Backstage Update On Sting’s WWE Status, Undertaker/Lesnar WMXXX Concerns

The latest word going around is that Sting has yet to sign a contract with WWE. The feeling is that the delay in the signing is more on WWE’s end, as the company doesn’t consider him a priority. WWE is reportedly in no hurry to sign Sting in time for a match at WrestleMania XXX, although those close to Sting claim he was hoping to have a match on the show, specifically against The Undertaker.

Since Sting lives in the Dallas area, he was apparently willing to meet up with Undertaker and work out the match in advance, something that many of Taker’s past opponents at WrestleMania have done.

There is some concern in the company that Brock Lesnar may not be willing to spend all of that extra time working on the match with Undertaker, as many feel he’s only in the company because it’s a big money deal for a small amount of work.

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    (Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Matt Boone

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    • lazarus87

      Why does sescoops keep reporting the same stuff, headline should read “update, sting still not signed with wwe”

      • Jay Strongbow

        If they just changed the headline, then they would still be reporting it, wouldn’t they?

      • QuiteFrankly2k

        I completely understand what you mean, but you didn’t know? Sting will be working on a Handshake! LOL

        Okay but regarding the match, to be honest if they do have a match…there really is nothing more either of them could do after.. so you think they should retire?

    • Bryan

      Just give Undertaker another year off he doesn’t have a credible opponent this year as:

      Brock Lesnar: Too psychical and most likely to be involved with title scene.
      Daniel Bryan: Better be involved with title scene unless WWE wants another Royal Rumble incident.
      John Cena: In feud with Bray Wyatt unless they want to have Taker revealed as the leader which in my opinion would ruin the Wyatt Family and it make Bray a lackey that was just following orders and weaken his character.
      The Shield: In a feud with each other most likely.
      Kane: Seen it too many times and Taker’s body isn’t the same as it used to be and his match with Kane would be slow and boring kind of like there Hell in a Cell match in 2010.
      Chris Jericho: Most likely won’t be returning for Mania season.

      So give him another year off and have him face Cena next year.

      • Pozessed

        I’m sure in 2010 they had a great Kane Vs Undertaker match… If I recall one was really bad and the other was quite good…. To be fair, when I think of Undertaker matches one of the main ones that sticks out to me apart from his battles with HBK is his hell in a cell match against Edge… That one doesn’t get much recognition but it was epic.

        • Bryan

          Ok I’ll give you Night of Champions with Kane that was actually good but the other 2 matches [Hell in a Cell and Bragging Rights [Buried Alive]] were awful. I agree with on Edge’s feud with Taker that was epic I loved that feud it was one of Taker’s best.

          • Pozessed

            Definitely, it sucks since I was younger when Edge was around and I couldn’t truly appreciate how great he was.

        • Curtis Axel FACE of WWE

          I notice that Nexus helped Kane bury the Undertaker in 2010, and then the Brothers of Destruction came out together at the 1000th episode in 2012 like nothing had ever happened.

          • Pozessed

            These are the same brothers that….
            – Kane burn’t both of their parent’s graves
            – Buried each other alive before that
            – Taker had set Kane on fire… Twice I think?
            – Taker had unmasked Kane before his official unmasking, at a Summerslam

            Yeah… They have had a lot of crazy shizz happen and they become friends again, I think it because of the whole “We are creepy supernatural brothers” gimmick.

      • ibeBrave

        No there is a trump card……..Undertaker vs…..The Returning………..OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST KURT ANGLE !!!!!

    • raVen

      again I think this is the last chance to get a good match out of sting. he’s willing to put get his body up to par and to go all out for one last show. I call stinky bs on sting not being priority. reports say that there were all day meetings to rethink mania…sting taker is instant money

    • yrabadi

      This isn’t the ‘latest word’… This is the same old sh!t.

      • Pozessed

        SAME OLD SH!T!!!
        SAME OLD SH!T!!!
        SAME OLD SH!T!!!
        SAME OLD SH!T!!!

    • Noah

      WWE don’t consider Sting a priority?.Sting should be there top priority.I do believe Sting has signed.The night after WM the last few years have been awesome!!!.I expect Sting on Raw the night after WM.I wouldn’t expect Brock to put in extra time at all in working on the match with Undertaker.Brock is only there for the money and that’s it.Get someone who will put in the extra time to work with Undertaker.WWE should tell Brock,If you won’t put in extra time to work with Undertaker then your not wrestling at WM.Make it John Cena vs Undertaker this year.Next year Undertaker vs Sting.John Cena WOULD put in the extra time to work with Undertaker unlike Brock.

    • Hollywood Cena

      sting will debut after elimination chamber when taker is returning, this is another wwe swerve

    • comic_book_fan

      then have sting vs taker this year screw lesnar he is over paid and overrated.

    • Johnson

      I literally don’t care anymore about Sting vs. Undertaker. I don’t even care if he signs or not. But that match will look awful in this time period. I don’t think Sting can go and put it all out on the line in a WM caliber type match. In other words Sting can’t out do Taker’s recent hard fought contests. I would say after WM 23, the streak matches have been increasing the voltage. Batista – Edge – HBK – H inside the HIAC – CM Punk….. they’ve all pretty much pushed him to the limit.
      Daniel Bryan would probably push him even more. Imagine Bryan going after the streak. I didn’t mention it before, but other than John Cena…. Bryan would be a huge threat to the streak as he is constantly booked as being extremely difficult to defeat (like Cena). I want to see Cena/Taker get it over with however at WM 30. If not him, then Bryan.
      Both of which would be 100x better than Taker/Sting.

