Backstage Reason For Dolph Ziggler Having Heat With WWE Management

According to one source, WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler is in the midst of being punished by the company for something he said in an interview during SummerSlam week.

There is no real word yet on what exactly Ziggler said to end up in the dog house, although it’s pretty clear that his push has cooled off in a major way, and his comments in the aforementioned interview are apparently the reason for that.

We should have an update on this story later this weekend.

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Matt Boone

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  • justrockit

    smh..wwe…lighten the f**k up! all these “punishments” only really hurt your consumer from watching a great product. ok if someone violates the “wellness” policy fine do the 60 days thing but you hurt your brand by not showcasing your talent the best way possible especially in someone like dz. you dont like his comments and you cool down his push? jeez la weez didnt know the company was run by sissys

    • ChrisUK92

      that’s just what I just said lol

  • Stayphokus

    Show… Over =[

  • JamieEvsxx

    I’m really curious as to what he said though because I read and listened to a few of his interviews during SummerSlam week and I don’t recall him saying anything to get him in crap…and it’s strange that whatever he’s said now has got him in trouble where he’s gotten away with taking the piss out of how things have been booked before on Twitter and everything…=/…might just have to go through all of the interviews for that week and try to find something that could’ve possibly pissed off WWE management because surely it can’t be any worse than Orton basically calling Kelly Kelly a slag during an interview (yeah it might be true but still pretty unprofessional at the end of the day) or CM Punk insulting a fan for booing him live on Raw (yeah it was fun to watch and it was great that Punk and Paul found a way round that to make it all fit in the segment I’m quite surprised Punk didn’t get in at least a small amount of trouble for it)…right well I’m off to discover what my Zigglypuff got in trouble for (skips away)…=P

  • pwnez

    I had a feeling he was in the doghouse. Being thrown into a bad storyline with Big E, getting destroyed by the Shield and will most likely lose to Ambrose at NOC. Things aren’t looking good for Ziggler.

    • raven

      getting destroyed by the shield?
      it’s been 3 on 1 and he’s gotten in plenty of offense and he’s been in one of the highest ratings spots…
      He was certainly in the dog house after cashing in for some reason but whatever that was about is over and the guy is on his way back up.
      Come SS he will be in a semi-main event match with show, Christian against the shield

      • pwnez

        The match is a different situation. They weren’t allowed in the ring at the same time and I was referring to him getting destroyed after the match. Simply put, Ziggler hasn’t been doing anything since his feud with ADR.

        • raven

          again, I agree, since adr he has been in a bad spot but right now he’s one of the main faces in the wwe.
          Bryan, Show, Ziggler, Christian-HHH, orton, Shield are the main points of Raw and Smackdown the past few weeks.
          I guess you could add miz to that as well.. but lets not.

          • pwnez

            I think Ziggler and Christian are going to be used only as pawns in the storyline. When you have these type of elimination matches you have to have some mid-carders in there to take the first couple of pinfalls.

            I would love and want to see Ziggler bounce back to the WHC picture but at this point I sadly don’t see that happening. We all know how Vince feels about Christian as well so I doubt we’ll see him gunning after the WHC.

          • raven

            at this time they are simply pawns but now is better than ever to impress and move up. hoping for the best…

          • brad

            I never got why Vince never really cared for Christian. I just hope he gets one more whc title reign he deserves it, but I kinda hope rvd gets his first.

          • pwnez

            All I know is that apparently Vince doesn’t like the way he face looks. I won’t hold my breath on Christian ever becoming WHC again. RVD will but only to put over Sandow.

          • brad

            Yea he thinks he looks ugly and doesn’t look very like world heavy champion material, which is ridiculous he is one of the best in ring performers today and is over with the fans, but yea rvd will probably lose to Sandra but idk I just want to see him win the gold he has never one the whc.

    • Stephen

      You say he was in a bad storyline with Big E.
      I say he was in a necessary storyline with Big E. The fans turned him face after the concussion, and that layoff changed the plans around.
      You are in the doghouse when you are kept off RAW, which Ziggler is not.

    • Stephen

      You say he was in a bad storyline with Big E.
      I say he was in a necessary storyline with Big E. The fans turned him face after the concussion, and that layoff changed the plans around.
      You are in the doghouse when you are kept off RAW, which Ziggler is not.

      • pwnez

        No one benefited from that feud. I agree it was necessary since AJ turned on Ziggler but that doesn’t mean it was a good feud. That’s not true either. We’ve seen plenty of instances where a wrestler jobs constantly due to him being in the doghouse.

