Backstage Update On Undertaker’s Streak Ending: Plans Changed Last Minute

Despite reports to the contrary, it was not Undertaker’s decision to end his legendary undefeated streak at WrestleMania XXX this year. The belief, however, is that if he didn’t want to end the streak, he could have put up a fight and it probably wouldn’t have happened. Regardless, Vince McMahon made the call to have Brock Lesnar win the match.

Another interesting note is that the original plan for the match was for Undertaker to go over, however a few days before the show, McMahon changed his mind. The feeling is that McMahon knew of Undertaker’s physical condition and the chance that this was going to be his last match, and decided that if the streak was ever going to be broken, it was now or never.

Details On The Referee Not Knowing The Finish To Undertaker vs. Lesnar

As far as Undertaker’s reaction, as previously reported, there are conflicting reports. One friend of his said that he had to be talked into it, while another person who would likely know, said that he didn’t argue the decision at all.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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  • NewsPeruse

    It was his idea ! It wasn’t his idea ! It actually was his idea ! It really wasn’t his idea !

    Give me a break.

  • God’s Diamond

    Sting and Undertaker may not be united as far as one trying to keep a streak and another trying to break it, but they are united by wrestling websites constantly putting up new articles on whether or not taker wanted the streak to end and whether or not sting has signed a contract smh

  • John Petter

    Should have had Bo Dallas break it .Launching his Bo-Lieve gimmick

    • SOBI

      21 and BO

      • heterosexual


      • z28man

        that shirt coulda been MONEY!!!!

        • Will

          Lmao it would have been money for sure

      • Yoyo Swatkats


      • Randy James Crawford

        That is awesome lol.

    • gdaddy1971

      That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard.

      • Leather Face

        Says the person using gdaddy as his name

        • gdaddy1971

          And Leather Face is any better?!!

          • Michael Carter

            Than “gdaddy”? Yeah. So maybe he cuts off people’s faces and wears them as a mask. At least he doesn’t listen to hip hop.

          • GhostOfRonnieMcDonnie

            and what’s wrong with Hip Hop? You need some Roots or KRS One in your life evidently

          • ryan b

            Ni needs some 2pac in his life

          • gdaddy1971

            Actually, for your information, it has nothing to do with hip hop. I don’t even listen to hip hop. It is short for Godfather, as in the movie….one of the best of all time.

          • Michael Carter

            Grandaddy1971. Got it. Are you always so serious?

          • gdaddy1971

            Wasn’t trying to be obnoxious or serious. Just explaining the name. It’s all good.

          • JT

            …actually, Leather Face is one of Big Pun’s dopest songs. In case you were wondering, Big Pun is a legendary hip hop artist.

  • RomBuster

    Whether it was Vince idea or not, what’s done is done. Time for us to get over it and its now WWE’s burden to find a way to somehow “Replace” the hype that the streak brought for every WM for the last 10 years.

    What encourages me not to make a fuss about the streak anymore is looking at the best Wrestlemanias WWE has every presented, more specifically everybody’s favourite: WM 17

    Back at WM 17, Taker’s streak was hardly acknowledged, but everybody seems to say its the best WM ever simply because WWE had stacked the card and put on a magnificent show either way.
    WWE still has the ability to do just that if they wanted to.

    • Big Papa GOAT


      Also, another WM that people consider the best WM ever is WrestleMania 19!!

      Rock vs Austin III , Hogan vs McMahon , Lesnar vs Angle , Michaels vs Jericho , Triple H vs Booker T .

      And The Streak match is a 2 on 1 handicap match with Taker vs Show and A-Train.

      • Tom Wing

        the wasn’t really using a streak as a gimmick at that point. they more or less mentioned it in passing.

    • ObsessiveFanBoy

      Bringing back MITB at Wrestlemania would be a good choice to ‘fill the void’ left by Taker and the streak imo.

  • Big Papa GOAT

    The Rock ending the Streak would’ve been better.

    • MSK_B.O.Y

      no Brock Lesnar is best fit to have ended the streak… just like Brock whooped Taker’s arse in hell in a cell back around 2002/2003 (dnt remember)

      • Pozessed

        Nobody will agree with it when it was the most logical, Cena has done enough already, he didn’t need the streak to be beat, Bryan was winning the WWE championship against Batista and Orton who are major players in WWE, there just isn’t anyone else who could have been seen as a legitimate threat to the streak, I am happy it was Lesnar.

