Backstage Heat On Batista After Twitter Beef With Alberto Del Rio

Batista and Alberto Del Rio have been exchanging some tweets this week, with Batista warning Del Rio not to “turn a work into a shoot.”

During Monday’s Old School RAW, Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara and cut a promo announcing himself as an entrant into the 2014 Royal Rumble. Baitsta then tweeted:

Del Rio responded:

Vince Lucero was the MMA fighter Batista defeated in his first and only professional MMA bout, back in October 2012. Del Rio continued:

Batista then tweeted:

“Seems 2 me that some C level stars in a B level star era have bought into their own hype. Don’t turn a work into a shoot. #realitycheck”

The tweet was later deleted. According to a source in WWE, Batista deleted tweet was a big topic of discussion among the wrestlers this week. With Batista expected to be featured in a main event program when he returns to WWE on the January 20th episode of RAW from Dayton, Ohio, the feeling is that his tweet about this being a “B level star era” is a sign that he’s bringing a big ego with him.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Nicolai

    Batista would MURDER ADR just sayin.

    • guest

      In real a fight or in a pre stage wrestling match?!

      • Adam-Michael

        Both. Nobody would ever look at Del Rio and his belly button height tights and scarf and say WOW HE IS TOUGH. Batista looks like he could kill a man…… so in a match Batista would win and in a real fight…. Batista would win. because it is kinda hard to lock on a submision hold in real life after your face has been turned to burger meat

        • john

          what does it matter how you look? the people you least expect are usually ass kickers. i feel bad for any small guy you underestimate from the get go

          • Adam-Michael

            I am talking WWE story you goofball. You know the whole HE DOESN’T LOOK LIKE HE COULD KICK ANYBODYS ASS thing they have going on.
            The 2 of them face to face in a ring, who the hell believes that Del Rio could beat down Batista and look dominant? It wouldn’t happen.

          • john

            Lol calm down. You mad bro?

          • Donny Octave

            It’s still real to him. Leave the poor kid to himself

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          Right…because a guy’s size always determines who will win a fight. Size means shi*. Nothing.

        • Guest

          You sound like someone who’s never been in a fight. And is also ignorant to the fact that ADR has more mma experience than batista. But yeah, he’s a real life superman since he has muscles. High school logic everyone…

          • Adam-Michael

            I sound like someone who has never been in a fight?
            lmfao what exactly are you basing that off of?

          • Donny Octave

            Well, judging by your “Size Always Matters, No Matter What” comments, that’s what he’s basing it off of.

        • Donny Octave

          Dude, looks don’t really matter. It all depends on the mind and heart to get real, as well as proper training. Not saying Batista or Del Rio doesn’t have those qualities, i dont know the guys personally.

          • Xx_Deadpool_xX

            as a legit street fighter i agree with all you saying ADR would kick daves ass ….also if someone is batshit crazy you don’t wanna f@#k with them either

          • Donny Octave

            Exactly, man. Don’t judge a book by the cover. Just because as Adam said, the guy walks around wearing “belly button height tights and a scarf” don’t mean sh*t, and to quote Stone Cold, that’s the bottom line.

      • pwnez

        Since staged wrestling doesn’t matter i’d say ADR could very well kick Batista’s a** in a real fight. The guy knows MMA, he’s been in fights before in Japan and he isn’t bad either. Batista has muscles and that’s pretty much it. Who knows how his stamina, speed and overall fighting skills would be. Based off of his first and only MMA fight i’d say they are pretty lackluster.

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          Didn’t Booker T kick Batista’s as* in a fight?

          • pwnez

            Yes. The way I see it is this: If Jericho can kick Goldberg’s a**, ADR could certainly take on Batista.

        • SWa

          didn’t Del Rio get into a fight back in August last year? The one where he got jumped in Irish Pub and Drew Mcintyre helped him fought off bunch of people? He already got more credibility imo lol.

