Backstage Reason For WWE Taking Recent Shots At Jim Ross During RAW

Apparently the reason WWE took a shot at Jim Ross during commentary on the March 3rd edition of RAW was because of JR going public with the Vince McMahon “sharting” story during his Opie & Anthony radio appearance.

During the RAW broadcast, JBL was talking about his love for Vince McMahon as an announcer, which led to Jerry Lawler asking him to compare McMahon’s announcing to JR’s. JBL noted that he preferred McMahon, because he could speak English, and then noted that comparing the two is like comparing horse manure to ice cream (an old Bobby Heenan line).


    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

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    • SomeInternetGuy

      This is a billion-dollar publically traded company and its shocking how childish people are in WWE.

    • stub

      Makes the anti bullying campaigns look like a joke

    • payton

      Wow, how petty.

    • Progressed_Now

      LOL! what is this, preschool? fuuck me!!! the funnier thing is does WWE actually think anyone pays attention to their shiitty commentary they’ve been putting out for several years now?

      what’s that? oh ye, they thought the XFL would be a lucrative move too. good point.

      • Bodacious Bob

        This current commentating team is by far the worst. The 3 of them just don’t click in any way. I really think King has to go. Either that or turn him heel. 2 heel announcers and a face Cole would be hilarious I think.

        • Wrestling Fan

          I personally can’t stand JBL, he tries too hard to be a heel by starting arguments and never focuses on the match.

          • ibeBrave

            JBL IS THE BEST!!!!

        • Progressed_Now

          Tazz/Cole were the best announcing team that I can recall. then he had that stupid heel turn where he sucked Miz off for a whole year, and it ruined his character permanently. face/heel, Cole doesn’t matter anymore.
          I used to want JBL back as an announcer, but he’s getting on my nerves these days. tries too hard. heel King is better.

          “oh who cares??? this is for Vince and Shane’s amusement! – ohhh you’re a buuttkisser too!!!”

    • Buzzard Follower
    • astronautbutter

      Petty. JR doesn’t come across as the most likeable fellow in his blogs, but his announcing truly was spectacular. JBL occasionally makes me laugh, but I’d switch out the NXT and WWE teams anyday.

      Speaking of, Regal is just phenomenal as an announcer. He makes every move, even silly rest holds, sound like they are super punishing. He also describes styles and strategies very well. NXT has really won me over the past few weeks.

    • Y2J

      Very mature Vince, say what you want to about Ross but all the shots WWE took at him he brushed, but God forbid he gets one jab in at Vince & it’s the Monday Night Wars all over again.

    • Abz

      I actually tweeted vince about him sharting his pants. I think thats what set him off lol.

    • Rush

      Pro Wrestling is basically bullying, so I don’t know why they support that program. It would be like hunters being a part of PETA.

    • jochim loew

      Absolutely fookin’ pathetic