        • Phanto

          Plus there’s a realism side to it in the fact that Lesnar is a legitimate fighter who could really beat ‘Taker (or most WWE guys) and the fact Undertaker has NEVER beat Lesnar in a PPV. That being said it still only works if Lesnar will be a semi-full time wrestler for at least 2 years or more. Also no one has pointed out, if nothing else, it helps elevate Heyman which, vicariously, could result in elevating younger/newer talent.

          • Pozessed

            Definitely, the realism is what is missing from WWE these days, although my favourite part about Raw was Hornswoggle Vs El Torito (Whatever his name is) during the tag team match. BEST FEUD OF THE YEAR! Aha

        • ryan b

          Yea but the could have used that spot to turn cena heel

          • Pozessed

            Would probably never happen, he makes too much money as a babyfaaaaace.

        • Mark

          I would have preferred Kane. Even though he too is nearing the end of his career, with Paul Bearer’s death, Taker’s retirement, it would have left the story line open to continue in the same vein, or wrapped up nicely. I definitely didn’t want to see it go to HBK, HHH, The Rock or Lesnar. Ugh. Someone still on the regular roster needed to break it. Roman Reigns, Cesaro would have been legitimate and respectful winners to push over at the Taker’s expense, and although Big E. hasn’t earned the spot yet, a push like that would get him on the fast track to the title hunt. He should be in there. (Did Batista botox his entire head? He looks younger than RKO. Yuck)

      • ibeBrave


        • Mark

          No guy that is one slip down the stairs from being in a wheelchair will ever return to the ring. That includes Stone Cold and Edge both!! WTH? They’re lucky to be walking and you think they should be wrestling?

    • Sigma ?

      The people’s ass is not even worthy to step into the same ring with The Undertaker, let alone hold his jockstrap. He doesn’t deserve that honor. Same goes for Lesnar.

      • Big Papa GOAT

        Ah nuw! Nasty jobber mad at GOATRock coz Rocky made little SigmaVirus cry cry when he ended his hero SheaM Skunk fake title reign lmao.

        • Michael Gillick

          Nah, Dwayne just sucks. Same moves every match. Same catch phrases every match. And then he had the stones to go for the title after leaving to become a mediocre movie star. Sorry but the only thing he should be doing is losing to younger more talented wrestlers like dolph, bray, Damien sandow and the like. Hell even el torito is better than the rock.

          • ThankYouTaker

            Same catchphrase ever match, are you by chance a D-Bry fan? Yes! Yes! Yes! Atleast rock has more then 1 phrase/word.

          • Michael Gillick

            That’s cool. Too bad Bryan has 100,000 times the ability rock ever had.

          • J

            How old are you? Honestly. Your ridiculous claims are pathetic. None of the wrestlers you mentioned are in the Rock’s league. Bryan? Yes. Punk? Yes. Your list? No.

          • Patrick

            u suck motherfucker he is a legend

          • Michael Gillick

            BAHAHAHAHA! Wow, excellent argument. You got me there. Now go back to your classroom, your teacher is motioning that it’s nap time before arts and crafts….

      • ryan b

        You rock haters crack me up y does everyone hate on rock because he lives his dream …..,,,both of them…stop hating ,people……get a few dreams of your own and stop hating…..

        • Sigma ?

          He is overrated. Enough said.

    • Drmgiver

      Kill yourself.

      • Big Papa GOAT

        Angry jobber

      • Jizzzobber666

        I second that

        • ThankYouTaker


  • Okada vs Hiroshi Match Of The

    It doesn’t really matter.

    Let’s just forget about The Streak please.

    • Drmgiver

      Agreed. Old news. It isn’t going to change things much. And this is coming from a person who refuses to watch WWE any longer due to this.

      • David McClain

        So y r u on an article stupid

  • Jamie

    It was just a pity about the match, there was no heart in it compared to the last few manias.

    • Pozessed

      The thing is, it served a sort of purpose with the match being as it was, it was realistic and somehow it made you feel like things weren’t right, Taker is old and beat up through the 20+ years he has spent wrestling at a top level, it made sense that Taker would be pretty much beat down throughout the match, because lets face it, it would be VERY hard to top the matches he had with HBK.

      • Jamie

        Yea, it was realistic in that sense, though quite a depressing send off.