          • Adam-Michael

            By getting his arse kicked and needed to be saved?
            lol ok.

          • Peer Pressure

            Dude, they were outnumbered.

      • Nicolai

        It’s real to me DAMMIT!!!!!

    • Bruno

      doubt it

    • BrahmaBullRKO

      That’s debatable.

  • Adam-Michael

    Bringing a big ego with him?
    I simply call it truth.
    This is a B level era in comparison to 10 years ago… I like that Batista is bringing that edgy shoot style attitude with him. Maybe he can help sway Triple H to not keep this PG wimpy style much longer, seeing as Batista and Triple H are real close pals.

    • yrabadi

      It’s true, but I never saw Batista as ‘A’ level, regardless of whatever class of era he was in… so for him to be making the comment is kinda silly.

      • pwnez

        I agree, I always found Batista to be ‘B’ level himself. The ‘A’ level guys were always Austin, Rock, Undertaker, Angle, and you could probably say HHH.

        • Adam-Michael

          B is still better than C and calling Del Rio a C is extremely generous because in terms of feuds, matches and PPV buys the guy is awful in every aspect. He can’t talk, the fans give him zero heat as a heel and zero cheers as a face, he is bland and boring and nobody has ever baught a PPV or tuned into a wrestling show to see Del Rio.

          • pwnez

            I’m not arguing with ya, I agree. The only thing I like about ADR is his wrestling ability and even that doesn’t make him that entertaining. WWE has given him a lot of chances and he’s failed everytime.

          • Adam-Michael

            People seem to be missunderstanding what I am saying.
            I am saying that IN THE WORLD OFF WWE. Batista vs Del Rio would be no contest as Vince and the company like BIG MEN and Batista is a very jacked and powerful looking dude and a guy like Del Rio just doesn’t LOOK TOUGH ENOUGH IN THE WWE LOGIC OF THINKING to beat a guy like Batista, especially when he has been losing to Sin Cara the past month… and also I said that Sin Cara gave Del Rio a concussion with a powerbomb….. which is true and people think I am stupid for saying that but my point is simply.
            If Sin Cara can give Del Rio a concussion with a powerbomb is it really wise for Del Rio to start taking real life shots at Batista to the point it really annoys him?… Because Batista is stiff and he will not hesitate to attack HARD in the ring and give him a very stiff Batista Bomb…. also the fact Batista is VERY good friends with Triple H…. is Del Rio really going to be the guy who comes out ontop overall? No not at all. He cannot win regardless so imo he should tread carefully.
            Also in a real fight I think Batista would win… Because regardless of Del Rio’s MMA background, Batista is still a hard hitter with a lot of strength and whilst being able to grapple and break somebodys arm or leg would give Del Rio the advantage, I think Batista is the kind of guy who would hit a legit spear to take someone to the ground and take every bit of wind out of your lungs then he would just open up with fists to the face.
            The whole debate is stupid anyway, people on here will argue and insult eachother because of opinions regardless but give it a few weeks and Del Rio and Batista will be pals and laugh about the situation anyway…
            I am just excited that Batista is coming back, not because he was ever 1 of my favorites, but because I loved his character when he left and the guy had star power and the company is lacking a lot of that in this day and age. The more big stars on the show the better imo. Del Rio is NOT a star to me and I don’t think he ever will be because the fans (myself included) just don’t care about Del Rio.

          • vadertime33

            all those muscles don’t mean jack bro… Booker T beat up Batista already.. stop it

      • Adam-Michael

        Well back in the day the only A stars we had at 1 point were Cena and Batista. They were the top guys/champions of Raw and SmackDown for years…

        • yrabadi

          Matter of opinion… I guess you could say that, but I never saw either of them as top of the game back then (even though as champs of each show, they technically were)… I guess that comes back to the era they were working in maybe… I didn’t consider it to be an A-level one.

        • scott

          Thank you for pointing that out. everyone seems to ignore that. Him and Cena carried the company until Batista left about 3 or 4 years ago. The other big names were Edge, Guerrero, Benoit, and Orton.

