Baron Corbin Cashes In His MITB Contract (Video)

Baron Corbin cashes in his MITB contract on WWE SmackDown 8/15/17. (Photo credit

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal faced John Cena in the main-event of this week’s episode of SmackDown. During the match, the Singh Brothers got tossed out from ringside as they kept interfering in the match. Cena then dominated the rest of the match and connected with an Attitude Adjustment. Mahal kicked out, but Cena connected with another Attitude Adjustment off the second rope and had the match won.

Baron Corbin attacked Cena during the pinfall and the match was over. Corbin was about to leave but stopped on the entrance ramp. Mahal was still down in the ring after the Attitude Adjustment from Cena. Corbin cashed in his MITB contract and waited as referee Mike Chioda checked on Mahal to see if he was ready for the match to start.

The bell finally rung and Corbin punched Cena who was on the ring apron. Mahal then quickly rolled up Corbin for the victory. You can check out Corbin’s failed attempt at cashing in the MITB contract in the video below.