        • Stephen

          Big E could have benefited if the feud revolved around the championship. Ziggler should have continued to challenge for the World title, and have Big E cost him the title.
          In regards to being in the dog house, just because its reported on a dirt sheet doesn’t make it true. If you are on RAW every week, you are doing something right. When you are jobbing on Superstars, then there is a problem.

  • Andrew Campbell

    Not surprising. Ziggler has been taking quite a few shots at WWE lately, I just thought he was in-character at the time. I guess not.


    Never Bite the Hand that Feeds You!

  • JamieEvsxx

    (skips back to SEScoops with the interview that got Ziggler heat)… says here the interview that got Dolph in the dog house was the interview with Arda Ocal talking about his frustration with being in the mixed tag match and how he’s been booked since losing the title, plus talking about his promos and everything…but yeah like I said before Ziggler has made comments about the way he’s been booked before and he’s gotten away with it so I’m not really sure why he’d only just be getting in trouble for making comments about the way he’s been booked…unless he’s been warned about it by management before and he’s just flipped the bird and carried on making comments and this interview was the final straw before he got put in the dog house, it just seems really strange to me that he’s only being punished now for making comments about the way he’s been booked tbh…=/

  • Stew-ED!

    The guys I don’t want to have heat, actually have heat…..

  • Dixie Carter

    The door is always open Dolph! you’ll become the TNA world Champ and leader of aces and eights within weeks.

    • ChrisUK92

      within weeks TNA won’t have a champ, any wrestlers or any fans…..oh wait, it hasn’t got any fans anyway

  • ChrisUK92

    Randy Orton takes illegal drugs…….is now WWE Champion
    Dolph Ziggler makes a comment about this………isn’t the WHC anymore

    • Kuwabara

      A.W. makes a Kobe Bryant joke….gets fired without warning

      • Name

        Vince mocks JR’s disability, then promotes Be A Star.

  • WCWPunk

    Didn’t Ziggler turn face very recently? Thing is Orton went through a very Very VERY long period of time without holding neither the World Heavyweight title of the WWE title. He just now became WWE Champion at Summerslam with an amazing heel turn. Ziggler had his ‘Wrestlemania’ moment. Now the best thing for him is to work on his character, his promos’, his in ring work and show WWE management how bad he wants to be champion.

  • Buzzard Follower

    depushed for being to damn good at being to damn good

  • Progressed_Now

    I can just imagine Roaddogg waiting outside Ziggy’s locker room, holding a sign above his head “WELCOME TO THE DOOOOGG HOUSE!!!”

  • Chris Savage

    tna couldn’t afford ziggler with what they likekly had to payout to keep styles and what theyre probably paying aries roode and others

  • Johnson

    The reason why Dolph Ziggler has cooled off is because his concussion delayed that push. And as time went by, Daniel Bryan basically took all of his thunder and became the ‘hottest’ superstar in WWE, which further cooled him off. That’s what happened. Now Ziggler is basically nowhere, as he no longer gets relevant mic time or skits. When they took AJ Lee away from him, it actually made it worse. It didn’t matter if she was a heel and he was a would have been different, interesting and still would have worked. WWE is so fixated on that tired black and white face vs. heel BS , that it hinders the talent.
    [On a side note: Which is why “The real American’s” are not believable and look stupid letting Alberto Del Rio hold the WHC belt while talking about a Latino nation… they don’t touch him now, because they are both heels. (stupid as it ruins the purpose of their gimmick…all to save that face vs. heel look)].
    I believe it to be an outdated concept…and all faces/heels should be more relaxed and neutral. Black n white faces and heels are boring and make wrestlers look like bipolar idiots. (Big Show being a bad a** two months ago, now crying because of Daniel Bryan…. unrealistic nonsense).
    If Dolph Ziggler was a relaxed face, and still had AJ Lee (who is a heel) he would still be relevant. Now, Big Nose and Randy OILton gets all the air time unfortunately.

  • $li€’ Ri€ ‘Da Rulah

    if WWE higher ups DIDN’T LIKE what Ziggler said during SummerSlam week, i’m sure they’re gonna looooooooove how he felt about Orton becoming champion, and gaining the #1 spot on tv right now!

    • Thomas Wing

      He is only burying his own career. Sometimes its best served if he just kept his mouth shut.

  • KenKen Beats

    Thats crap man. Ziggler gets shot down for speaking the truth, yet Punk get praised for it…..I am not Sports Entertained.