      • Cujo999

        I’m by no means a Batista mark, but the guy is A level compared to Del Rio. In any case, Del Rio crossed the line by shooting on Batista first, so I can’t really fault Batista for firing back at him.

        • allan

          how? del rio has main evented mania twice,won the rumble ,wwe title, world title,money in the bank, taped out everyone and hes been there a few years, hes also a real mma fighter who fought real fighters,hes placed in pan am, and won 3 other high level wrestling world comps. the guy is so a level

      • Puppet H

        Wow, so you never thought of Batista as a top star even with the Taker rivalry?

        • yrabadi

          I didn’t actually. He was headlining the ‘B Show’ – Smackdown. Cena was the top star at that point.

          • Puppet H

            Yea, and I’m talking about Smackdown which was at top with HHH, Edge, Koslov, Hardy etc.

    • Jamie

      B level is being kind

    • guest

      Sure like he is giving up the PG money and investors for someone who doesn’t really care about the wrestling business.

      • Adam-Michael

        Doesn’t care about the wrestling business?
        How? He only left because he hated the direction of the company….. Stone Cold comes to mind in the same aspect…. at least Batista cares enough to return cause he sure as hell does not need the money.

        • BOOCH

          Yeah but the difference is Austin came back months later and even admitted in interviews that he regrets walking out. Batista left years ago, doesn’t regret it, is coming back, and judging by his “B” Level statement, its obvious that money is a major reason. Cause the direction hasn’t changed.

    • oppa

      If this is a B level era, what was the Ruthless Aggression era that Batista stared in? That era couldn’t even sell out Madison Square Garden. And he never really reached the level of Cena or Orton in that era. Rock and Austin are A level stars, and Batista will never be in that discussion. His best matches were the ones that Undertaker and Eddie carried him in. I agree this era sucks compared to the past, but Batista is in no position to call out anyone as if he was one of the top 10 greatest champions of all time.

  • payton

    ”You Can Buy Muscles” Those Are Fighting Words


    ADR is going to get a smack at RR!

  • Progressed_Now

    lol since when does the truth equal big ego? the stupidass PG era doesn’t even begin to compare with the Ruthless Aggression era, let alone the Attitude era.

    and Batista would eat Del Rio for breakfast, lunch n dinner. he wouldn’t last 60 seconds. doesn’t matter if the tweet was deleted. it was SEEN by the right people and that’s all that matters.

    • Drew Chadwick

      Funny because Batista would get cremated in a fight with Del Rio….

  • Heaney

    Batista has a big ego? No way, next you’ll be telling me Triple H puts himself in main event storylines and CM Punk was complaining about something.

    • z28man

      hahaha so true.

    • AVPredator4985

      I just realized how many likes this post has. It has surpassed even “pwnez-status”

      • JDawg


  • raVen

    Batista is a freaking clown. I would LOVE to watch ADR punk him in a shoot fight just like Booker T and just like his plumber did.

    • G.I.R.L.

      What is this plumber business?

      • Progressed_Now

        I think Raven watches too much erotica.

        “I’m here to do your plumbing” and next thing you know they’re humping like bunnies………..oh wai……

      • raVen
        • pwnez

          Lol horrible horrible fight.

          • JamieEvsxx

            listening to Beyonce’s song Drunk in Love helped me watch this whole fight, made it slightly less terrible…xD

        • G.I.R.L.

          Oh, I remember this. What Pwnez said: “Lol horrible horrible fight.”

          • Xx_Deadpool_xX

            Is your name an acroym for Guy In Real Life …

          • G.I.R.L.

            Fellow X-Fan?
            VERY close, but no; my name is an acronym for “Goddess In Real Life”.
            How would being a guy be lolworthy though?

          • Donny Octave

            Because us guys are complete idiots.

