Batista Back To WWE Weight & Interested In Returning

Recent pictures of Batista from his Twitter page @DaveBautista:

Former WWE superstar Batista has been working out vigorously in recent months and is now back to his WWE weight of 280 pounds, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Batista dropped considerable weight when he began training in Mixed Martial Arts, where he won his [unspectacular] first professional fight  last year. A second fight never came to fruition and Batista’s MMA gym in Tampa closed last year.

Since leaving WWE, Batista has landed a few solid acting roles, including roles in The Man with the Iron Fists (Brass Body), Riddick (Diaz) and Guardians of the Galaxy (Drax the Destroyer).

Batista has stated publicly that he “definitely” wants to return to WWE, and even named Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker and Triple H as the superstars he wants to work with. With him getting back in shape, a return to WWE might not be far off for The Animal.

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  • Elgwyn

    I know there are lots of people out their who do not like Batista but there are also people who would like to see him back in the squared circle, especially the “casual fans”. Not that he’s the greatest but I want to see him back for a short stint in WWE. He can still be a solid asset to the said wrestling organization.

  • RuthlessRaj

    I get Brock but why Undertaker and Triple H? He’s done numerous matches with them…One would assume he’d want to go after someone else like Punk, Sheamus, Ryback, or The Rock.

    • Thomas Wing

      He did phenomenal business with both Taker and Triple H. His style meshes well with them. Its been 8 years since he worked with Hunter so that would actually be a refreshed feud that I would like to see. Same with Taker. I wouldn’t get ur hopes up on Taker due to Taker’s slack schedule. Batista and Punk was difficult to watch. I believe they had one PPV match back in 08 at the GAB. They just didn’t click, which happens doesn’t mean he sucks btw. Some people have great chemistry…while some do not.

      • God’s Diamond

        yup heel Batista versus face h especially since h has short hair now Batista can be like wtf you shouldn’t try to copy thor you’re more like samson losing his hair lulz

  • God’s Diamond

    hope he becomes champ and he has Greek flag for one plate and Philippines flag for the other plate

  • Billy Guthrie

    Off the wall hear buy HHH Orton and Batista managed bye flare. Could go against shield with hayman. Evolution could put the shield over big time. (Sorry for spelling)

    • JohnnyB

      You could spell Evolution correctly but, not by?

      • Elgwyn

        That just proves that he loves wrestling so much. :D

        • JohnnyB

          If that was the case, then Flair and Heyman would be correct too.

          • Elgwyn

            Ooops. Haven’t noticed that. My bad. :)

          • JohnnyB

            lol It’s cool.

      • GMpunk

        Probably tarded

        • JohnnyB

          Seems like it.

        • HollywoodRonCorleone


      • GMpunk

        Probably tarded

      • Ross Smaglinski

        that”s funny lmfao

        • JohnnyB

          It is funny and sad. He can spell a 9 letter word but, not a two letter word.

      • Rish Mustaine

        You obviously can’t afford or have never used an iphone with spellcheck.

        • JohnnyB

          Me? For one, I don’t need spellcheck. For two, why would I even want an iphone? I’m not a tool who craves the attention of other tools.

        • Billy Guthrie

          Why would I want or need an I phone. Geek translation “overrated overpriced piece of crap”. I believe that is the translation.

      • jdog


      • Johnnyholdshiscock

        Get a life you WANKER !!!!!

    • Ahmed Naseer

      You went full retard, never go full retard.

    • Junior Warrior

      You could pick up your mouse to go back and edit but instead wrote “sorry for spelling” , you lazy a s s.

      • Billy Guthrie

        I am sorry I did not know my spelling upset you so much. I mean as I am sure you know the greatest mind known couldn’t spell. So please bring any comments you would like. I have heard them all and I am not fazed in the slightest.

        • learnhowtospell

          You’re proud of the fact that you can’t spell? Like it’s some kind of badge of honour to be an idiot?

          • Billy Guthrie


  • essinodub

    I think Batista was at his best when he left the company… especially verbally… the heel with the spotlight on him was so entertaining… too bad he left

    • GMpunk

      Agreed I loved it. I really hope he returns with that gimmick!

    • GMpunk

      Agreed I loved it. I really hope he returns with that gimmick!

    • Daniel Delvecchio

      He played one of the most entertaining characters on TV, he acted like he didn’t care what we thought about him and you could tell he was out there being himself more than ever.

  • G.I.R.L.

    Brock vs Batista? Not sure about that one. Batista should stay away from HHH; you have like the best track record for besting him so let that be. I’m still hoping that next year we see Taker vs Lesnar where Brock ends the streak; honestly, would’ve preferred Punk but has he really earned that privilege? Has Brock? Just NO Brock vs Rock, or no 3.0 matches at next year’s mania.