        • Pozessed

          It is a sad reality to be honest, as FanBoy posted above, he had a concussion too, it did add to it to be honest, when he lost it gave you that feeling as if it was the right time. It is evident in nature too, the younger powerful lion battles the older lion.

          • ?????? ??????????

            Hey Pozessed. I read your previous comment about Taker’s top matches with HBK. I totally agree with you mate. But I also believe that Undertaker’s match with HHH at WM 28 was also one of his best matches…. It was very violent and emotional…

          • Pozessed

            Hello to you too, aha. Yeah, there was a lot of emotion in his match with HHH, it did well to cover up taker needing to rest within the match.

    • ObsessiveFanBoy

      He suffered a concussion like 5 minutes into the match. If he hadn’t, I think their performance would have been better. I heard they practiced this match do you really think THIS is what they practiced?

  • ?????? ??????????

    To my opinion, I claim that Kane was the only one deserving to end the streak. Taker and Kane had a lot of history in the past and you can tell that Undertaker wanted to take some revenge from 2010 when he was beaten 3 straight times by Kane. I know Kane has lost twice, but don’t forget that HHH has lost three times…
    Lesnar is in waaay better shape that the Deadman, but Lesnar is a part-timer…. Kane has busted his ass from 1997 until now to WWE. He has been in every event, storyline, matches, etc, he should have been THE ONE to break it… Sadly the creativity of WWE is lacking those days….

    • Jonny Merciless

      they gave kane the opportunity to end it a while ago but he said no he had too much respect for taker and the streak

  • gungabiblical

    Yes we have just recieved word from the backstage guy that works mopping up the floors that it was mcmahon’s idea to end the streak… that’s pretty much what it sounds like and I don’t think taker would do it without him atleast agreeing on it lol jesus christ I hate this is like the 5th article of first saying it was takers idea then saying it wasnt then saying it is again and now this lol


    okay vince its alright that Lesnar ended the streak but atleast it should have been a main event match or after the match Lesnar and Heyman should have shook hands with the Taker.We never expected that Takers streak will end in a cheap way and so easily.

    • Jonny Merciless

      brock lesnar was crying and said thank you while he had pinned the undertaker after the third f-5, if you have the wwe network you can see it again to see that

  • ObsessiveFanBoy

    I would sooner believe it was Undertaker’s decision to end the streak before Vince making the call.

  • captaindaddy72

    O my goodness just face the fact the streak ended lol. And face the facts if taker truly didn’t want the streak to end then the streak wouldn’t end, he’s the undertaker for goodness sake I’m sure he has enough pull backstage to do what he wants lol

  • Ted

    Thank you for the confirmation secoops.After the lose of Taker i wrote that it was WWE creative job and not Taker decision to lose but many fans disagreed.You see Undertaker is a legend of WWE but McMahon is the WWE.
    Still one of the greatest of all time is the deadman.

  • Scott Kinnard

    Brock wasn’t the right person to break the streak

    • PushZigglerDamnit

      I disagree. Paul Heyman is the absolute perfect person to sell the streak being broken. So giving it to Lesnar, one of the guys most people would legit fear if they saw him in person, makes perfect sense.

      • Josh Knepshield

        Yeah, and all the fans agree when they yell BORING when Heyman talks.

        • Adam-Michael

          What WWE do you watch?!

          • Josh Knepshield

            The weeks leading up to Mania, the Raw crowds chanted boring every time Heyman spoke.

          • justmenoname

            They were chanting “walrus”…

          • Josh Knepshield

            and boring

  • Dretz

    All these reports and speculations, it’d be kinda funny if Taker actually didn’t really care and the convo went like

    Vince: “Hey, Taker, can we end your streak?”
    Taker: “K”

    • CheapOp

      Lol, I imagined it via text.

      Vince: “21 – 1, or nah?”
      Taker: “K, ;) lol”

      • Ike…..

        Funniest reply I’ve ever seen!

      • MarioEdwards

        This is even funnier

    • MarioEdwards

      That was funny

      • Jesus

        Not anymore

  • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

    Bill Goldberg should end the streak!

  • Blue Steel Cage

    Great move, no one saw it coming. Shocking fans and getting a reaction, surprising us with a result that even if it pisses you off does its job. We all know its scripted so pulling one over on us is hard. Brock will be in WWE for many years to come even if its part time, Taker never would have agreed if he didn’t like the idea. Stop your bitching, the point of wrestling is making a scripted show feel like it’s real, in reality upsets happen, the unexpected happens.