          • Xx_Deadpool_xX

            cause your name is GIRL lol

        • KenKen KillT iT

          Batista thought he was Lesnar lol

        • askbillmitchell

          Just another video showing Vince kicking Batista’s ass what else is new? Oh wait..

    • Adam-Michael

      Batista would murder Del Rio in a fight and Del Rio couldn’t trash anyone in a shoot fight either because when he talks he looks and sounds like a complete goofball. Batista has never been a man of words because why talk when you can just let your opponant big themself up only to get the living crap beat out them afterwards? So end of the day Batista saying very little just makes the arse kicking all that more funny to the moron who tried to get in his face.

      • pwnez

        I’m not so sure. ADR knows MMA and is pretty good at it. Batista on the other hand isn’t good at MMA; the only thing he has going for him is muscles but that doesn’t always mean you’ll win a fight.

        • Adam-Michael

          Well seeing as Del Rio got a concusion from a powerbomb by friggin hunico I tend to think that pissing off and taking personal shots at a guy who uses a pretty powerful and impactful powerbomb isn’t the smartest of things to do now is it?

          • G.I.R.L.

            Is this a serious counter? I’m legit asking.

          • Adam-Michael

            Yes, if he is able to get a concussion from a guy half his size and then he goes on twitter and starts blasting a guy double his size and then they have a match do you think Batista will be gentle with that powerbomb or do you think he will put some steak on it?
            Just saying, Batista isn’t exactly somebody you would want to piss off then step inside the ring with cause he can be stiff as hell

          • Bushwald Sexyface

            After all your absurd comments on this particular subject, I can safely say you don’t understand how fighting works and you should definitely stop commenting on it. Why? Because with each comment you make about it, you come off as being dumber than you did with the previous comment you made.

          • Adam-Michael

            You’re right. I will never post again. Why? Because you said so

          • Stupid

            Size means NOTHING.

          • Godzilla2J

            You know Booker T beat up Batista a few years back right ?

          • Donny Octave

            Concussion’s can happen at any time, what don’t you understand? Just because he got a concussion in a match with Hunico don’t mean jack! Not saying i like Del Rio but this is a bullsh*t counter.

      • raVen

        the really funny part is how it’s batista that did the tough guy act and actually started the “twitter war”. so much for your “never been a man of words”

      • john

        clearly you don’t know del rio has mma experience. My money is on del rio beating batista up

        • Smarty

          All you dummies, wwe stars start fake twitter beefs to hype their feuds

      • SteJo

        I’ll take Del Rio’s 14-5 MMA record over that 1 fight Batista had.

    • Dzon

      Del Rio sucks ! Batista is the best!

      • Don

        Don’t care for del rio, but batista has asshole written all over him..

        The Don has spoken..

  • Pozessed

    I think Batista and Del Rio could actually be a decent feud. I surprisingly do find myself entertained when watching Del Rio in matches and if he has some good material to run off in promos then he could be at least decent. Using the whole “I’ve been winning championships while you were acting” etc stuff would be good, the trap Del Rio always falls into is going back to the whole “I’m the boss of Mexico CABROOOONNN!!!!!!!” he should stick to something else.

  • brad

    Del rio. Batista’s first stepping stone.

  • That random guy

    Did we forget that ADR got his head kicked into space by CroCop?

    • Hershey Maxwell Barber

      It’s Cro-Cop though. Losing to him is not something people look down much upon.

    • Xx_Deadpool_xX

      At least he had the balls to fight Cro- Cop I don’t think Batista would

      • Mr_DJ

        Did Cro Cop have that much hype around him already? because him and Del Rio started around the same time in 2001, at least professionally anyhow.

        …well I guess him being 6-0-2 at the time helped compared to ADR’s 3-2 *shrugs*

  • CSSA

    i can’t wait for ADR to interrupt Batistas return on Raw. Can’t wait to see them go at it at the rumble

  • BBGunn

    Big stars come with big egos. Batista is head and shoulders above ADR. I agree the new PG era is seriously lacking in bona fide true Superstars. The animal is now coming unleashed.