    • HHH’s Swamp Ass

      Nobody will be ending the streak.

      • Deante320

        Nobody SHOULD end the streak. That should be his legacy.

        • Ryan Walker

          I think if he does lose the streak, it should be used as an epic push for an up and coming wrestler. I could see somebody like Dean Ambrose beating him if that were to be the case.

          • Marvin B.

            Fuck an up and coming and Dean Ambrose, it would only be suitable for Kane to defeat him and still it would be stupid to end it.

          • Seth Bob

            My god, someone who shares my opinion. Brofist.

          • Marvin B.

            Brofist right back!

          • G.I.R.L.

            He will have an unmatched 20something wins and 1 loss; he himself said he wanted to end the streak because he doesn’t want it to become bigger than wrestling. Furthermore, Taker cares about the business dearly; you say fuck up and coming, he says someone will need the torch when I’m gone. And Kane doesn’t need a win over Taker @ Mania.

          • Marvin B.

            He doesn’t need to lose at WM since that’s his thing…passing the torch can just be done from giving a cat an arm raise after a match lime he did with Jeff Hardy in 02 since it’s Taker we’re talking about

          • TDR25_Forever

            I can kind of agree with that logic as it’s the only logic that makes sense in relation to the Undertaker’s streak. If HBK nor Triple H ended the streak, than it should be Kane or it shouldn’t be ended at all. It can be a retirement match for Kane as he’s got to be pushing 50.

        • G.I.R.L.

          His legacy is already an idiot unprecedented win streak in wrestling ‘s biggest ppv. Every thing has an ending and his ending will do wonders for the future of the biz after he retires; keep in mind, this is what HE wants.

      • Deante320

        Nobody SHOULD end the streak. That should be his legacy.

      • ThurgoodSinbad

        ESPECIALLY Brock Lesnar.

    • dpp

      and Brock vs Rock wd be big, at least in terms of marquee value and ppv buys. way bigger than crackhead punk vs brock, or punk vs cena 10.0

      • G.I.R.L.

        I was writing in kayfabe.

    • Marko

      Nobody should end The Streak. Especially Lesnar, who wrestles only twice to three times a year.

      • Progress_Now

        kayfabe-ly, Lesnar is the most likely candidate to end the streak. he practically destroyed Taker inside Hell in the Cell. CM Punk has a skinny fat ass and wouldn’t be expected to beat him. even HHH no holds barred couldn’t do it.

        if they just stick some average Joe in there and make him end the streak, the reaction is gonna be identical to the one Menounos received.

        • G.I.R.L.

          I think Lesnar is who Taker wants to end his streak. Lesnar just doesn’t need that type of push and I don’t know which young guy would make sense.

      • G.I.R.L.

        Some one should end the streak; it will do wonders establishing a main event scene after Taker retires. And it’s what Taker wants.

      • morrisonfanone

        As soon as either, A: that Streak ends, or B: UT retires, he’ll be put in the HOF. But yeah, no one should end the Streak.

  • Oliver_Twisted

    Batista vs. Mason Ryan

    • GMpunk

      Booooo this man!

    • GMpunk

      Booooo this man!

    • morrisonfanone

      So, I’m not the only one that thinks they look alike?

  • TheUndertakerFan


  • TheUndertakerFan

    Wouldnt mind seeing him come back

  • IKeepsit100

    I want to see him back

  • Derringer Duo

    YES! YES! YES! YES! Man, The Animal was always one of my favorites. I really hope he does come back. Although, I think he has an ulterior motive to be somewhat like the Rock and use the WWE exposure to help with his acting career. The more visible he is, the better roles he will get.

  • TheAnimal

    Batista is my favourite superstar of all time! I want him back!

    • Progress_Now

      want him back, want him baack for goood. I guess, now it’s time, that he came baaaaaack……for goooooooood

    • Doug Denslowe

      Ryback Rules

  • Fanatic

    Evolution vs The Shield…Summerslam 2013 !

    • Elvin

      fucking wow. But randy still has to be face :/ Maybe he can turn on Batista and set up a feud between the two

    • SOBI

      Only if Evolution puts over the Shield

      • cage1

        Shield sucks

        • UMpunkBLN

          You must be one huge f*cking mark if you really believe the shield sucks. They are one of the best things going right now. Marks gonna mark.