    • Josh Knepshield

      Brock’s contract expires after WM31. How can you say for a fact he will be around for “years to come?”

    • Mark

      Brock bends Vince over and ass rapes him every time WWE wants Brock back. Jeff Jarrett did it and has never come back. Lesnar keeps on doing it. Short contracts, threatening to walk as a title holder, or in the week leading up to a PPV. Bring on the KY, here comes Brock Lesnar.

  • 004

    this is all one big conspiracy. have qa part timer end the streak so when they eventually hvae super cena face the dead man their will be nothing keeping them from having cena win like always they can just say atleast cena didnt end the streak

  • raVen

    it’s been said that he has been ready to end it for years.
    it’s just so lack luster… The biggest opportunity to generate buzz since montreal and they just haven’t done anything with it.

  • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

    Undertaker is just wrinkled skin and thin bones! He should had retired last year, but he needed to pay his rent money!

    • Jonny Merciless

      Dude your just a whack ass cena fan and your just mad cena didnt end it, with all the years and fame the taker has gathered he could buy and sell you

      • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

        I’m okay with King Lesnar ending the streak, but I did preferred Saint Cena to end it. I bet you wanted CM Flunk to end it, right?

    • Cadolots

      Dude, Undertaker is set for life. You on the other hand need to pay your rent money. Beside he is on Legend Contract

      • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

        I’m not set for life, but I have more than enough money to pay my rent, Ms. Cadolots.

        • Cadolots

          How stupd are you? I said Undertaker is set for life. Not you. Btw I’m a man.

          • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

            I’m not “stupid”, Ms.Cadolots! I was just saying that I’m not worried about paying my rent money due to my current income. I don’t consider myself wealthy, but I’m satisfied with my money that I have right now.

            I assumed that you’re a man, but I was just trolling………or was I?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • gdaddy1971

            You sure look stupid. And all the dumb a$$ comments you make on here all the time make you sound stupid. So putting two together…

          • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

            At least I have to balls to show myslef, Mrs.Godaddy! I can’t wait to see how you look like!

          • gdaddy1971

            Is that your best shot?! You call guys by girls names. Damn, you’re smooth. And I wish you wouldn’t show yourself. You look like a Dudley Boy with Down Syndrome.

          • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

            Very offensive to parents who takes care of children with down syndrome, Missy Godaddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Seriously, just act like an adult and stop saying offensive things, which people can’t change about themselves.

            I’m not Brad Pitt, but I’m FAR from Rosie O Donald or Bill Cosby!

          • gdaddy1971

            You’re right. I apologize to anyone who has a family member with down syndrome. I in no way meant to offend you with that comment.
            I however don’t apologize to you, Aubrey. You live on offensive comments on this site. So before you start chastising someone for their comments, you should look in the mirror. Guess that option is just a little too scary.

          • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

            I was going to give you an agree, but that last sentence was not necessary. I accepted the way I look and I’m proud of it :)

          • gdaddy1971

            Agreed. Maybe I went a little far with the comment.

    • Josh Knepshield

      Good trolling. Undertaker could buy and sell you’re mother, not that it would cost much.

      • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

        I’m not a troll, and my mother is not for sell, you creep! BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!

        • Josh Knepshield

          There is no hell, troll

          • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

            You must be CM Flunk fan! Have a nice day!

          • Josh Knepshield

            I’m not a Punk fan at all. If he wants to be a p**** and run when things get tough, then that’s on him. I don’t see what that has to do with anything, troll.

    • Steve B

      Taker was washed up 10 years ago.

      • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

        Smart Man!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Buzzard Follower

    Regardless if that was it for taker all i have to say is this

  • Reality

    Just think guys, ending the streak have generated so much feeds in the media. It’s been a big buzz, I’m sure one of the main reasons Vince decided that was the network.

  • SharinganIxU

    It doesn’t really matter who was the one to say end it, Undertaker would have said no if he didn’t want to and Vince would have probably appreciated that. He obviously hasn’t said no, or pitched the idea, so he was okay with it.

    And if he is okay with it, so am I.

  • Cadolots

    Undertaker wanted the Streak to end anyway.

  • AVPredator4985

    If Mark is okay with it, then I guess I have to be. BUT, I still believe the WWE made a HUGE mistake ending the streak, especially having Brock Lesnar do it. I have a new-found hate for Lesnar. He ended my all-time favorite wrestler’s 21-0 streak (which should have never been broken) in a poor fashion.

