Kurt Angle/WWE Update: Angle’s Pitch To Return, WWE’s Interest

Kurt Angle is trying to pitch a deal to WWE that would see him return to the company on a limited basis, working a deal similar to the one Shawn Michaels worked in his final run with the company. The deal would see Angle work the bigger shows and limited dates.

WWE has reportedly shown little interest in having Angle return as an in-ring performer.

Additionally, it’s said to be common knowledge within WWE that Vince McMahon is hesitant on having Angle on his roster given his past substance abuse problems, as an Olympic gold medalist tragically passing away while part of his company would result in a ton of negative media attention, among other problems.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Matt Boone

Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

  • Dixie Carter

    He is already in the TNA hall of fame and made his career in TNA. Vince should take him back because they have Brock and Cena. The only people who draw people to the arena. The rest draw flies

  • The Man From Jonestown

    If Kurt Angle dies, do you think the media is going to call him a “Former TNA Talent”?

    Kurt Angle is famous for the WWE. And when he dies, they will call him a “Former WWE Superstar.” And they will pin his death on the WWE. Warrior hadn’t been with the WWE in almost 20 years, and you still had that sow Nancy Grace attaching him to the WWE.

    You might as well go ahead and bring him back. His death is going to be on you, regardless. I mean, not as if he’s going to die, but if he was, it’s on you as far as the media is concerned.

    • pwnez

      Most of Angle’s problems occured in TNA, not WWE. I don’t see why Vince would be so hesitant on wanting to make a deal with Angle. Much like Sting, it’s now or never.

      I think Angle could still put on a few decent matches (nothing like when he was in his prime but still cool to see.)

      • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

        I don’t know about that man… Angle’s problems STARTED in WWE, that’s why he left.

        • pwnez

          He mainly left because of injuries and that WWE didn’t allow him to take time off to heal. The drugs and alcohol occured mainly in TNA. I still don’t see why Vince wouldn’t bring him back as a part-timer.

          • The Man From Jonestown

            They’re definitely going to bring him back. It’s Kurt Angle. He’s one of the greatest of all time. And if they’ll let Scott Hall back on WWE television and RVD, the posterboy for the Marijuana Movement in wrestling, you know they’ll let Kurt back.

            I think the only three people in the world who are forever banned from WWE TV is Jeff Jarrett, Chyna and David Benoit.

          • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

            Weed cant kill you… Alcohol addiction and drug addiction can

          • The Man From Jonestown

            It’s not about weed killing you, it’s about the WWE being so extremely cautious about their image now. The WWE wants no parts of drugs anymore, not even weed. Remember, it was weed that got RVD stripped of his titles to begin with and led to him leaving the company. It got Sabu fired, when he and RVD got busted. Hell, Truth and Bourne got depushed over just smoking fake weed. That being said, they still brought RVD back for the boost. So, they’ll bring Angle back, too. Angle is much better than RVD.

          • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

            Yeah but that was what? 7 years ago (rvd and sabu) The country is being somewhat more accepting to the idea of weed.

          • Leather Face

            Scott Hall made minor appearances for a few minutes. It’s not like he’s going to wrestle again. And you say RVD loves weed like it’s a bad thing for him. Other than him being a bit slower than before he still looks to be in good shape and can still perform so the wacky tabaccy couldn’t be that bad. You must still watch those old 1950s anti Marijuana commercials and believe them lol

          • The Man From Jonestown

            Raise up, man. I used to smoke probably more than RVD and I support marijuana legalization. You’re inferring a whole bunch of crap that I never said. Like I ACTUALLY said, it has nothing to do with weed being bad or killing you, it’s the WWE that’s ultra sensitive about drugs that makes RVD’s presence on the roster a clear indication that they’ll give Angle another shot.. So brush up on your reading comprehension before you make your unfunny jokes.

          • Leather Face

            WWE is only “ultra sensitive” after bad press and when they feel they need to make an example out of someone. You really think they care RVD smokes weed? They only care that he and sabu got pulled over, busted, and it became public. They had to make an example of both of them. Orton has been busted for weed many times. If they’re so weary, why after 2 strikes, being fined for weed, and being known to abuse other drugs are they still pushing him as a top guy? WWE only cares about the green you can’t smoke. So how about you “raise up.” Bruh.

          • The Man From Jonestown

            Dude, that’s the whole point that I was making. Seriously… That’s why I’m saying they’re going to bring Kurt Angle back.

            Actually READ the whole conversation before posting.


          • Stephen

            Why Jeff Jarrett?
            I mean, Vince hired Bischoff, right? So if he thought bringing in Jarrett would make the company money, then he would do it.
            And do you mean Chris Benoit? David won’t get to use the name Benoit, but WWE can’t ban him for what his father did.

          • The Man From Jonestown

            It’s because of what Jarrett did with the IC title, not that he tried to compete. Jarrett held the title hostage and refused to drop it to Chyna on his way out unless Vince paid him a hefty sum. Vince never forget him for the breach in ethics. That’s why he fired him on TV as soon as he bought WCW.

