Backstage Update On Bully Ray Parting Ways With TNA

Apparently people close to Bully Ray were caught off guard and had no idea that his contract with TNA was expiring. His deal with the company is up this coming weekend, making him free to negotiate with anyone he chooses.

As noted recently, Ray held a meeting backstage at a TNA event to basically say his “goodbyes” to friends and co-workers, as he expected that he wouldn’t be re-signing with the company.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

    • PushZigglerDamnit

      Bully, Kurt and Jeff all need to come back home. Bully can work a full time schedule, and the other two can work an RVD/Jericho schedule.

      • Jomo

        If there is more RVD/Jericho characters, when will they push Ziggler? (i say ziggler because of your name lol)

        • PushZigglerDamnit

          Well it’s fairly safe to assume he will never have the WWEWHC now that it’s been unified. So him holding the IC title is the best I can hope for.

          • brad

            Hey bringing some prestige back to the Ic title isn’t a bad thing in fact it’s a pretty good thing. I mean who else is going to make the mid card look good now that Barrett is out.

            • bambam’s ghost

              MIDCARD IMO: Cesaro, Titus, RVD, Sandow, Harper, Sammy Zayn, Ziggler, BIE E, Lameus. Eventually Steen and Devit!!! Its going to get better.

            • Forceton Banfodder

              I have no problem with these guys bolstering the status of the IC title. It’s been abused greatly over the last decade and it’s high time it got back to its prominence of the second best title in the WWE.

    • Joe Anonymous

      You ever notice the pattern with TNA is that they seem to sometimes have no idea that the contracts of their talent are expiring? You’d think, especially with someone as big and talented as Bully Ray, that they’d be up on things like this.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        Pretty sure TNA actually knows when the talent contracts expire. This story said, “people close to Bully Ray” Not TNA.

    • pwnez

      I want to see the Dudley’s vs Harper and Rowan or against the Usos. I wouldn’t mind seeing him as a singles competitor but WWE will most likely change his name to Buddy Ray or something.

      • Matt Gallagher

        Or bubba ray like it was considering they own the name

    • Mrs.Ambrose #LunaticFringeFan

      This is probably the reason why….

      • Pappy

        I Hope that damn frog gets ran the hell over.

      • Michael Carter

        Way to hit this thing at the height of it’s popularity.

    • The Man From Jonestown

      Man, Raw could become interesting as hell again (outside of just what Dean, Seth and Bray do) if you suddenly had Bubba Ray, Sting, Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy on Raw again.

      Out with Adam Rose in with Bubba Ray Dudley.
      Out with Fandango in with Sting.
      Out with El Torito in with Kurt Angle.
      Out with The Great Khali in with Jeff Hardy.

      That kind of a dramatic improvement is something like Cleveland getting Kevin Love and Lebron James.

      • WCWJobber

        Do you really think Sting would be a full time wrestler and same with Kurt. Also the wrestlers you mentioned are low card guys so your whole thing makes no sense

        • The Man From Jonestown

          A. The point you miss is you replace low card guys with high cards, thus dramatically improving the show, by replacing throwaway crap segments with much more interesting ones. How the sense of that escaped you, escapes me. If you have a poker hand and it has a 2,8,3,7. And you replace that with four Aces, you win the hand.

          B. No, I don’t expect Kurt and Sting will wrestle every week. I never said that to begin with. They aren’t mid carders, man. Full time slots need to reserved for guys like Seth, Ambrose, KENTA, Devitt and Dolph.

          • WCWJobber

            Sting has one match left with him and thats probably Wrestlemania. WWE doesnt want Kurt Angle as hes to old now and is injury prone at this point in his career. Jeff has violated to many wellness policy’s so hes a maybe in signing but you never know since hes clean. Bully ray is also a maybe. The thing is WWE doesn’t want any older guys since they are going in a younger route so it is highly unlikely any of that would happen

            • The Man From Jonestown

              Yes, the WWE doesn’t want any older guys. That’s why they brought back Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Brock Lesnar, Batista, Y2J and RVD. Because those are clearly the faces of a new youth movement. The WWE doesn’t care if you’re old, or if you’re young. They only care if you can move the needle a little, if you still have some star power. To wit, all four of those men do.

              And no, the WWE also doesn’t care if you’re injury prone. Which is why they’re almost trying to force Rey into returning even though he’s clearly done. Why they just gave triple-concussed Dolph Ziggler the IC title, why they keep cutting a check to Christian, why they will push Wade Barrett again when he returns, and why they keep putting Mark Henry on TV.

              As for wellness policy violations: Randy Orton, R. Truth, RVD, Booker T., Dolph Ziggler, Darren Young, Heath Slater, Rey Mysterio, are just SOME of the guys the WWE currently has under contract that have 1 or 2 strikes against them. AND they just changed the rules so they won’t have to fire you on your third strike.

              I’m not sure why you think that the WWE cares about age, injuries or WP violations, when it comes to who they employ. Because nothing they do supports your assumptions.

            • Kjhaltz

              It about if you can draw money and on to the future development.

    • Scott Dorian Dancer

      i dont know if a pg wwe is good for bully. one positive if he comes to wwe, is he can sell his own matches.