Backstage News: John Cena Miserable In Recent Months

TMZ has posted an update on John Cena’s filing for divorce from his high school sweetheart wife of 3 years, Liz Huberdeau.

John Cena’s relationship with Liz began to sour shortly after they got married in 2009, with their arguing escalating in recent months. One of the big issues they would reportedly fight about was the remolding of their Florida home. [Picture of Cena’s Mansion]

Cena has been a “wreck” in recent months over the state of his crumbling marriage – and was outspoken about his personal troubles backstage with his co-workers.

Even with their romantic relationship fizzling out, John Cena’s wife was ringside at a recent WWE RAW Supershow event from Bostin right before WrestleMania 28. Cena gave his wife a big kiss on RAW. Unfortunately, we now know that things were falling apart at home for the longtime couple.