  • rashad jackson

    screw u vince!!1

  • Michael Russo

    Can you imagine the fall out had the WWE had John Cena end the streak! The WWE Universe would have broke out in a 3-day riot!

  • Kris Mystery

    It’s simple really. If Undertaker was dead set against the streak ending all he had to do was not participate. This suggests he had no problem with it ending.

  • Steve Williams

    Personally I would have not ended the streak as it was Undertaker’s legacy on which WWE could bank on even after his retirement. Now here are some facts
    Ending the streak DID NOT benefit Brock, I am a huge brock fan but he is not a full time wrestler who doesn’t need a career boost or any achievement. Infact ending the streak would not benefit any wrestler because it would be too big of an achievement for any wrestler.
    Undertaker deserved to keep the streak, he was an amazing star in and out side the ring, didn’t really chase after titles and belts like others. He should have kept the streak and it could have been WWE’s way of saying thank you to him for this once in a century achievement by any wrestler ever.
    But still WWE messed it up once again….

    • gdaddy1971

      Undertaker always said that he did not want to retire with the streak intact. He wanted it to end before he left.

  • Zahid Zafeer

    this is bs… wwe thinks all wrestling fans are stupid…either give us sting…or leave us alone

  • Adam-Michael

    This entire article is a lie and a joke, I look forward to this being on Ring Rust Radios DIRTSHEETS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS next week :)

  • Vin

    Here’s something people may or may not know that hasn’t really been brought into the open as of late. Taker never beat Lesnar in a match……ever! You’d think , Taker just had to win this one.’s the WM match, and he doesn’t lose at WM. Not even WM was enough for Taker to defeat BAAAAAAAAAROOOOOOOOOOOK LLLLLLLLLEZNAAAAAR!

  • Isaac Leunamme

    I made a tribute for The Undertaker..

  • J’vo

    Most people should understand for this situation,for long time Undertaker see Brock potential,and they work together for 2 P.P.V in 2002,and watched Royal Rumble 2003,i see Undertaker became Lesnar mentor and tutor i think we know that Undertaker always teach Lesnar lesson day by day to become great performer,i think UT never upset when Lesnar decided walk out from company in 2004,because he knew that Lesnar not focus with WWE anymore

  • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

    Like usual, Vince McMahon shows that he truly knows how to do good business. I wish you many more years Vince!

  • Noah

    If it’s true,The decision to end the Streak should of been Undertaker’s not Vince’s.The Original plan should of NOT changed.When Vince changed his mind,It doesn’t matter if Undertaker and Brock are buddy buddy The Undertaker should of said no my Streak is not going to be broke by a f’n part timer.

  • fan for life.

    I think the wwe made a big mistake an spoiled wrestle mania forever! I’m never watching it again. You took the only good thing out of it.

  • HD_Theoneandonly

    not regarding this , but any body knows the reason behind michael cole calling Kane’s “Tombstone PileDriver” a “PileDriver” Both on Raw & Smackdown ?

  • Jesus

    I should have ended the streak

    • Coltrane

      Well you are Jesus but you are way too over with the fans to do that, so it would have been predictable

  • qth

    Who cares if his streak is broken should have been a long time ago

  • Johnny

    I stopped watching wwe because of taker losing that match

  • Steve B

    If the Undertaker in his prime had an actual fight with Lesnar, he (Taker) would be beaten within 10 seconds. No reason to think an over-the-hill Undertaker could ever beat Lesnar…(even in a fake wrestling match). Get over it.

  • HollywoodJD

    Still a bad move, Lesnar is already gone, what purpose did this serve???

  • Steve B

    Taker’s gone too! Lesnar can (will) come back.
    Vince need s to forget about old timers like Undertaker, Hogan, Sting, Flair, etc. They suck, and they sucked 10 years ago.

  • just a guy

    id have to think Taker wouldn’t want to lose the streak to a part-timer.

  • bob

    near the ending of the match u could hear undertaker saying hit me with the f5

  • AVPredator4985

    No, I thought if Shawn couldn’t do it then the only other person should have been Kane. Lesnar had no right to do that.

  • Pfc Mark Kevin Apalisok

    i hope goldberg returns one more time so he will face taker last one pay per view!

  • The One, The Only, The Ellis!

    Match sounds boring actually, but thanks for the enthusiasm, Mr. Troll.