Backstage Picture Of WWE Superstars Rehearsing For TLC At RAW

The photo below was taken backstage prior to Monday’s WWE RAW from Tampa, Florida. The leaked picture shows a feed that aired on the arena television sets showing Ryback and members of the Shield rehearsing for the TLC match that took place on RAW between Ryback and CM Punk.

CM Punk can be seen sitting in the bottom left corner of the ring, with Big Show in the bottom right corner, Triple H and Ricky Steamboat as well as several WWE divas outside the ring.

The image shows Ryback, Rollins and Ambrose rehearsing the spot that took place on RAW, where Ryback was climbing the ladder, the lights went out and all of a sudden he was battling Rollins and Ambrose on the ladder.


Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • stormgreyeagle

    OMG rasslins rehearsed and FAKE? lulz

    • Randy James Crawford

      First of all it’s wrestling and it’s not fake it’s scripted and they had to practice this because it’s dangerous so they had to learn how to do it carefully.

      • butterpecs

        We know this. Wouldn’t be here if we didn’t.

      • JamieEvsxx

        I think he was joking dude…=P

        • jo

          shutup and get in the kitchen nd blow me hottie xo

          • JamieEvsxx

            nahhh, I’d rather not…the kitchen’s cold and there’s nothing to blow (and even if you had anything down there I wouldn’t anyway lol)…=P

          • Al Oli

            Where I come from we don’t talk to lady’s that way.

    • TheUndertakerFan

      your just finding out now its reheasred and its not fake scripted

      • m8h3r


        If you’re going to be condescending then at least learn to spell.

  • Shockmaster

    It’s still real to me, dammit!

    • James Webb


  • Brian Perine

    That picture was not taken back stage but on a tv prompt that was displayed to fans prior to show accidently. I know cause I took this pick and posted it on my facebook. There were about 20 fans that saw it before a lady turned it off.

    • Lord Spliffmeister

      So what it was basically given away & u knew Shield would interfere? That sucks I would’ve been pissed 2 some degree I guess. XD

      • butterpecs

        Meh it’s exciting and informative to actually get to see how they plan things out and who is involved.

      • Paul M. Happ

        You didn’t know that The Shield would interfere?

  • Brandi Tellis

    I would hope that it would be rehearsed, especially given how potentially dangerous a TLC match can be.

    • SavageBomber

      Especially with the lights out.

  • Brian Clark

    I hope none of the kids saw it or truly payed attention to it. They already have enough ass-monkeys out trying to ruin their view on wrestling.

    • Steve James

      This is true. When I was a kid, there was no IWC, or “anonymous insiders”, or snarks, or 24-hr access to all things backstage and behind the scenes. Wrestling was wrestling. The names Bollea, Hellwig, and Poffo didn’t exist to any child, but Hulk Hogan was as real to them as Ultimate Warrior or Macho Man. But now, everyone has to know everything about everybody always, and they can’t be happy just letting wrestling be an illusion. And its not all the IWC’s fault- wrestling does it to itself, too.

  • morrisonfanone

    It’s all fake? My world just all sorts of changed.

    • Randy James Crawford

      It’s not fake it’s scripted and they had to practice this because it’s dangerous so they had to learn how to do it carefully.

      • morrisonfanone

        I know. I was being sarcastic.

  • joakim1380

    Us who are here on these pages are here just because we love wrestling and the entertainment it brings us!

  • BigEazy

    oh it’s fake why else is it rehearsed they are all friends who laugh at us for buying into they hate each other then go have a big laugh along with some beers at how they get us every night during the show.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    This would be fun to watch. This is why pro wrestling is better than UFC and MMA. Wrestlers need to train and lean how to NOT hurt someone yet make it look real. That’s not an easy thing to master. In UFC and MMA all they do is beat the shit out of each other.

  • Doug Funnie

    Surprised we don’t see more behind the scenes stuff like this, but I know the WWE doesn’t want to “confuse” its young fans that think this is real or something. I actually like when they show the candid backstage photos including one of Punk and Rock laughing together or discussing something.

  • jesse

    They still make it look entertaining