Backstage Reason WWE Signed KENTA, What Their Plans Are For Him & More

One of the key reasons that WWE signed KENTA was because the WWE Network will be expanding into Japan next year and because of that reason, they have wanted a big Japanese star.

Additionally, KENTA will play a big role in WWE’s attempt to expand their reach in the Japanese market, as NXT, where he will report to initially, just secured a deal to air on J-Sports, a Japanese satelitte channel.

KENTA is scheduled to arrive in Orlando, Florida this week. WWE has another press conference scheduled with him then.

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

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    • Undertaker316

      still waiting for solomon crowe (sami callihan) to debut on nxt

      • Aperture

        Not disrespecting the legend, but Sting could pass the torch to Crowe. Sting can play these mind games and make challenges for Crowe to overcome. Crowe can start questioning if he is really read enough to complete these quest and begins to go down a darker path than he already is.

        Just an idea, but I believe Sting is the man to do it. Plus, Sting doesn’t even have to step foot in the ring to get Crowe over.

        • K Dot

          There’s really not many dark characters in the WWE so if he does anything like this Crowe would be the guy.

          The problem of course is that Crowe dropped off the face of the earth after a couple appearances as the hacker character (I actually like that). He’ll need some time with the company before he comes anywhere near Sting. What are they even waiting for. Is he injured or what?

          • Aperture

            He had a lower body injury (somewhere in the knees if I remember correctly), but he is fine now. That hacker gimmick was pretty legit.

      • Joshi Danger

        What if sting was revealed as Sister Abigail. HAHAHA. Just a thought. Wanna see dark and twisted, the mind games of sting and wyatt.

    • raVen

      Kenta vs Punk Mania main event for 2015.
      Mark my words..

      • Roger Penland

        Not going to happen.

      • Hershey Maxwell Barber

        Too funny.

      • memoryman00

        Unfortunately, there’s more chance of seeing Kenta vs Khali lol

      • Joshi Danger

        I am so ready to see this it is not even funny. Sadly it will probably never happen. GTS by Kenta, wait reversal by punk, GTS its the Go to Sleep, One, Two…Thr….Kenta kicks out Kenta kicks out Kenta has Punk up Oh My GAWD another GTS this time to punk He goes for the cover One, Two…Thre….Holy F word guys did you see that punk kicks out Punk kicks out punk throws Kenta into the corner, whats this a pepsi plunge cover and a kick out Kenta now on the offensive Off the ropes and Ura GTS Punks down Kenta goes for the cover aww but Punk reverses and anaconda vice forcing Kenta to tap. But no never gonna happen.

    • LACenaFan

      So they signed him just for subscriptions, and not for his wrestling talent? Wow.

      • Tom Wing

        They signed him to make money from him. Trust me…Kenta isn’t losing out here.

      • 9 year old boy

        It`s all about the money son

        • Jose Mourinho

          it’s not appropriate to have a son 9 year old boy.

          • brad

            A little too early if you ask me but you never know in this day and age.

            • Pozessed

              I heard he had him with Sunny when she was letting people pay her to go in bed with her… He pretended to be from Make-a-wish and got a freebie. -Facepalm-

            • 9 year old boy

              Is that your wet dream LOL?

            • Pozessed

              Lol, you do know a wet dream isn’t when you pee yourself in bed and have to get your Mom to change your sheets while you stand there all awkward like “I didn’t mean to, mama D;” in your yellow PJs?

          • Cena Swallows

            Lol nice

            • JA_Media

              Still love the name haha!

          • 9 year old boy

            When Renee Young came back to Canada I couldn’t control myself giggity ;)

      • Adrian Goodison

        you can have all the wrestling talent in the world but if you dont put bums in seats you’re worthless, at the end of the day WWE are running a business not a charity but luckily Kenta is great so its all good :)

      • Aperture

        What did you think that they were going to sign him for? His talent?

      • Gotstodobetter

        Why are you so surprised lol

        • LACenaFan

          Well Kenta is basically the Japanese CM Punk. The one that held the WWE Championship for more than a year, and the one that stole the GTS from Kenta.

      • Salamander1017

        Wouldn’t people subscribe because he is talented?

    • Whoop whoop

      That would be cool to have the first Japanese world champ. Switch things up

      • brad

        Agreed I mean it seems like the wwe has always only been about the U.S. With the exception of Mexico. So I agree I would love to see some Japanese and British world champions in the future.

        • WCWJobber

          USA, Canada, Ireland, Mexican, India. Many countries !

          • brad

            Ok I forgot about about Canada but they’re an ally like the Mexicans but India and Ireland has only had one world champion, basically what I’m trying to get at is I want to see guys from countries like England, China or Japan.

        • Whoop whoop

          Yup totally. I hope they don’t make this guy another yoshi tatsu

    • Cena Swallows

      WWE thinking the network will be around next year …. Cute ….

      • WCWJobber

        i actually lol’d

    • BrayWyattsFedora

      Was Lord Tensai not enough? Oh…..wait….

    • K Dot

      Nothing wrong with this. In basketball you get signed for specific skills. Any one person can excel in 3 pt shooting, running an offense, Athleticicism defense, etc.

      Wrestling works in a similar way. They may sign someone based on their in ring ability, height (see Khali), Drawing power/populariy (Kenta, CM Punk), Veteran presence, A good look, athletic ability, Charisma, etc.

      Not only is there nothing wrong with this, but it’s the way it has to be. If it wasn’t the roster wouldn’t be as diverse and there wouldn’t be any variety. The WWE signed Kenta because they think he can appeal to a specific audience. So what? Now it’s his job to now use his in ring talent to get over with the rest of the audience.

    • I’ve Lost My Smile

      Can’t wait until he debuts on NXT wonder if they will hold him out until their next Live Special Event?

    • Matthew

      Thank god, someone needs to bring back the michinoku driver