Batista Feels WWE Is Wasting Rey Mysterio’s Talent, Cena Note

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— During an interview with the major Mexican newspaper El Universal previewing this past weekend’s tour of the country, Batista said WWE has been wasting the talents of one Rey Mysterio. He feels Mysterio should be at the level of the biggest stars of the company.

— John Cena will be off house shows during the month of December in order to film his next movie, Oxley’s Road. This straight-to-DVD project has Cena playing the role of a pro wrestler whose younger brother is trying to make it as a high school wrestler.

— The reason Kyle Busch and Joey Logano, NASCAR drivers, are hosting next week’s episode of Monday Night Raw in Buffalo is because World Wrestling Entertainment is sponsoring their respective race cars. More specifically, they are being sponsored by the SmackDown vs Raw 2010 video game.

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of

  • jerichorules

    I think Mysterio is being over pushed sometimes,especially when he beat Kane cleanly last year

  • Aussie fan 1

    Rey is there for the kids. To have someone like him beat kane or batista make them look bad and everyone is sick of seeing it.

  • Miceman25

    Mysterio HAD talent, but not anymore. He’s lost that edge and now all his matches are the same. I think everyone got tired of him with the overly drawn out and down right sacraligious (sp?) Eddie Guerrero storyline. They flat out abused his memory and milked it for all it was worth and Rey was right in the middle of it. Considering all his matches are the same moves over and over again, I don’t care where Rey is as long as it’s not in the WWE Title or World Heavyweight Title picture