      The only time I would say was a good time for Sting to have this match with Taker was in 2002 at WM 18. And this would be IF , the WCW invasion had been drawn out all the way to WM 18 like it should have been, and especially IF WWE bought out the WCW main event players like they should have. The WM winner take all themed event would have stood out in WM history as the only WM to have WWF vs. WCW. Vince would have got all that money back and then some. Because that whole angle would have been red hot.

      Sting could have been part of the invasion and been included at the RR of 2002, and then put in a feud with Taker leading to their match at WM 18. Where the winner take all match should have taken place imo. And of course I only say that with the idea of WWE having the likes of Hogan/Hall/Nash/Goldberg/Sting/Sid/The Steiners/Ric Flair/ and the like…. the real heavy hitters of WCW.
      Today Sting in WWE… I just don’t care. And his match with Taker is pretty much 14 years too late for it to matter. (to me anyway)

      • Noah

        I don’t think Daniel Bryan would be a threat to end the streak.I’d rather see Sting vs Undertaker.Then next year Undertaker vs John Cena.I agree with you 100% on the WCW invasion angle.I didn’t mind it.But for WCW it should of invovled:NWO,Goldberg,Sting,Big Papa Pump etc.Those guys against Stone Cold,The Rock,Undertaker,Kane,Y2J,Kurt Angle,Big Show etc.I’d would of loved to see,Hogan Vs Austin,Goldberg vs Austin,Goldberg vs Undertaker,Sting vs Austin,Undertaker and The Rock etc.The invasion was alright but it would of been alot better with the top WCW guys.

        • kp

          Yes it would but wcw guys didn’t want to job to the Wwe.

          • Noah

            I know.I’m sure Hogan,Goldberg,Sting etc would say no were not jobbing.If Vince wanted them to job,I’m sure Hogan,Goldberg and Sting would tell Vince to go F himself.I’m sure Hogan has said it a few times to

            • kp

              I know right they would lol

        • kp

          I know right lol

      • The truth

        This guy said daniel Bryan would be a threat to undertaker streak didn’t know this guy was a comedian

      • kp

        You don’t know those two would go all out and steal the show because they love the business. This for the fans. Age doesn’t have anything to do with it. So just think wrestle mania Undertaker and sting will go all out for this one especially for the fans.

    • steven harris

      SEScoops,, be a dear and stop reporting this crap because he’s not coming to WWE, he never will. The only time we will see him doing anything wwe is the hall of fame and that’s not going to be for a while. It’s over, he aint coming, it’s done.

    • Ares

      Kane and Undertaker should retire together at WM.

    • Ralph from StateFarm

      Now imagine if Sting been signed a contract and this is a swerve from WWE and he does come back for the Raw show on the 24th with Taker. Expect the unexpected.

    • Daniel

      you pay lesnar to take those ridiculous bumps

    • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

      Don’t worry everybody WWE Will gave more money to Brock Lesnar to have an extra time practice for their match with the undertaker!

    • Stijnosb

      If this is true it’s what sting has to accept. year after year after year he said no to WWE, and now that he wants to retire he wants to wrestle his first WWE match on WrestleMania immediatly?… Personally I think he should at least wrestle a year before he gets that match. And probably I’ll get hated for saying this. And by the way, the ones that are saying right now that Sting should be signed immediatly are also the ones that keep complaining about old timers taking the main event spot. Well, Sting is also a oldtimer. And I know that he is a legend, but still he is coming as a new guy into WWE (for the rookies) and his first match is the biggest main event of the year?! Sorry for saying it, but I rather see Antonio get a Push and get that golden match. Antonio can carry The Undertaker. Sting is just like The Undertaker a wreck himself…

      • Noah

        I do not want Brock vs Undertaker this year.Brock is only there for the money and won’t put in extra time to work with Undertaker.Id say Cena vs Undertaker this year.Undertaker vs Sting next year.But who knows what it will be.I’m one of the one’s that say sign Sting immediatly.I don’t complain about The Rock,Batista etc coming back and taking the main event spot.Those guys come back for the main event spots cause some guys on the WWE roster are not good enough to main event.Some people will complain about Sting coming in.I agree with you he’s a new guy coming into WWE even thow he’s up there in age.I’ve always been a Sting fan.He’s one of my all time favorites.If people don’t like Sting coming in,Which some poeple wont,To bad.You want Antonio to get a push that’s cool.If WM 30 ends up being Undertaker vs Sting,That’s money right there.Undertaker vs Antonio wouldn’t be money.Sorry for saying that.

    • Stijnosb

      If Brock doesn’t want to do sh*t for that money, they should book him as a weak wrestler. So that he’s pissed off and goes back to UFC. If he wins there, the guys that defeated him in wrestling will only look stronger. ^^

    • insomniacreviewer

      Sting shouldn’t be a priority, he is way past his prime and he needs to retire.