  • Hershey Maxwell Barber

    I personally don’t care for an ADR feud to begin with Batista, but I’m sure it was to happen anyway.

  • Ahmed Naseer

    You tha man dave

  • giants fan

    lets go del rioooooo kick his ass like the plumber was and dont stop

  • 9 year old boy

    Ok not gonna lie but Del Rio owned Batista and I almost snorted out my coffee after reading Del Rio’s tweet.

    • Progressed_Now

      aren’t you a bit too young to be drinkin coffee? back to milk n cookies, lil shiit

      • 9 year old boy

        I had a long rough night my friend and thanks for calling me such nice words…

  • Young Cuban

    Didn’t Batista get beat up by Booker T tho??

    • Xx_Deadpool_xX

      Yeah and Booker grew up on the streets been to jail and he kicked Daves ass during a summerslam commercail shoot cause he had a big ego

    • oppa

      Some say no, but most people say yes that happened. Dave had a HUGE ego and even got Shelly Martinez fired after she wouldn’t sleep with him. Dave ran his mouth of thinking he was bigger than everyone and got slapped around for it. Just because you grow up poor and in the streets of a tough city, it does not automatically make you tough. That’s the lesson Dave found out that day.

  • Truth

    Who’s Alberto del rio…isn’t that the wannabe Eddie Guerrero

    • Adam-Michael

      Nooooo Eddie had talent and charisma and the fans actually cared about him

      • Donny Octave

        That’s why he said wannabe

  • Adam-Michael

    I can’t believe just how pussyfied everyone has become…. Del Rio is the most boring thing to happen to wrestling since Lance Storm and people are suddenly all over his sack and have turned on a guy from an era when wrestling was badass and edgy and cool? Just like how all these fake morons turned on Rock and supported Cena last year. PATHETIC.

  • Steve Williams

    WWE workers needs to get the twitter hairy sack out of their mouths. Internet war is stupid for wrestling business

  • Daniel Bryan

    A big ego? I’d call it the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts and I’d say calling it a B level area could even be considered generous. It’s not even as much of a knock on the superstars as it is WWE management in my opinion.

    • Adam-Michael

      Well Said. In terms of Era’s Attitude Era was A level. Ruthless Agression was B Level and the PG era is very generous C… I’d even go as far to say it is closer to D than C because last year was an awful year in wrestling overall. 1 of the worst in a long time

  • Peter Griffin

    haha Dave already making WWE a little bit more interesting before he even gets here! I’m with Batista on this one although he was really generous calling it a B level star era more like an F level star era

  • scott

    I was hoping for a better feud at first. But I guess ill see where it goes. Batista is the man. I hope hes as good as he once was

  • captaindaddy72

    Wow they had 2 know Batista was bringing a ego lol. And is this a work or real?

  • SomeInternetGuy

    How about both of them stop breaking the f***ing fourth wall in wrestling trying to act tough?? Wrestlers today can be so self-centered and not care about the damage done to the business when they open their mouths (or tweet).

    • Xx_Deadpool_xX

      Yeah ….. I agree with you. I am the only one who can break that wall

  • Scott Dorian Dancer

    batista will help the talent step there game up. as long as he does not injure himself out the gate. never a bad thing to shake up the locker room a bit.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Let him bring his ego, WWE needs some real drawing power. If the B-guys in the locker room are mad, then maybe they need to step it up.

  • The_nature_fan_Wooooo

    I dont know. The animal looks huge but Booker T. Kicked his ass in real life.

    • Xx_Deadpool_xX

      Booker is not a small man either bro

      • The_nature_fan_Wooooo

        Never implied Book is a scrub just saying Batista is not the bad ass WWE makes him out to be.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Bring your ego and your spotlight, Batista.

  • brad

    I can’t wait till batista returns, I think that’s when I will start watching wwe tv again.

