Backstage Update On AJ Styles’ Future, WWE Has Little Interest In Him

As we have reported in the past, AJ Styles’ current, short-term deal with TNA is set to expire in December. According to the latest reports, it appears highly unlikely that “The Phenomenal One” will end up in WWE after his short-term TNA deal expires. According to one source, there appears to be very little interest from the WWE side in signing the 36-year-old former TNA World Champion.

One person in-the-know in WWE went as far as saying there is “far less interest in AJ from the WWE side than a normal, rational person would think.”

As many saw on last week’s Impact Wrestling, Styles has entered into a new storyline with the now storyline heel president of TNA, Dixie Carter, where he claims to be currently working without a contract. As noted, that is untrue, as Styles re-signed the aforementioned short-term deal with TNA which gets them through December. Where Styles will end up by the time that deal expires remains to be seen.

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[Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

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  • Johnson

    I feel bad for this man. Stuck in that company that pays him close to nothing. He will probably resign with them since he has no where else to go. Indie wrestling in today’s economy is stupid for a guy that has a wife and a kid and just a bad decision overall, so I’m sure he won’t end up there. And this doesn’t surprise me though. WWE never saw him as a hot ticket. It sucks for him big time, because you don’t make it big until you reach the pinnacle…and that’s not TNA.

    • yrabadi

      Well the current storyline with him and Dixie all but confirms he’s going to re-sign with TNA. It is a shame, would have loved to see him in WWE, but yeah, between NXT and all the young talents already on RAW/Smackdown, there’s not much of a need/room for him. It sucks, but his career is in TNA now, and likely forever.

      • Pozessed

        Yeah I agree, even though Styles is probably in the top 5 wrestlers at the moment, you got a guy like Sami Zayn in NXT who is 29 and has had some great matches and the same with A LOT of the NXT wrestlers. AJ could possibly go to Japan though and I would see him getting treated very good there, imagine Styles Vs Okada in a feud for the championship?

    • Mr_DJ

      I wouldn’t feel bad for him, I’m more than certain he’s one of the more well paid wrestlers there.

      Example: with the pay cut, if Mickie James would have stayed, her contract was for $60,000 a year.

  • pwnez

    I’m not one bit surprised. WWE doesn’t show much interest in any TNA talents. I guess they feel that Vince can create his own stars without having to sign wrestlers from other promotions.

    • Scott Dorian Dancer

      yet in the 80s they took all the top talent from other areas.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Not sure what to think of this. WWE’s extreme lack of interest could mean one of two things. 1.) Either they’re confident in their current development program and upcoming stars and really don’t want him. Or 2.) They are interested but don’t want to show their hand.

    However, no rumors of any feelers is a bit surprising. But if he really isn’t wanted by WWE then he has no one to blame but himself. He was offered a contract years ago and blew them off.

    • $li€’ Ri€ ‘Da Rulah

      i guess i’m the ONLY one that DOESN’T WANT AJ Styles in WWE!

      • Forceton Banfodder

        I never said I wanted him in WWE. I never have either. I don’t think the WWE needs anymore mid-carders. And he’s definitely not WWE main event material.

    • Michael Carter

      Sure, forget Styles. Give us more Colin Cassidy, Xavier Woods, and Bo Dallas. I can get behind that.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        I’d prefer Paige, Zayn and Ohno myself, but hey, who am I to judge?

        • Michael Carter

          Unfortunately I don’t think Ohno will get out of developmental.
          Once certain people in WWE decide they don’t like you for whatever reason, ain’t no changing that.

          • DangerousKIRA

            From what I understand, Hero is in hot water for not sticking to the conditioning program they tried to use to get him in better shape. He’s a great wrestler, but given his physical appearance it makes sense that WWE would want him to put on some weight.

      • AceRuby

        Xavier Woods aka Consequences Creed has been stuck in development for years in the WWE that’s one guy I think that is in my opinion going to be regretting going their and not sticking it out with TNA. Honestly this is why the WWE’s development currently has to much talent right now and a lot of that talent is going to get wasted because their are only so many spots on the main roster right now for talent.

  • Dennis Kristensen

    Yea WWE isnt gonna let any outsiders know that they are interested in whatever talent in may be as long as they are still in TNA due to the lawsuit not to long ago.

  • Mr_DJ

    Age may play a factor, though I’d be content with AJ wrestling in WWE for 4-5 years.

  • Louis Salera

    they have little interest in him but tensei was a must have? lmfao

  • Reality

    The only TNA “original” I can see in WWE is Joe. Not even Aries.

    • $li€’ Ri€ ‘Da Rulah

      myself, ‘The Tennesse Cowboy’ James Storm, and Samoa Joe’s NOT REALLY an ‘Original’.

      • Randy James Crawford

        James Storm and Samoa Joe count as Originals.

      • Reality

        Joe is not really, but is considered as one. That’s why I used the inverted commas

    • Randy James Crawford

      Aries is not an original.

  • Marilon Wilson

    WWE might’ve been more interested in him, lets say atleast 6 years ago.

  • insomniacreviewer

    He’s pretty entertaining in the ring but hes a small guy and just doesn’t look like a believable tough guy in the slightest, his mic work isn’t great and he isn’t the type of guy who would be a top draw in WWE.

  • Guest

    Well as much as I love AJ Styles, he is getting up there in age now, there is no long term investment in making him a champion. Hope he has something to fall back…

    • dime knight

      he may be up in age but rvd is 42 and they signed him aj had a lot more to give and some few years left

  • Scott Dorian Dancer

    they keep around cats like r truth, tensai and countless other guys but dont want a guy who can have a great match with just about anybody and is ready to go right out of the box? styles is one of the best in the world. be foolish to not give him a shot.

  • Derringer Duo

    He missed his moment. He’s 36 now. The WWE wanted him for a long time, but he stayed loyal to TNA. Now, TNA isn’t staying loyal to him. They’ll pay a sponge like Hogan millions, but won’t break off significant money for the guy who kept them going all these years. It’s garbage. And now, what interest would the WWE have in him at 36? And with his style? If he was still 30, it would be all good. But the WWE can literally make as many AJ Styles as they want with their developmental system, now.

    That’s where I give HHH HUGE kudos. What he’s done with development has been amazing and the future as far as talent is concerned looks bright.

  • Tyler Jager

    Dude 36 is not that old. Back in the ’90s wrestlers in their 40s were still considered to be in their prime. It’s whatever though. AJ is still really good and deserves to be making good money

  • NotTooSerious

    I’d love to see AJ vs. AJ. Hey…it could happen.

  • Mary Helen Cook

    i wood love to see wwe take aj styels on it wood give us a new man to take on randy orton as i want a new team to take on tripel h team we need a new face on the wwe and i think aj styles wood do that we allso need to see aj take on a new wrestlers to as i wood love to see him at wrestlmaina

  • Mary Helen Cook

    i wood love to see wwe take aj styels on it wood give us a new man to take on randy orton as i want a new team to take on tripel h team we need a new face on the wwe and i think aj styles wood do that we allso need to see aj take on a new wrestlers to as i wood love to see him at wrestlmaina