I think it was Jay Briscoe vs Steen (I don’t follow ROH that much) and near the end they hit some crazy moves on each other which straight away made me think “Damn, these guys are tough”. If WWE had some matches like that then they would make their wrestlers look a lot tougher instead of losing to 1 finishing move all of the time.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        When HDNet carried ROH, one hour of ROH was WAY more entertaining and (sometimes) have more matches than 3 hours of RAW.

        • RealKRone88

          Can you stream ROH? I’ve only seen one ROH show at a friend’s house, and I can never find it anywhere that isn’t on Youtube.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            Yeah, if you pay for it.

          • Tim

            you can download loads of ROH eps/matches/dvds ..

  • Belial

    I find it ironic that in the same post which states that WWE Officials agree El Generico is good but they want him to tone it down, it also states that those same officials agree that Antonio Cesaro is boring….anyone else see the irony?

  • Scott Kinnard

    On the mic, yes, he’s a little boring. But he’s great in the ring. Guess who else is boring on the mic? Brock Lesnar. That’s why he has Paul Heyman. Solution, give Cesaro a mouthpiece.

    • DerrekSolaris

      Don’t give him a mouthpiece, give him THE mouthpiece. Make Cesaro a Paul Heyman guy.

    • DerrekSolaris

      Don’t give him a mouthpiece, give him THE mouthpiece. Make Cesaro a Paul Heyman guy!

  • Y2J

    That’s like saying Sheamus is entertaining and John Cena is hilarious.

  • Y2J

    That’s like saying Sheamus is entertaining and John Cena is hilarious.

  • Reality

    Yeah, Fandango is so much better and totally not boring. Let’s push him.


    • Feelmemore

      Woah woah woah, I’m all for Cesaro but Fandangod can’t be touched.

  • JuanCabrera

    Great! Get ready to see plenty of TAG-TEAM Matches.

  • JuanCabrera

    If they think he’s boring, why not give him a manager instead of pushing him down the card? That’s what they did with Swagger.

  • Steven Harris

    Maybe he wouldnt be boring if they gave him something to work with. Of the all the poeple i’d hope would be pulling for Cesaro it would be Triple H, why doesnt he pull for the guy, he’s supposed to be so old school, they could have a great top heel with Cesaro.

    As for Generico, i agree with them maybe he should do less in matches, no need to pull out high spots all the time. This is aint Sin Cara were talking about here.

  • Ares

    The dude can actually talk on the Mic. Just give him a new gimmick. He is awesome in the ring.

  • Stranger

    The article says it all. They see talent in someone, but want to water him down. In the same article, it mentions that they find Cesaro boring… even though they’ve limited his in-ring work as well and forced two horrendous gimmicks onto him. Sad.

  • JackHandy

    Ofcourse he’s boring out there, I’m sure even Cesaro feels the same way, and who’s fault is it?? NOT Cesaro’s that’s for sure. It’s all Creative’s fault for giving him the same old, I’m foreign and I don’t like America shtick that’s been useless and out-dated since the mid 80’s. In the ring Cesaro is freakin awesome on his own and making his oponents look good. On the Mic he’s a cool talker, but it’s all going to waste because of that useless gimmick given to him. What he needs is a new coat of paint, and Heyman loves the guy, I’m sure Heyman has some great ideas for his character and have that rumored 3rd guy Heyman wants to manage be freakin Cesaro.

  • Rodriquez Antonio

    Cena: Hey Vince, I think Cesaro should yodel…I don’t need another guy here that can out perform me.
    Vince to creative team:(Points and says) Cesaro shall yodel!

  • takeitforwhatitis

    lets get creative,what can Cesaro do? take to twitter or whatever and make our voices heard,maybe in 5 or so years,he could replace Cena

  • Rick Yuhnke

    Good idea to change every wrestler they have. Make them as vanilla as possible..Stupid, come on, remember when we let some guys be themselves, like STEVE AUSTIN…They need to do more with these kids. The real fan gets a good worker, Bryan, Punk, Cesaro, they know the bad workers, Cena, Ryback