  • lou

    Why was he a main eventer? because he was HHH’s roid head bun buddy. bottom line.

    • Adam-Michael

      Or because he was big, powerful, fast, looked like a larger than life superstr and fans liked him?

      • Xx_Deadpool_xX

        yeah well Ryback had all the same qualities so that ruins that logic

  • Dawson

    Batista speaks the truth. This IS a B-level era, and Del Rio IS a C-level star….at best.

  • TheFaceOfSeScoops

    Batista is an “A” level superstar. Not sure why ppl think the comment was “silly.”

    • oppa

      Hogan, Rock and Austin are A level superstars to most people. Batista was never close to their level. He couldn’t even get to Cena or Orton’s level. He forgot his place and the era he wrestled in.

      • TheFaceOfSeScoops

        So your definition of an A superstar is basically the face of the company. In the 80s it was Hogan. In the 90s we had two- Rock and Austin. In the current era its Cena and after that TLC match I can put Orton up there too. Anyway, my definition of A level are the world champions. B level are mid carders/ic or us champs. Just different points of view here.

  • Reality

    I understand how he has a big ego now. He’s been in movies, and is in the same spot the Rock has been in the last few years. He’s not even close to be as big as the Rock but well…
    Stupid to tweet something like that though.

  • oppa

    He’s there to get money and sleep with divas. Who doesn’t know that? Like he cares about anything or anyone else.

    • Xx_Deadpool_xX

      What diva you think is gonna be his first victim id say Eva Marie or Aksana

      • oppa

        Depends on how long Punk and A.J. are together. You know he’ll go after her at some point. He’s already had Rosa and has proven to not care is someone is in a relationship already, so who knows.

  • Brian Lazar

    I never thought Batista was that great, he just had a good look, and that was about it. I remember other guys from that era that were WAY better than batista

    • oppa

      He admitted to the Dudley Boyz that he never learned how to wrestle in developmental. He just got over because of his size and look. There’s no way he can hang with Punk, Ziggler or many of the other starts today if he had to wrestle a match and they didn’t carry him around.

  • Drmgiver

    lol What exactly is wrong with a pro-wrestler having a big ego? It is the only way a wrestler gets ahead in the business. Like HHH said, you can make money, or you can make friends, you can’t do both. Only way you are going to make money is to push yourself. You better think highly of yourself if that is the case.

  • Scott Kinnard

    Batista is overrated and in my opinion never drew a dime on his own. His in ring abilities were sub par as were his mic skills.

  • Young Cuban

    Batista has always had that big ego, my problem is I wouldn’t mind that huge ego, if he knew how to wrestle. Bit he don’t, it’s a good thing that he is buddies with HHH.

  • Juan Diego Gomez Sanchez Perez

    Seems to me that pro-wrestling today could use ego, and attitude as well.

  • Mr_DJ

    Mildly amused Del Rio is trying to bring MMA into it. Del Rio started back in his early 20’s and Batista started when he was 41/42.

  • ObsessiveFanBoy

    Truth hurts.

  • MSK

    I’ll be rooting for Alberto Del Rio.. Does Batista think he is on the same level as SCSA, The Rock?

  • Fantasma George

    Yeah hey I’m sleeping this one off, wake me up when it’s Sandow trolling Batista!

  • JDawg

    Can’t wait to see them one on one..

  • The Yeti

    Wow! Who cares? Such a waste of time. Backstage heat this backstage heat that! This? Really? Don’t flatter yourselves.

  • oldschoolfan

    So is this Batista’s way of saying he is nothing more than a “B Level” star seeing how he is returning to a industry that’s full of nothing but B levelers???

  • Buzzard Follower

    del rio can get away with saying damn near anything. seriously i know vince doesnt speak spanish but del rio gets away with cursing all the time hes the only tv14 star left

  • Peter

    Batista don´t lose the battle vs Vince Lucero. He win whit a tecnic K.O