Backstage Update on Fellow Cruiserweight’s Reaction to Austin Aries’ Release

Austin Aries (Photo Credit:

Last week former WWE Cruiserweight Title challenger Austin Aries was released from his contract with the company. Aries seemed to enjoy the news, as he tweeted out “It’s a beautiful day” shortly after the announcement was made official by WWE. Aries reportedly asked for his release because he was not happy with his place in the WWE’s Cruiserweight Division.

Per a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, neither Aries’ fellow Cruiserweights or writers were happy to see him go. Aries had reportedly expressed frustration in his repeated losing to Cruiserweight Champion Neville in their storyline. He wanted to move out of the Cruiserweight Division but felt that there was nowhere to go after his storyline with Neville ended.

Attached to Aries’ WWE contract is a 90-day non-compete agreement that expires on October 5, 2017. Until the agreement expires he will collect the downside guarantee from WWE and will be unable to use the Austin Aries name going forward. He will be allowed to work indie dates for the next three months, however, WWE will have to approve each booking.