            As for David, it’s not fair, but I do believe they’re going to ban him for what his father did. It’s, by far, the darkest moment in the history of the industry. It’s part of what created the whole PG era (along with Eddie’s death.). They still omit Chris Benoit in most things. How are you going to have his son on your show and blacklist his father at the same time? It’s impossible.

            They could change his name, address it quickly when it comes up and try to move on and hope David gets his own accomplishments, but I just don’t see it. I mean, the more David would succeed, the more the media would mention his father. It’s the last thing the WWE would want. I can’t see them ever bringing him in.

          • Stephen

            Didn’t know about this JJ/IC story.
            Regarding David, he would not be the first person to compete and not have his family mentioned. They make absolutely no mentions about Bray’s family.
            And they hid the fact that Brian Christopher was the son of Jerry Lawler for years, so it’s not out of the question for David to be given a name, and they simply make no mention of his father at all. The majority of the people would not even know he second generation.

          • The Man From Jonestown

            They wouldn’t mention it, but I’m talking about the media. They never say that Bray is the son of IRS and brother of Bo, but we all know because of the media. We all knew BC was Jerry’s son. We all knew Umaga was part of the A’noai family, They’ve never mentioned on TV that Roman Reigns is the cousin of the Rock, etc…

            It’s the media coverage of it. They could call him Elvis Shakur, and the media would still talk about how the son of Chris Benoit is performing under the moniker of “Elvis Shakur” and then talk about the Murders, and then talk about Steroids and the wrestler death rate.

          • Leather Face

            Exactly. Randy “2 Strikes” Orton is still on the roster.

          • https://www.facebook.com/RandomBrainActivity Bully FU

            What is most surprising about that is that they make him the “face” of the company, storyline wise, and trust him to be the only World Champion. What if their World Champ suddenly died? I think chances are just as good of Orton passing as Angle, sure two different people and situations but Orton seems to have mental issues also, not just character related. If you add substance abuse to an already unstable mind then you’re asking for problems. I don’t think there is any truth in this report as to that being the reason McMahon doesn’t want Angle back based on other situations like Orton in the WWE in the past.

          • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

            I’ve read different things from different sources… so who really knows? WWE will only bring him back if they see money in him – and maybe they don’t. WWE doesn’t care about creating dream matches or pleasing fans… all they care about is money. Will Angle draw is the question. We can all say yes, but I still question if he can outdraw who they currently have. And if the answer to that is not a solid yes, then there’s no point in spending cash on him.

          • The Man From Jonestown

            Fair point. But, they have to see money in an Angle/Bryan or Angle/Wyatt feud. Heck, even bringing him in as a heel ringer to take out Reigns has some money in it. Angle isn’t some Ham and Egger. He can draw in the WWE, I believe.

          • Cujo999

            Well, that’s Kurt’ s spin. He was off for 30 days starting at the end of June, came back the end of July, got his release in August, then inked with TNA in September ’06. Whether the 30 days off was for “personal reasons” or a suspension for drug abuse is open to debate, as both have been reported. However, if he needed more time to heal, why sign elsewhere so quickly? He was also having mood swings while in WWE, which is a good sign of drug abuse.

      • RAWFan

        There’s no reason for WWE to bring him back. He wouldn’t boost ratings, he wouldn’t sell much merchandise, he wouldn’t increase network buys, and he’s on his last legs. All of that combined with the fact that he’s prone to abusing drugs and alcohol. Signing Angle is high risk, low reward. Plus, I’m not even sure whether Angle could effectively put anyone over, which is literally the only upside in signing him. I don’t believe in “enhancement talents.” Take Jericho for example. Bringing him in just to lose to Wyatt isn’t really going to elevate Bray much. It doesn’t work that way. Now, look at Ambrose and Rollins. Those two are having a good competitive rivalry that will elevate both of them no matter who wins. That’s how you push your younger talent, not having them beat older guys who have no relevance in 2014.

  • Brian Clougherty

    imagine the pop he would get at the Rumble Nxt Year

    • raVen

      The “You suck!” Dun dun “You suck!” Dun dun would be amazing.

  • MajorHeel

    They just fired 7% of their employees I don’t think they can afford to have him.

    • Gotstodobetter

      I’m pretty sure they can especially when they still have other part time wrestlers working and can afford to keep Brock around.

      • MajorHeel

        Yeah that’s one of the reasons why I can’t stand part time wrestlers

  • Dumbassery

    Considering the fact that they just entered Scott Hall and Jake Roberts into their HOF, and had Hall on RAW this past week, I don’t buy this report one bit…

  • Jonny Merciless

    this is ridiculous yes Angle has had his problems in the past with substance but there is no way in hell the WWE would be looking at Jeff Hardy and not Kurt Frigin Angle and both of these man have battled and over come their demons with SA Kurt even has his own youtube documentary demonstrating the life he lives now so this is a BS report

  • lunchbox87

    yet you guys have Orton on the roster

    • pwnez

      Orton has gotten away with a lot due to him being a “big draw” for the company. That’s the only reason.

      • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

        pretty sure kurt angle is a bigger draw than orton

        • pwnez

          …I didn’t even mention Angle in my comment.

          • Kevin G. Wolfe

            This thread is in reference to an article about Angle and the original post you replied to was how Angle is a risk yet Orton is still there. You kinda set yourself up.

          • pwnez

            All I said was that Orton is still with the company because WWE considers him a big draw. I never argued against Angle being a bigger draw, that’s not what my comment was about. It’s not a big deal but it was random.

          • Kevin G. Wolfe

            Not really random, considering the contents of the article and the original post.

          • Shades

            Well what do expect when you use the Mean Sun from SMB3 as your pic? That is him, right? Peeps just be in a bad mood because it’s summer and fn hot! Maybe you should switch back to the Iggy/Lemmy pic, sorry I always get them mixed up!

          • Chris Gaudet

            I think Taker is trying to say that if that is their argument for Orton… then they have no reason not to sign Angle.

        • bobby miller

          If that were legitimately true, then wouldn’t TNA’s ratings be BETTER? He’s not a draw. Always was a great wrestler, but that’s it.

        • PFR


      • Max_Kirgan

        Orton has gotten away with what he’s gotten away with because he’s good friends with Triple H. He really should have 5 or 6 wellness violations(well past the 3 needed) by now, but his early violations were swept under the rug.

    • david

      i was just thinking the same thing guy went a wall and tryed to co star in the movie hahaha

    • Yofiel Malachi Yacov

      Orton is not a substantance abuser. He is a steroid user, are you going tell me steroids is worse than a multi time DUI offender/in and out rehab patient?

      Scott hall/Ric flair better examples , compared to angle, Orton seems like a saint

  • MachoViper

    Bullcrap. He CANNOT talk to WWE about contracts or employment until he is no longer under TNA contract.

    • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

      He can get feelers out there though – discreetly.

      • MachoViper

        If he is really careful, through friends who are in the WWE. Nothing wrong with talking with friends.

  • brad

    Absolutely stupid if you ask me the guy is arguably one of the best performers to ever do it and in my option he is without a doubt the best wrestler yes legitimate wrestler to have ever graced pro wrestling.

    • Gotstodobetter

      Not really think with your head instead of your emotions buddy.

      • brad

        I mean I get that they think he’s going to be on drugs and all but the mans been clean for a while and the WWE knows dam well that they can use him to elevate the talent there so I think it’s a win win for them or in their case a lose lose for not picking him back up.

  • SJF

    “According to one source…” is pretty much like saying “Here’s something we just made up”

  • bambam’s ghost

    Thats a good trade!!! You get Alberto and we get Angle!!

  • rudy

    Vince lives and breathes negotiation tactics. No way hes going to sound interested in bringing him back. I don’t expect him to sign a lucrative contract but I do see him finishing his career in wwe. Vince still appreciates his talent and the fact he wrestled with a broken freaking neck. Mcmahon loves toughness and Kurt is the epitome of it. Its true that there are risks involved from a PR standpoint but there’s also a lot of money the company knows it can make with Angle still. Lots. No one can ever take from him that he just may be the greatest wrestling talent to ever grace a wwe ring.

  • Max_Kirgan

    People love Kurt Angle. He’s one of those guys, no matter heel or face, he still gets cheered. I like to think that’s because of his accomplishments. I remember when I was at NYR 06, they had him do a vignette to try and get some heel heat on him. He was asked if he could go back in time and do one thing, what would it be? His answer, “Go back in time and slap the Ankle Lock on Jesus Christ and break his ankle.” Crazy right? You think that would get a cacophony of boos. Nope, the place went nuts.

  • insomniacreviewer

    I’d like to see Angle back in WWE for one last short run.

  • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

    KURT ANGLE SHOULD Return as part timer so he could have a feud with Daniel Bryan and Bray Wyatt and wwe needs to bring back Goldberg Too!

  • James Swisher

    If wwe can bring back Brett hart hulk hogan the ultimate warrior and basically any superstar that left on bad terms they can and should bring back Kurt angle he belongs in wwe they should also bring Kurt in to feud with rusev who better to fued with rusev then Kurt he represents the imbodyment of the u.s.a. he was in the Olympics and won a gold medal with a broken frekin neck

  • Buzzard Follower

    i would be surprised if wwe turns angle down he’s kurt freakin angle. put him some mathces with bryan (if healthy) ambrose and i dont know should still be great

  • Punk2k14

    Angle is needed in the WWE even if they don’t give him the title he needs to come back and tear sh*t up.

    Break Cena or someone else’s leg with his ankle lock, show Jack Swagger whose boss.

    Angle vs Cesaro would be a good feud and eventually Angle vs Bryan

    • Punk2k14

      ankle* not leg lol