          • cage1

            Why for thinking this group of no talent losers are any good. The only one that may actually have any talent in that group is Reigns. Because his family Like the Rock trained him over the years for this. The other two mainly are jokes. Besides a group of guys jumping everyone 3 on 1 doesn’t make them any good. Then to believe these three NXT clowns will beat some of the names they faught is so laughable. Come on Kane, Undertaker, Orton. Ryback. In no way is that even believeable. They suck and have no talent. Get over yourself

    • Nicolai

      The wwe NEEDS another top guy bad. I think this would be a big help, and no I’m not a Batista fan even.

    • Steve James

      They’ve already planted the seeds for this, IMO. Roman Reigns and the Other Guys have already feuded with Orton, and seemed to have plans for Triple H as well. How awesome would it be to see Orton and Trip back together, and then, outnumbered, they called in the Animal to round out the reunion.

    • Effe Fizfe

      Yeah man…. i see we have the same idea……

  • Mai

    That was always what I wanted.

  • Jacob Rael

    Yeah “working out” like he didnt have any help whatsoever getting back to that size

    • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

      So what if he did take roids, its not like you take them and bam! you’re jacked. You still have to bust your ass to get to that size

  • Kenneth Anderson Jr.

    I’d personally love to see him return. We need more powerhouses in WWE. It’s tto dominated with technical wrestlers, which isn’t bad but the big guys we have have no one to be put up against.

  • riyadviper

    please please please come baccccck this was my first favourite superstar

  • Dave Smith

    If he comes back, ill mark out more than i did when Ziggler cashed in

  • Mason The animal Ryan

    come at me batista #IWILLBREAKYOU

    • aj


  • Reality

    I’ve never been a fan of Dave… But I wouldn’t mind seeing him kicking Ryback’s ass.

  • Tristan Hatcher

    He definitely needs to come back, one of my favorite wrestlers ever

  • Rashad Jackson

    i said it before ill say it again…NO ONE!!! in this current roster/Era of the WWE should NOT! be allowed to end the streak!!…NO ONE!!! undertaker only has 2-3 ppl left to fight!…thats cena..hopefully rock n hopefully lesnar out of those 3 ppl!! i wud like to see lesnar ending it but it wudnt make sense u r right lesnar is only wrestling 3-7 times a year probably this year not enough but still my point is NO ONE!! in this current era/roster should be allowed to end the streak…the streak should live on forever!!

  • Rashad Jackson

    i think he shud come back and help beat up the shield with ryback and some1 else

  • heterosexual

    i look forward to seeing these pics on

  • Bigbadguns02


  • Rick

    What ever happend to Mason Ryan? Batista vs Mason Ryan Anyone interested in that?

  • eyeMalwaysRITE

    well the way he left he was beefing with cena so dont be shocked that hell come back and cost cena the tittle down the road

  • NotTooSerious

    If Batista comes back, I hope he remembers basketballs don’t hold grudges.

  • Cottrell Atwood

    Would love to see brock and dave get it in they had some nice matches in ovw back in the day that would a nice lil feud

  • AwaIs Ahmed Bajwa

    JuS wAiTiNg fOr ThE aNiMal BaTiStA……wE wAn U bAcK iN wWe.

    • Mai

      CoOl iS tHiS tHe NeW iN????

      • morrisonfanone

        Accidentally hit caps lock is my best guess.

      • AverageWhiteKid

        no ching chong bundy, dont go on a wwe website looking for the trends that arent in japan

        • Mai


  • wwechamprocky

    alright the animal is unleahed!!!!:)

  • fuck nerds

    fucking nerds fighting over I phones and spelling get a life you fucking pimple face twits

  • The Future of WWE

    I hope Batista is coming back…. if he do I think he could shakes up WWE real good especially John Cena. lol

  • Big G

    the return of Batista would be great. To see him mix it up with brock Lesnar And Ryback. But how about a new formed group in Orton Sheamus And Batista to fight off the shield. Now that would be very cool.

  • Gary Widner

    The return of batista would be great to see him mix it up with Lesnar and Ryback. But how about a new group in Randy Orton Sheamus and Batista to fight off the shield. now that is very cool.

  • jsally430

    Its all ready been done. Rated rko vs trip he calls in Shawn Michels dx reunited

  • Colt Herrera

    Why can’t he be the fourth member of the shield? It might make sense, since he can say that the way he went out was a miscarriage of justice etc. being overshadowed by Cena.

  • Muzlimboy

    So hes taking steroids again?

  • bohu

    Incredible days indeed for the wwe… Im just waiting for the day when WWE still has RVD, Jericho, Batista, Brock are all active in the roaster and God Kurt Angle signs a deal with it incredible whoever he fight with

  • Heavy-Duty

    I thought this was for the Guardians of the Galaxy movie..?..